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Married Female Teacher, Cali Heikes, Snuck Into Teen Boy's Bedroom To Have Sex; Banged In A Cemetery

Female Teacher Cali Jorgensen Heikes

Original Story At DailyStar

  • Cali Heikes, 25, was arrested after allegations emerged that she picked up a 17-year-old student from his home three times a week and took him to a cemetery where the pair would have sex.

  • Wayne County Sheriff Jason Dwinell's office confirmed the arrest after a deputy received a call on January 20 from a Department of Health and Human Services hotline.

  • The student's sister, claimed to officers that Heikes would sneak into the student’s house at night to engage in steamy romps - and added she believed the pair were meeting up two or three times a week outside of the house.

  • Heikes is married with two kids and lives in Windside.

  • If convicted, this means Heikes could face up to 20 years behind bars.

  • Heikes posted bail on a $2,000 (£1,612.80) bond a day after she was arrested.


What a horrific and traumatizing series of events for the 17-year old, male victim.

Could you imagine?

A good night's rest is important. I am sure the last thing on this aspiring Chad's mind late at night was the hope that his fairly-attractive female teacher would sneak through his window and reverse cowgirl on him...

I am sure Cali's defense lawyer will make the statement in Court that his/her client has a "medical history of sleepwalking and insomnia".

Clearly an open and shut case of Wetdreamatosis.

When Women Lose Weight They Gain Superpowers

Before you jump ahead to the all important category of Presentation/Looks, I will note and foreshadow that this is a clear case of a former fatty, who got married and had kids, but then suddenly dropped the mommy weight and started giving her male student's boners and fondling thoughts.

It took a bit to confirm that the Cali Jorgensen Heikes who I found on Facebook matched the mugshot and profile of the accused in the story.

There was a lot of fat to sift through and very little in the way of recent pictures, but it appears that Cali had recently lost a bunch of weight (good for her, the victim & the healthcare system). According to one of her Instagram pages, she had an eating disorder.

Honestly, that is the least of her worries now.

If Cali was still fat, this could've been a true crime of misandry, as she could've ruined this boy's first(likely) ever sexual experience by suffocating him and forcing Body Positivity on him. Toxic feminism.

This is obviously not so good for the husband as he has now been outfucked by a 17-year old aspiring Chad.

Guys will take noticed when a woman suddenly gains a bunch of weight, and quickly forget about her; they take even more notice when she suddenly loses it.

When a woman loses weight and becomes at the very least, fairly attractive, the world opens up to her. Suddenly a lot more men want her to open her legs, too.

When a formerly fat female teacher like Cali loses weight, she suddenly gains the ability to fly through your window at night and into your bedroom; to have sex with you while your sister hears everything from the room next door. Up, Up and away! Girl Power!

Weight loss is a superpower for women; a woman's true value is in her sexuality and her ability to gain status and resources from men via its force. If your gf or wife is suddenly losing weight, or suddenly wants to start "being healthy" and looking good even though the last 10 years has been nothing but starfish sex and Land-whaling with you, it is usually a red flag.

She is looking elsewhere for dick. Do you really think Cali was losing the weight out of respect for her husband and was hoping he'd have more sex with her? She already got her fuck trophies (beta security) with him and now is on the radar of libido-jacked, hormonal young boys.

It's highschool all over again for Cali. However, this time she is the hot chick getting all the attention. Cali's ego (her clit) couldn't help it. The tingles got to her. All the attention and ego boosts that she probably hadn't experienced since her early teens when she looked half decent (not fat, but average) went straight to her clit and boiled.

Women don't think, they feel. At 25 years of age, the Party Years clearly had not been fucked out of Cali just yet.

The Report Card


Cali hustled. She actually tried to go for Greatness as a Female Sex Scandal Teacher.

What do I mean by that?

Well, Cali lost weight. That's more than what 60% of women in America are willing to do.

You can't be great until you lose the weight. It is about respect for the sport(fuck).

With that said, we should give her an extra point in our Integrity category for doing just that. Losing the weight most likely made the difference between Cali having sex with the boy three times a week, and maybe only getting a one-off.

Windside, NB is a very small community. Everything is within an earshot of each other.

You can ask the boy's sister about that...

To keep this low-key was next to impossible by any rational and logical standard.

However, Cali is of course a woman. She went for it anyway even though anyone with two brains cells could've realized after contemplating for a minute that this was not sustainable or feasible. Cali followed her vagina and disregarded all school policy and legality, not to mention her life as a wife and mother.

It is safe to assume that this boy hit Cali's G-spot or something... because the level of stupid here is off the charts!

Cali not only went to the boy's house at night for sex via sneaking into his bedroom through a window, she also would meet him at a nearby cemetery in order to suck and fuck the shit out of him. Drain his lifeforce like the vampire she is. How romantic.

The boy got a pleasant view, alright. It makes sense, both Cali and the teen boy have so much in common: They both go to the same school, they both have the same thoughts (horny), they are both at the same maturity level, they both need to be home by a certain hour or their guardians will get mad or wonder where they are; they both don't have a whole lot of privacy to have sex.

