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Mother Nature, The Real Misogynist

Look at that fucking thumbnail, a man created that.

Women aren't creative or inspiring beyond the bedroom, if they were, they would have shaped the world; my man-brain was so juiced this morning, it birthed that thumbnail and slid out onto your screen. You're welcome.

It is November, and did you know that it was International Men's Day on 19th?

I didn't, and I don't care.

A lot of men didn't pay attention.

It was barely trending on Twitter, as opposed to when it is International Women's Day.

Do you want to know why I didn't know about it, forgot, and didn't really care along with millions of other men around the world?

MANswer: Men are too busy doing shit; we don't have time for emoting because someone has to keep the lights on; women certainly aren't going to do all the heavy lifting.

Terrance Popp is too busy creating MANtastic videos; subsequently trying to avoid Youtube jail. Aaron Clarey is too busy writing his 10,000th book and taking the rest of the year off until 2021.

The Great One, Himself is too fucking busy doing podcasts for 16-years, and trying make his ultimate escape from commie Colorado.

TJ Martinell is too fucking busy hiking mountains and not writing anymore dystopian novels....because we are living inside one of his.

Nick August is too busy putting out PunchRiot Magazine, drinking like a goddamn man, and taking road trips.

Yours truly is too busy not giving-a-solid-fuck by writing for some mags, shouting at the internet, drinking fine Ale, making 100k in the stock market, and finding juicy pics of hot female teachers who've banged their students.

Nobody gives a shit about men in our society, because everyone expects men to do everything anyways. Men>Women.

Nobody takes women seriously; women can't even uphold a simple marital contract.

I wonder why they haven't updated the statistic since 2015?

I'd hate to see the numbers now!

Women today can't even do the simple things: Stay thin, be nice, consider what men might want.

Nobody expects women to do anything (women are children), but complain about how men aren't holding the world up correctly. "It's too tilted! Move a bit to the left so I can get a tan from the sun!"

Life is a fucking, struggle for men; women most affected.

Women are born; men are made.

If men stopped, for even a day to pause or perhaps protest like the Wahmen do with their pink-pussy hats (Million Meg March), the world would fall-apart and implode.

Ever notice that when millions of women protest for weeks on end in your city, your state, that your country still keeps on functioning?

The only thing(s) that shut-down on such occasion is probably your company's HR department, yoga studios, or at the very least Starbucks maybe short-staffed. While Tina is out protesting, her friend Tiffany is pissed because she can't get her Caffè mocha-frappa-dick-a-chino on time!

You never see men protesting being the beast-of-burden, because if the beast took a day off to whine, bitch and moan, people would literally die. However, you will see women protesting that they can't kill their unborn children!

The struggle is real for these women.

Women always cite literally Hitler as being evil, him killing 6 million Jews and all.

I say, how many millions of unborn babies have been killed in the United States alone since abortion had been legalized?

Hm, women sure do hate other women; women most affected.

Instead of a "Day Without Men" how about we go at least a day without killing a baby?

Hitler killed 6 million Jews; women have killed 60 million babies since 1973.

I know women hate competition....but. We have a winner!

If we had even a day without men, it would be complete chaos; women most affected.

Firemen, policemen and doctors would not be in-service, protecting and saving lives. The electricity would go out. Gas stations would run dry. Flights would be cancelled; no ATC controllers or pilots; no ground units. The border would cease to stem the flow of murderers, terrorists, drugs, cartels etc.

Notice how I didn't mention that the government would shut down; we don't need the government in its current state (welfare), but women sure do.

I could go on for another 50 pages, but I think we all get the point.

Men Are Too Busy Committing Suicide, Rotting In Jail & Being Homeless To Care About Hashtags

Men are just simply too busy to even care, or complain.

Men create; women complain. Biology is a bitch, Mother Nature is the real oppressor.

Grow-up and get over it.

Along with holding up the world, men are also too busy being homeless and killing themselves at far greater numbers than women to care about International Men's month/day.

As dark and bleak as those statistics look, it is fascinating to know that men are still happier than women, overall. In fact, I wrote an article about this titled Men Are Happier Than Women, which showcases that men are happier than they were 40 years ago; women are more miserable than they were before Third Wave feminism.

Men are better than women at being happy; men are better than women at being homeless and killing themselves! Can women do anything?

Damn you, Mother Nature!

Men are superior, it's science.

Women are more likely to have mental-illness; men are more likely to successfully kill themselves; Women most affected.

However, women attempt suicide more often than men. It is usually a cry for attention. You need to have the balls to kill yourself, which women simply lack.

Women are not the sacrificial sex, they are the solipsistic sex. Women are too full of themselves, to kill themselves. Women don't have it as hard as men, to get to the point where they'd believe suicide to be the best option.

Mother Nature hates women: It must be frustrating to be more prone to mental illness, but then not have the balls to end your suffering. Eternal agony!

On top of this, Mother Nature punishes women every month, with an annoying bloody surprise (not a surprise, it's a cycle) if a man doesn't shoot cum inside their pussy and knock them up.

