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How To Survive A Recession: Profiting

Going back on the principles learned in part III, the three things most pronounced during a recession are: Defaults, Divorce and Death.

These three things are riddled with opportunity. Opportunity in the sexual marketplace (a lot of women cock-shopping around) and tons of bargain pick-ups in the financial space.

It is just a matter of how you want to profit and then running with it. Choosing a strategy, a model, and then seeing it all the way through.

What Should A Man Be Doing During This Time Of Economic Suffering?

A smart man, a bold man, will be investing back into the very economy that he is seeing being slashed, stabbed and stuck. Whilst this may seem silly and ill- advised by the herd, the sheeple, the normie morons who are around, you know something that they don't.

Of course, the normie-moron will say otherwise. That is because he is currently suffering economic devastation. He [the normie] did not prepare for this, so of course he would project this scarcity mentality onto everyone around him.

The normie surrounds himself with other normies. All he sees are peasants and others who did not prepare. Surround yourself with winners, not losers. The winner can see the opportunity through a collapse. The loser is blinded by his own current situation, which is rife with chaos.

Buy low, sell high is a well-known market tag and should be common sense.

Let's look at real estate.

Real Estate

The more motivated someone is to sell their home, the cheaper they will sell it.

What is more motivating than a deep recession?

Now, guess what the big three motivators are for someone to hit the panic button on their home.

  • Defaults

  • Divorce

  • Death

With those three things already on the rise during a collapse, real estate becomes cheaper. Most assets become cheaper, including stocks.

People become desperate to sell their houses. To make matters even worse for these people, guess what happens to the amount of people who are willing to buy a house.

There are fewer and fewer of them. This drives the price even lower for those assets.

People, normies, are losing money left and right. They don't have the money or dry powder to buy a home let alone shares in companies. With all these motivated sellers with their cheap asking prices, guess who is going to be there to scoop all of them up out of the bargain bin and take advantage?

That's right. You.

This is why the preparation phase was so important, because by this time you should have a good amount of capital saved up and a healthy credit score.

This is so that banks are more likely to trust you, and even metaphorically suck your cock the moment you step foot into their temple. After all, you will be one of the few people in their bank with any money to invest.

Your cock WILL be sucked on, long, deep and hard.

Your strategy from here can differ.

You can either buy the property and let it out for a long period of time to generate some sick cash flow. If you bought the property at a really low price it wouldn't be hard for you to start seeing returns on it. Others will let it out during a recession and then when the real estate market bounces back up, as it always will, you can then sell the damn thing whole for a nice juicy return on your investment. A capital gain on-top of those renting dividends.

The Stock Market

Just like with real estate during this time, stocks will also be cheaper.

People are losing their faith in the market, nobody will want to touch it.

People will be afraid and treat it like a diseased corpse.

Now, what is one of the biggest influences of the stock market?


The other is of course, speculation.

During a recession, everyone including your fucking grandma is selling their shares out of FEAR. Fear is the most powerful emotion in the human psych. That is why the market falls so much faster than its ride on the way up. Fear always trumps hope and optimism. That is why advertisers and marking companies are so successful in getting people to buy products that they don't really need. They play on peoples FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

The market will always bounce back.

Time to open that wallet and go bargain hunting.

In a recession, everything is a discount.

During the 2008 financial collapse, the S&P 500 dropped 35%. Now, if you would have bought the dip during the collapse you would have made 4x on your investment up until the end of 2019.

With this pandemic a similar correction ( a bit steeper) in a shorter amount of time has occurred. A golden moment for young people; boomers had their turn.

Yes, many business will fail and not survive during this time, however, a lot will and will come out of this thing leaner, meaner and stronger.

It's time to go hunting.

Karen, along with her manginas, can stay home and cry in fear.


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