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What Is A VSCO Girl, And Why Aren't Women Unique?

First off, thanks for following the literally Hitler goosesteps at the bottom of the website in order to get your sponsored post—you demonstrated competency. Thus, anon is a superior being, and probably (it was) a man.

Even though nobody knows who you are, we can all tell that you are a man because of how you wrote your message in a bottle to The Red Island, given the directness of your question, and its succinct fashion.

Also, the jab at the end is what a man would do to another man. If I were a woman, I probably would’ve cried because I am so "strong, brave and independent", and called the authorities, or complained to your HR somehow.


As to your topic and question(s), it's time to give you a big, meaty, MANswer on the matter for your contribution to the booze fund.

The rise of the VSCO girl started in and around the year 2018, peaked in 2019. It is still trending somewhat.

It was the worst trend of 2019, pronounced VIS-CO.

Omg, Jenny! I found a secret door in my bedroom uwu!! Should I turn it into a VSCO hangout?

Fucking Christ almighty.

First impressions I got from this culture is that it is pseudo-lesbian. No joke. VSCO girl-culture is just lesbian culture in disguise. It all seems extremely gay. The cult-aspect borderlines on the sexual; the sisterhood taken to its fluid lesbian conclusion. In fact, a lot of the key VSCO girl symbols, almost all of them, are from gay culture.

Over-sized striped shirts with semi-starched collars, faux-vintage tees, and mom jeans ready for cuffing feels distinctly bisexual, and TikTok’s (and Tumblr’s) bisexual uniform is made up of the same pieces. Birkenstocks have been the shoes of lesbians and the environmentally conscious for ages, and you’re just as likely to find 16-year-old Cool Girls wearing Vans as you are lesbians at a fancy work event or gay bar.

The VSCO girl aesthetic embraces key lesbian stereotypes: wearing things that technically aren’t “flattering” or “feminine” enough (Birkenstocks, oversized clothing, high-waisted denim), being generally low-maintenance in terms of beauty (VSCO girls love a scrunchie and a messy bun, and forgo styling their hair in favor of a more natural look), and caring a lot about the environment (hence the Hydroflask and screaming about metal straws and turtles).

At the heart of it, all women are bisexual.

I hope you are not on Instagram and wasting your time trying to hit up chycks when you could be talking to them, and banging them in real life—essentially standing out and separating yourself for the 80% of guys (simps).

The only reason a man should be on Instagram is if he is doing ‘research’ (like I had to do because you paid me) or if he has a business. Even then, it’s still Gay.

Only women and faggots use Instagram, otherwise.

VSCO Is Different In The Same Way Women Think They Are All Different

VSCO girls are a sub-breed of the E-thot and Instawhore. On the surface one might think there is no difference between the two app/platforms, given the fact that their use and function are almost similar.

However, there are a couple important differences to which allows VSCO and the girls who use it, to have their own sub-culture within the Social Media Industrial Complex.

These two differences are:

  1. No ‘likes’

  2. No comments.

This is a huge win for the 'strong and brave' women when you think about it and the reason why VSCO, in my view, is a different beast than Instagram.

Nobody,except them, can hurt their fee-fees.

To the untrained eye, yes, they are both fucking stupid and a huge waste of time; women love to waste their youth on apps because posting selfies is a low-friction transaction between them and the user they are hoping to please on the other end: Chad.

All the sticking-out of tongues is to signal the hawt guys that they are available and ready to provide a warm, wet and flat area for a juicy cumshot. Ready for your blowjob.

There are a lot of mixed messages. With the way these women pump each other up and the love affair they all have with one another by way of complimenting and saying, "You are so hawt, gurl. Luv ya", it begs the question: Are these pics really for Chad? Is this the white suburban girl appropriating lesbian culture?

Or, are all these chicks really, I mean, really into each other?

I mean, finger-blast, into each other type of support.

It’s easy and women love what is easy. However, with no ‘like’ function or comment section, VSCO gives women an app that frees them from criticism, and the nightmare of not getting enough attention; proof of it via ‘likes’, unlike Instagram.

Basically, Instawhore and VSCO are the same thing, minus the negativity.

It’s essentially another safe space. Women love safe spaces, can’t you tell?

They love being able to do what they want without consequences or criticism. They love having big Capitalist companies steal and use all of their private data from the comfort of their own home. They want all the authority of men, the privilege of being a White Western woman, but none of the responsibility that has to come with said authority.

Women are children.

Attention Whoring & Actual Whoring

VSCO can be seen as an extension of their InstaLife, and can also be used as a funnel for online prostitution; better bait for Chad without being called a ‘slut’ in the comment section by other women who are also vying for Chad's attention, his pint-size penis.

Women hate other women more than they hate the ‘patriarchy’.

Regardless, VSCO is mainly used as an attention resource and a possible funnel for ‘premium snap’ and Onlyfans.