Men don't miss 3 days of work because they are moody and have bloody knickers, they are simply too busy bleeding from jail fights, street fights and self-inflicted gunshots.

Men > Women

Mother Nature Made Women The Weaker Sex, Stop Blaming Men

It's OK though, because science shows that men can handle all of the above.

It's called being superior, in mind and body. Try meditating on that while you huff incense and shove healing beads up your ass.

If women were in charge and ran the world, we would all still be living in mud huts. There is a reason why women have a greater evolutionary capacity for verbal interaction: When you've spent thousands of years sitting in a cave, sifting through berries, making dinner around the flames, gabbing to all the other women while the men were out hunting all day, yeah, you're probably better at flapping your gums.

The world wasn't built by summoning bridges, roads/infrastructure, oil, gas, minerals, with "intuition". It was built by men.

The day women can light a candle and throw an intention into the flames to summon an Uber car to pick them up for Starbucks is the day you don't need men. Yet, you still need men to build and invent the scratch that.

Men > Women

Women read The Secret; men are the secret to everything.

How did that building get there?

A man put it there, you are welcome.

Did a woman summon that plane to land with her mind/"intuition"?

No, moron. A man landed that plane, and another man in a tower guided it in using physics, weather and instrument systems (vectors & mathematics) which men invented.

What is more valuable, a childless female scientist, or a stay-at-home mom?

MANswer: A stay-at-home mom, because she could produce way more future scientists by spreading her legs and receiving the hormone of the Gods. No need for test tubes (IVF).

The secret to female happiness is to make the periods (the pain and redness) stop and to keep the panties clean of blood. The most unhappiest woman in the world is:

  • Female

  • 42 years old

  • Unmarried (and no children)

  • Household income under $100,000

  • In a professional position (doctor, lawyer, etc.)

Childless spinsters are on the rise.

So is female unhappiness.

When women forgo their best years (18-27), by pissing them away in a "career" and riding the cock carousel, they turn their back on nature. Mother nature, thusly, punishes women for this biological treason.

Piss off Mother Nature, and you will feel the full wrath of a woman's scorn.

Look around you in your own life. Who are the most miserable people?

MANswer: Childless women.

Now, do the same thing and ask yourself, who are the happiest?

MANswer: Childless men.

If women stopped trying to be like men, and started being like what Mother Nature intended them to be, they'd be hap......happier than they are. Women are never fully happy, it's impossible, because they are net consumers; always wanting more.

Women Aren't Strong, Nor Brave And Independent; It's A Projection Of What They Want In A Man

The women who shout the most about being Strong, Brave and Independent, are the very women who could never get all of those qualities in a man.

Look around you, and you will rarely find a beautiful woman, who respects and loves her husband, is married with three kids, shout and scream about being "independent" and "need no man, fish bicycle".

You will absolutely find feminist spinsters, along with single-mothers, singing the gospel of feminism, because it's all a projection of what they truly want: They want what other women (biologically successful) have, but can't get because they are a bull-dyke, cunt.

It's all fairytale, make-believe, just like their make-work government and non-profit jobs. Claiming to be Strong, Brave, Bad-ass, and Independent is a projection of everything they missed out on, or forwent for the feelz.

You can "have it all", especially when you are being sponsored by multiple donors!

The problem with this strategy for women is that it does not bode well for them (extreme poverty) in the long run. Here is an article detailing the severe consequences for women who choose the "Strong" and "Independent" path.

Hence, why we are seeing the parabolic rise in anti-depressant use among women after they've hit the Wall and begun losing sponsors. Once a woman's only cache begins to deteriorate (her looks, youth, beauty/fertility) her direct donors stop calling, and thusly just leaves her indirect sponsors left (government/welfare).

Without men, women wouldn't even be able to pretend/play "Independent woman".

Now, if you are a man, you would've immediately saw the mathematical incongruence in that above statement.

How can women (collectively) earn $18 trillion, but then spend $28 trillion?

MANswer: Debt and other men's money.

That extra $10 trillion dollars that women don't have, came in the form of student loans, welfare, credit card debt, and money given to her by simps.

That new BMW, Audi or Land Rover you see some chick cruising to Starbucks in, paid for by a man. Hubby gave her the "shut-up and leave me alone" money.

Those stupid little shops and business' that you see most women "running on their own" until they go bankrupt, those were financed either by loans or hubby$$.

They are usually ran by the wives of married men, hubby wants her out of his hair and to shut the fuck up.

So to keep her busy he funds her stupid dreams of owning a yoga studio, horse ranch, or tea shop.

When your girlfriend or wife gives you the "my money is our money, and your money is our money" speech when you first start dating, that is how women get that extra $10 trillion dollar deficit on the books.

Women are net consumers; men are net producers(tax payers).

Women are only "Strong", "Brave" and "Independent" so long as a man is in the shadows, financing her delusion.

The MRS. Degree Would Waste The Least Amount Of Everyone's Time And Men's Resources

To close the 'happiness' gap between the sexes, all women would have to do is consider what men want: Stay thin, be feminine, be respectful/grateful, and then spread leg #1, then #2.