Hence why Cali had to devolve into a teen girl from an adult and do what normal teen girls do: Sneak into their lover's bedroom via the window; go have quick fucks in secluded places where nobody likely goes. A cemetery is a perfect place because a grown woman having sex with a minor is just as morbid. They were surrounded by the dead while Cali was trying to get that seed into her. Dead, just like her marriage and career.

If Cali did indeed take or meet that boy in the Pleasant View Cemetery, then I wouldn't be surprised. Cali is a woman and women are lazy. There is another cemetery that is much further away and most likely wouldn't have resulted in being caught by the Sherriff.

Cali probably couldn't afford the gas money or the time. She probably didn't hedge her portfolio over the last 2 years with Oil companies and instead doubled down on SnapChat or Peloton shares. Who am I kidding? Women don't invest in the stock market/equities! I bet if you asked Cali about inflation and its effects on long duration and over-valued tech stocks she would probably think of that boy's dick inflating inside of her.

Math and economics are too hard for women. They'd rather have something hard go into them because it is easier that way to get what they want in life.

She is a woman, remember?

She probably couldn't wait that long to have that boy's dick inside her, either. Women are impulsive and impatient; it's why they don't do well in the workplace. It's why they suck at finances and investing; why they have so much credit card debt. Why they have sex with teen boys (shooting fish in a barrel).



Cali has proven to be exemplary in her status as Female Sex Scandal Teacher.

There is no doubt or question about her passion here. It (passion) cannot be denied.

According to the witness statements from the victim's sister about Cali sneaking into her brother's room to have sex and them go places three times a week, you may be asking "Where were the parents?" Well, you see, Cali also gets out of school the same time that the boy does and they probably had sex after school when the parents were at work.

It's a tale as old as time. Another girl ruined it for everyone. The victim's sister not only cockblocked him, but Cali as well. Women hate when guys are having fun; they really hate other women, though.

Did Cali think to ask the boy if it was safe at his home and if his sister was gone? Probably not because Cali was horny and is a woman. The lack of care and caution shows us that Cali was truly dedicated to this student and is not a tranny.

Recently we have had a spat of these small town, trailer trash teachers trying to make a name for themselves, their counties and states. To be put on the map.

It's always the 5's, 6's and 7's that seem to try the hardest. That boy must be so sore and his balls swole. His hand must be too from receiving all the high-fives.

Married with two kids in a town that has a heavy Lutheran congregation disregarded for the once in a lifetime title of FSST (Female Sex Scandal Teacher). One last chance for Cali to get dicked-down, dug-out by a wannabe Harry Styles, Goldenboy Chad.

Cali must've came hard; she came back for more. Three times a week, apparently.

Cali left her Facebook wide open, like her legs. Yeah, you cannot deny her passion.



The problem with Cali though is that she went for it too fast, too hard. Her presentation lacks pictures of her transformation from former fatty, to present personified.

There was no build-up or forethought. It must've happened so quick. Cali couldn't wait.

Her pussy must've been quivering at fever pitch!

As soon as she lost the weight she went for the teen and gave zero thought about the aftermath: Her future grade as Female Sex Scandal Teacher. She showed us a bit of disrespect and it cannot go unpunished, or at the very least not be considered in this process.

This is serious shit and we here take the grading of looks, fucking seriously. This is the most important thing to a woman and to men, and Cali couldn't care a little bit and update her fucking Facebook or key-it-up on Instagram before she did all of this?

Cali has all the signs of a Tradwife turned by the unrelenting tour-de-force that is Marxism and feminist ideology that has been rotting our culture and women from within. Cali before marriage seemed to have zero tattoos.

Where are the boundaries and rules by the husband? Where is the enforcement/authority or is this an 'egalitarian' arrangement?

After their first kid was born appears some leg and calve tats along with some arm tats. What happened? Then the weight loss. Did she go vegan? A normal feminist in transition does one of two things: She either maintains her landwhale status or becomes a vegan; turns into a wrinkled old lady. Cali needed to lose weight regardless. If she hadn't, she wouldn't be in the news for having sex with a teen boy.

It's the only reason why a teen boy would even consider the prospect. You see, all that fat-shaming works! Cali got what she wanted: To be famous, a female sex scandal teacher, and to have her g-spot hit and her cervix sprayed/bruised with the pressurized force that can only come from the endless white ropes of an equally horny young Chad.

Cali has been fighting her former teenage self and her urges. Before marriage, Cali was thin and got her "Chad". Turned him soft and into a beta provider.

Trying to replicate that feeling all over again as the "chemistry" and spark never lasts because it is just that, a chemical reaction. It would be weird if the spark never faded in marriages and in LTRs. It goes against nature and biology. Nature always wants to keep reproducing and with diverse gene pools to improve those genetics. It's why after you've fucked a girl so many times the relationship loses its luster.