Remember, at the end of the day, all women deep down inside will resort to some form of prostitution because that is where their agency comes from: Their sexuality. And women know, and understand this all very well.

VSCO girls tend to be the biggest hypocrites of them all. All women are hypocrites, but out of that whole there are even smaller percentages that are the biggest. It’s the VSCO chyck.

An app where girls go super try hard to paint their lives as amazing and fuel the fire of unrealistic fantasy dreams about the how they wish they were that cute couple and had the perfect boy, all the while running around screaming boys are stupid.

VSCO Is A Pump Platform For The Insecure

It is an app where girls get to ‘be themselves’ and feel ‘confident’ in their own skin. This usually begets a lot of wild selfies and semi-nude photos. Again, women being ‘themselves’ in their most pure form.

They of course, use the app to express their emotions and struggles, whether happy or sad, through pictures and dscos (discos). They can do whatever they want because it is a community of supportive VSCO girls with no ‘liking or commenting.

This is essentially the same with girls on InstaThot or FeministBook in where all you see in the comment section are other women (their friends) pumping their pictures and profile. It’s like the Bull Boards on Stockhouse. In the end, it is one big circle-jerk; a lot of clam rubbing but nobody is really getting anywhere in life.

The reason why women do this pump is because if they say their friend is ‘gorgeous’ and ‘hawt’ that means they are also hot, based on association with said girl being pumped/endorsed.

This is why women have zero confidence and crash hard in the real world—the real world doesn’t work like that. Not everyone is hawt and amazing, no matter how hard you try to convince people.

If everyone got a trophy, and if everyone were ‘hawt’, then everyone is essentially worthless. There is no value.

If everyone on every team got a trophy, then all trophies are worthless, and have no value. If everyone got first place, everyone just came last. There is no first place at that point.

The real world will judge and comment. Criticism is healthy. This is why so many women have so many mental health problems today. Nobody is giving them a spank, nobody is telling them ‘no’; everyone just wants to fuck them.

VSCO was suppose to be an editing app. Now it’s considered the shitty version of Instagram, but instead for hormonal teens specifically, and their insecurities.

If you use VSCO, you are a thot. VSCO is an app that is okay not to be okay (aka- retarded). Now VSCO is basically an aesthetic moodboard for angsty, horny chycks. One big visual diary, but with occasional semi-nude pictures….just because, right?

It’s an app for girls to make their photos “Instagram worthy” whatever the fuck that means. I see the world through my VSCO covered lenses!

VSCO Is Worthless, Women Are Competing With Pornhub

It’s the official app in where girls can express themselves ‘creatively’ with artsy pics that are strikingly similar to what all the other women post. Pictures topped off by scrunches, Hydro flasks and big retro T-shirts. VSCO girls are soo unique because the app is a breeding ground for trends as contagious as the flu.

A creative VSCO girl is an oxymoron. Women trying to be creative and unique is one of the funniest things to watch.

In its infancy, like all apps, VSCO was niche and was mainly adopted by rich suburban White girls who would flex their cul-de-sac Dad’s money. Then, the peasants and lower-tier women would flood in and change the ‘look’. Just like with Facebook and any other social media, there is a life-cycle.

The way to tell if an app is at the end of its life-cycle is when the middle-aged crowd starts to use it: Mom, dad, your aunt. By then, the youth have found something else because it’s not ‘cool’ anymore.

It’s an app where every hormonal girl goes to post about their feelings through pictures, and semi-nudes to complain—with sub-communication—about how guys aren’t VSCOboys because y’know we all need to be perfect, just like them.

And yes, semi-nudes just because, don’t forget something about saving animals to look good (virtue-signal away their slutty behavior).

VSCO in its essence is extremely cringe. Calling yourself VSCO is just weird and retarded. Very queer.

It’s an app in and of itself, the same as with Snapperchat and Instawhore where all you do is add filters to make yourself look skinnier and more youthful. If you don’t want people to like your pictures or are afraid of not getting ‘likes’ (attention currency/social proof) then don’t fucking post anything.

VSCO, like all apps for women are extremely basic bitch.

It’s an app where trashy basic bitches think they are quirky.

Nothing new or original has ever come out of VSCO, or any social media app in where women are the dominant driving force of content. Women all follow each other; women are conformists. Conformity breeds mediocrity and stagnation.

Women claim to be ‘unique’ and “not like other women” yet their actions and pictures tell the whole truth and story. Women must have very different definitions of the words “different” and "unique". They live in opposite world. Where 2+2=5 and where they believe that men and women are the same, yet all the same complain about the Pink tax.

If women were so strong, brave, powerful, independent and fierce, then why do they use apps like VSCO in where they can “feel confident” and post 30 pictures all at once without the pressures of ‘likes’ or comments (criticism)?

That was a rhetorical question.

We all know the MANswer.


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