Remember, childless women are the most miserable (and insufferable) people on the planet.

Now, all things considered, to close the 'wage/earnings gap' between men and women, join Onlyfans. Which would require, again, the spreading of the legs and possibly ass cheeks for the weirdo's.

Mother Nature oppresses women with the unique ability to pay their mortgage and rent with pictures of their asshole on the internet.

The world weeps, I am sure.

When they say "Americans carry an estimated $1.5 trillion in student loan debt" know that 60% of that is women. That is a nice slice of that $10 trillion we were just talking about, before.

When you hear the call for "student-loan debt forgiveness" by protesters or the President-elect Joe Biden (Camel-toe Harris), understand that it is a bail-out for all those "Strong", "Powerful" and of course "Independent" women out there!

So Strong, Brave, Powerful and Independent, they can't even pay back their loans!

If you ever get a lecture by a woman on the internet, or in person about the economy and people paying their "fair share", just ask her if she has student-loans or any debt of any kind.

If she does, then the conversation ends. You don't get a say in policy, economics or even political matters if you can't even manage your own shit.

Fuck off.

Men are smarter than women.

Hence, why women carry two-thirds of student loan debt.

They say, "Dress for the job you want, not the one you have."

Most women, at college, dress and act like they want to do Onlyfans for a living.

Nothing wrong with that. You will make 100x more money than being a Social Worker!

Close the wage gap by opening another, that's what we say!

Men > Women.

It's not men's fault, biology is unfortunately not a social construct.

Blame Mother Nature, she's a cunt.

If women are so amazing, then why do they always need men's tax dollars for a bail-out and to subsidize their spending habits?

We can go all day If you want, how much more evidence does everyone need?

These stats are an earth-shattering contradiction to all of that Fempowerment out there that has been spewed out the mouths of the media, teachers, professors, politicians for decades!

Where's the beef?

Well, a man is most likely eating it right now, because he can afford to after graduating with a STEM degree or skipping all Marxist indoctrination entirely and going his own route.

A woman majoring in the wrong shit, or, forgoing finding a quality man during her most fertile and youthful years, is most likely going to be begging at 40 for some man-meat to be thrown her way, both metaphorically and literally.

Women Drain Accounts; Men Are Accountable

If men were more like women, the world would be fucked. We are getting very close to the reality, the clock is almost midnight. If women were more like the men, the world will be fucked, as well.

Men and women are different, and that's OK.

The problems lay in the ignorance of biological reality, and the cognitive dissonance of today's Gynocracy.

In any relationship, there is always one who dominates.

Men need their authority; they have the hormone of the Gods; women need to be dominated. The penis goes into the vagina; sex is a dominate act. The vagina doesn't go into the penis, sorry. It's biology, it translates into reality.

When women are dominated their pussies get wet, they make babies, and will produce more engineers, more scientists, more doctors, more brilliant writers, and yes even the occasional criminal or douche-bag.

However, life is a numbers game.

If a woman becomes a childless doctor, yes, she could save some lives with her research if she were smart enough (stats show it's rare). Men on average have higher IQ's. Therefore it is more beneficial for that woman to not waste her youth and fertility; use it to find a high quality man to pump out quality numbers in order to perhaps breed 2 possible future doctors.

It's pretty sad how our society blames men for everything, when in fact they[men] contribute the most.

Look at the diagram on the left: In 2016, when you add the points up for both sexes, men still contribute more.

61 points for men; 57 for women. Surprise, surprise, men contribute way more financially because that is what we are good at. Where is all of that GirlBoss money?

Now, imagine how easier things would be if men and women just split the difference? Oh, wow, what a novel idea! The nuclear family, you don't say!

Why is it that women are the most miserable they have ever been? If you had one person doing the earning, one person doing the nurturing and the raises, everything would flow better; society would be 1000x more efficient and prosperous.

But no, we can't have nice things anymore because of muh feelz.

Well, how does it feel to be more miserable than you were 40 years ago, ladies?

The truth is, we don't care anymore.

You are on your own. Enjoy your "journey".

Enjoy the last minute panic of IVF; men will be investing in those companies once they list on the NASDAQ.

Enjoy smearing peanut butter on your privates, so your 10 cats can give you an oral massage, while you drown your cries with a pillow after downing that magnum of Merlot; men will be investing in Shopify and Amazon; real men will be getting sucked and fucked by your former, 20-something self.

In a Gynocracy, women waste their good years and break the backbone of society (men) down for their own hypergamous benefit. When you whittle and chip away at men's income and prosperity via heavy taxation (welfare state/Big Government), you chip away at the supply of "good men" to breed with, in order to produce those 2+ future doctors or scientists from that one vagina (engineers, brilliant teachers, inventors, etc.)

Thus, you slowly over time, chip away at a prosperous society. Hence, what we have seen over the last 40-50 years of feminism.

Don't worry, us men will be over here, happier than we were 40-years ago!

Men > Women; women most affected.


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