Your bodies have gotten acclimatized to each other's pheromones, the very thing that attracted and brought you two together and got you both to fuck. It did its job and then nature/biology wants you to move on and fuck more and spread out. Cali had got her fucktrophies and her body wants more variety and with Chad of course. It's in a woman's nature to seek more whilst having her security being taken care of via a dutiful beta.

Better yet, turn a Chad into a beta and then rinse and repeat. Best of both worlds in regards to hypergamy. All love is : A signal, it's a chemical reaction in the body/brain that makes it easy for the sexes to get closer to each other so that they can reproduce.

It's nature's way of fucking with you. It's the reason why it feels great and is the best feeling. If sex and the process to get there wasn't thrilling and pleasurable, nobody would fuck and reproduce and the species would die. For women it is all about proximity and their peer group. Cali is in the proximity of horny teen boys all day long; they are also her peers because she is a woman and women have the same level of intellectual maturity as they.

It's the equivalent of a workplace affair to them, they do not care.

It is 100% plausible that all of these small town female sex scandal teachers all have the same wedding photographer. The off-focus, rustic sunset vibe is really overdone.

When it comes time to have "the talk" to her daughters about boys and how to not get into trouble with them, I am sure Cali will have a lot to say.

Cali Heikes

"Daddy, Here Comes Mommy": Oh, mommy came alright. The only people that heard mommy cum was that teen boy and awkwardly, probably his sister.

Think of all the people affected by Cali's thirst and her vagina ruling over her every move, every day. Imagine how traumatized that teen boy's sister is from having to hear her brother and Cali moan (three times a week) while he tried to shoot a load into Cali's newly reformed pussy.

The tattoos say it all. How can you trust a woman who trashes her body and has no self-respect? How much you wanna bet she has a tramp-stamp on the lower back?

It turns out that Cali did have an eating disorder. At first glace I was confused, she was fat. She obviously wasn't bulimic. Turns out she had a "binge-eating disorder". Now that makes sense. She loved food more than anything. Her relationship with food was an addiction. She had a hole to fill and it needed filling. There was something missing in her life, something being suppressed.

As we know, once that addiction was sorted out, Cali then began filling another hole with another addiction: Teen dick. Women are all dopamine addicts.

Whether it is drugs like ketamine, weed, Adderall, Molly or dick, women need to always feel happy. If not, they spiral. Cali was clearly unhappy with her life and didn't respect her husband. She loved food more than looking good for him.

Here on The Red Island, we want nothing but perfection. We will not ditch perfection when it comes to grading Female Teacher Sex Scandals. If you want an A+ in an overall grade, for Christ fucking sakes you are going to need to be hot and near perfect!

Imperfections? All women are imperfect. Every woman's asshole is literally a few centimeters away from her vagina. Talk about a design flaw!

Of course, in typical female fashion, she has to make everything about her a "journey". Also, she has to share it with the world because nothing like this has every happened to a girl, ever! She is so special and unique guys! Nobody cares about a woman's "journey" through the buffet line at Mandarin.

So what, Cali? You ate a lot of food that you didn't fucking need?

So does 60% of women in North America, get over yourself!

Of course, the Instagram page has gone nowhere and is dead with content. It would've been better if she had posted pics of her weight loss and then pics of her in a bikini at the beach saying things like "Take me back" and the lens be zoomed in on her ass. Just a tip, ladies if you want attention. Nobody cares about your addiction to food and loving brownies more than your husband.

Cali Heikes Teacher

This is the most recent and likely what the teen boy had to work with.

Honestly, not bad!

She got a new hair-doo, lost the weight; unfortunately added some more tats.

Overall, would've been a decent smash. A good slump-buster or practice vagina.

For a teen boy, she'd be a great masturbatory aide.

I mean, he kept hitting it three times a week (still don't know the length of the "romp").

We need more recent body pics though to determine a more conclusive final grade and of course "Guilt factor". As of right now, Cali is 'not guilty' based on this picture.


Final Notes: Cali, your performance in and outside of the boy's bedroom has been satisfactory. You have met most if not all of the pre-qualifications of being a Female Sex Scandal Teacher. You passion and dedication to Greatness has not gone unnoticed and you will have your 15 min of fame from being showcased on The Red Island, the #1 blog for FTSS and in the Top for Google searches.

Your presentation however lacked the type of accoutrement that we here always look for. You had no proper Instagram or Tiktok. What's up with that? You are 25. These social media platforms should've been active on your part and loaded with the standard self-pedestalization pics that all women love to post. Not crap about how you were a former fatty and borderline obese! We don't know what your new reformed ass looks like; where are the yoga pants pics!? We don't know how your body looks like post-fucktrophies; where are the bikini pics!? You have aged yourself with all the mommy pics and single use of Facebook.

I and the rest of the class would strongly recommend and immediate pivot to Instagram. Now that your career and marriage are toast, an OnlyFans should be in order. These things should've been quietly set up months ago, but, it is safe to assume you hadn't been working on these with all the fucking your pussy had been receiving.

I thought women were great at multi-tasking?

Overall Grade



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