MANswer: The WNBA Is Worth-less Than The NBA; Feminist Are Baffled

Good day, class. Today we are going to MANtastically MANswer a question that seems to be tough for the feminist/cuck brain: Why do WNBA players get paid less than their superiors in the NBA?

The simple MANswer for all the simpletons out there is: It's because the WNBA is worth-less than the NBA; it's worthless.

If women were equal to men, they wouldn't need men's help in trying to achieve 'equality'.

If WNBA players were equal to NBA players, they would already be making the same salary because their league would be bringing in equal revenue.

However, our gynocentic society can't understand basic economics because math to them is like a "social construct", or is a "tool of the patriarchy" or some shit.

If WNBA players want to EARN as much as NBA players, well, they need to perform at the same level...which, sorry to break it to you all, is biologically impossible.

Go fucking cry in a corner, because that was a massive MANswer.

You would think that only women would be confused at this perplexing conclusion. However, the other day on twitter it was a defective male (cuck/mangina) who couldn't understand math and economics.

So, to be "fair" and "equal" we will dish out the same harsh reality/criticism for him as we would for anyone regardless of genitalia.

Armani May is a tool, a moron and a virtue-signalling cuck.

Something has to give?

Yeah, I agree. A little gratitude would be nice from the "ladies" over at the WNBA.

$127,500 is WAY too much. They should be paid less if we are "keeping it real", homie.

Ask yourself why are women, whose peak performance level is that of a high school male, even getting paid that egregious sum of $127,500.00 ?

Dude, I have already explained all of this in a podcast. Where have you been? You dumb, fucking idiot.

Pay more fucking attention and listen next time, you cucked-out fucking moron.

The fact that these he-shes are even getting paid anything, is an outrage.

Would you even pay close to $20.00 USD to go and watch your teen son play basketball for his high-school?


No, that would be absurd and not worth the price.

Again, that is the performance level to which you are going to be exposed to when you watch not just the WNBA, but any female playing a sport: Their performance level peaks at the equivalency of a teen boy.

What Armani May, and other stupid fuckwits out there don't understand, is that men and women are different; we also place different values on men and women.

The majority of a man's value comes from his performance (strength, power); women's value is inherently based on her sexuality (which is also a performance). When it comes to physical performance of speed, strength, power and agility, women cannot biologically match that of a man's. Inversely, when it comes to using one's sexuality, women are almost unmatched in this category when amortizing its value.

When women try to be like men (or compete with them), they will do poorly in comparison. When men try to be women, the same occurs. Have you ever seen a Tranny or a man in drag?

Yeah, no thanks. I'd like to stare at a real woman, please.

By Armani May's logic, why haven't there been rally cries in the streets for the inequality in male prostitution? The wage-gap between men who do OnlyFans and women is startling! Something has to give!

Why aren't people trying to get the government to throw money at men whom are trying to make it in the e-thot industry?

What if its his dream to become an online prostitute for women? Why can't any man who enters into this "career" earn six-figures in four months just like the OnlyFans girl in this podcast?

It's not fair, right?

How come women can make crazy sums of money by masturbating in front of a camera, or by sucking and fucking on the streets, but men can't!?

Gee, I wonder, fucking, why!

Guys jerk-off all the time, yet, you don't see them getting paid for it. Maybe a very select few in the porn industry who have massive dongers.

The point is, the majority of people would rather go watch the best athletes play a sport. It's more exciting to watch and not as pathetic.

The only way the WNBA players could make as much as NBA players is for the league to earn more revenue. By forcing salary quotas on management without the revenue stream to match it, the league will go bankrupt so fast it will make your head spin.

People treat women today like the Too Big To Fail. However, they instead are Too Entitled to fail, it seems.

Without interest, there is no major revenue. Without interest, you can't attract major sponsors, which equals more money. Without major revenue, you cannot pay these butch-dykes major salaries like the big boys.

The only possible way to make the WNBA more interesting, and attractive to viewers, would for them to play top-less. Be top-less; not worthless.

It would be less worthless if they did, but still, pretty bad. WNBA players aren't the most feminine of women because to be at peak performance as a woman, you need to have higher-T levels than the average gal.

You need to, pretty much, be like a teen boy. Nobody wants to see a bunch of flat-chested, wannabe guys play almost bare.

With those MANswers out of the way, here is my Three Point Plan to making the WNBA pivot to greatness (by appealing to the strengths of women).

My Three Point Plan To Making The WNBA MANtastic

#1| Replace WNBA Players with NBA Cheerleaders

Remember, nobody is watching women play sports because of their amazing abilities. That is for the men. So it wouldn't matter if you replaced all the WNBA players with hot, sexy NBA cheerleaders; the performance level will not change much.

However, your interest in the game WILL. Especially if you make the WNBA more like live action role play. Personal fouling will involve titty-grabbing, hair-pulling and forced make-out sessions.

It's amazing what can happen to a sport/league when you throw in some hot bods with bouncing titties mixed with surprised, lesbian eroticism.

Plus, the league will also save money on having cheerleaders. The players are the cheerleaders, and the cheerleaders are the players. Now that is a MANswer to a problem!

#2 | Appropriate Attire For The New WNBA

Out with the old and in with the new. Since we will be replacing those flat-chested, butchy-bitches with some well endowed darlings, there is no need for baggy shorts and tops.

All new WNBA players will be wearing yoga shorts or pants if they so desire. You want ticket sales and TV ratings? Start acting like you do! Start giving a fuck about how you look and the viewers will too! Wipe off that resting-butch face; push-up those tits, and put some red on those dick-suck lips!

# 3 | Fan Experience

The reason why the current WNBA players can't hold an audience is because lesbians make up a significantly small portion of the general population.

Lesbians in the United states make up roughly 1.4% of the overall population of women, while bi-sexual women make up 2.3%. The percentage of the U.S population that is male is roughly 49.2%.

The MANswer is clear, is it not?

Also, women have less disposable income than men because they earn less money. When you earn less money, you don't have the funds for non-essential things like a WNBA game. When you earn less money you are too busy trying not to starve.

So, that is why the new WNBA will be better, because they will, in addition to lesbians, cater to a far superior fan base: men.

Now that is a MANswer. That is fucking, MANtastic.

Expand your fan base, expand your revenues.

Embrace the change. Embrace the cock. Be feminine and great things can happen.

#humor #satire


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