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Science & Reality Prove, Once Again, That Men Are Better Than Women At Everything

The short version of what I am about to outline can be summed up as follows: Everything you see around you is there because a man got off his ass; did something amazing.

If women were truly equal to men (both mentally and physically) as they claim to be, then why do we have gender hiring quotas? Why do they need companies to cheat for them in order to get onto company boards and into the higher echelons of the C-Suite? Why do women have to resort to fucking their male co-workers and sucking boss dick in order to get a promotion? Why do women need the government to come to the rescue at every junction in their lives?

Why are people so stupid and can't understand that it's because women can't hack it?

When people cheat, or do the things as mentioned above, it is common sense that it is due to their inferiority. Cheating or rigging the game only means one thing: You cannot win or earn those positions through meritocracy; hence you have to tilt the game in your favor. It is not the ‘patriarchy’ that holds women back, it is simply female biology to which holds women back as I have outlined countless times in my CorporateLand series and in my book CorporateLand: Surviving Cubicle Warfare.

Science says, Men Are Better Than Women

There are numerous studies out there that prove what everyone already knows but won’t admit.

One such study shows that among the sexes, there are more dumb and smart men than women. Now, to the stupid feminist, this is what will go through her tiny peanut-sized brain, 'omg….so more men are stupid (har-har)?'. No, that’s not what the study proves because as we all know, feminists can’t read correctly and are stupid; just like how the study proves.

If you read carefully, the findings basically point out the sheer basic-bitch status of women in relation to men. Yes, when you take a large sample of the male population, you will find more dumb men than women in comparison. However, on that same note, you will more importantly find way more geniuses among men than women in totality. The study says NOTHING about women being smarter; in fact, the findings implicitly imply that women are just AVERAGE and pretty much baseline. As I have said numerous times before: Women are like children. Women do not mature (intellectually) past high-school.

Women are the most responsible teenager in the household.

With this knowledge, why would we then look to women if we are trying to find the most talent and genius among the sexes? Why would we be implementing hiring and diversity quotas for women when it should be that we hire more men? Since men have higher IQ’s on average and will be a better investment as a whole, why are we propping-up women (the weaker sex)?

Oh, that’s right…it’s because they CAN’T compete outright!

I guess that’s called: The Patriarchy.

Patriarchy is reality; feminists hate reality.

Women and feminists need something to blame, other than themselves, for their lack of competitiveness in all aspects of life.

Of course, they will blame men and say they are being 'oppressed'. If you were so strong and independent you wouldn’t have to go and blame anyone! You would just go and kick-ass in the workplace and live your life without crying to the government. People who whine and complain are losers who can’t compete; who need crib notes, a safe space, or a cheat sheet to even get on the same level; let alone, outperform.

When women blame the ‘patriarchy,’ what they are really blaming is science and reality for their short-comings. Diversity-hire quotas and padding, points out the difference between men and women in the workplace:

Men are simply better at work than women.

Women Want A Playground, Not A Productive Workplace

Today’s workplace reminds me of the school playground during P.E class. At recess [reality unscripted] for soccer, each team's leaders would line everyone up on the fence and pick all the ‘good’ players, first. Today is the equivalent to your female teacher picking the teams during P.E class to make everything ‘balanced’ and ‘fair’. Your female teacher would pick all the losers first (to make them feel better about sucking ass) and then make sure that each team had an ‘equal’ share of the talent without making it show who the losers were.

If you were picked last at recess, it was obvious you sucked.

Today, women are picked first, but not because it's recess [reality]. Today we are living in the P.E class version of the world. A world that is artificially propping up the weak and taking everything from those who actually deserve to be picked first. They [women] are given/offered more scholarships and more job offers; not because they are smarter or have more talent, but because of societies huge obsession with giving women trophies for doing nothing but have a Vagina. Due to this interference in the free market of talent, economies in the West are suffering due to the ignorance of their backbone: Male productivity.

Men can be the best, but when the government is putting a gun to everyone's head essentially (socialism) and is forcing companies to hire certain individuals, it thus becomes a risky game in the working world. It doesn't have to be this way, though, men in charge of these companies just need to say, 'fuck off' and value profits over politics. After all, if you run a private company you are not a politician, you are in business to make MONEY. Not in the business of 'fairness'. Fairness is code for socialism and socialists are poor as fuck.

Ignoring men and giving women a handicap will ultimately tank your society and economy because it can only lead to one thing: Tons of wasted money.

Men do not file false harassment charges in the workplace and bankrupt your company in a sea of lawsuits. Men take less sick days and work more overtime. Men cannot get pregnant one week after you just hired them; then take 12-months off work (with pay) for maternity leave. Maternity leave in the workplace is akin to a welfare check for women.

You are paying her to sit at home and do nothing while your company eats the cost. Then, more often than not, when she is finished her mat-leave, she will most likely quit her job to stay at home.

What a fucking waste of everyone’s time, energy and money.

If women wanted to stay home and take care of the kids, then why don’t you just FUCKING DO THAT FROM THE START.

Nope, they all have to waste everyone’s time; get a degree, get a Masters, get a job and then forego all of that education and time; all to be a goddamn mother. You don't need a Masters degree to be a mother. A fucking teenager can be a mother (not the best, but still) for Christ-fucking-sake. Being a mother requires nothing more than being an adult who can clean up after themselves and others.

If you would have just focused on being a mom in the first place you wouldn’t have taken that job position from someone who wants to actually work and who could probably do the job better than you; instead of surf Facebook all day long and pick your twat while you gossip office politics.

Modern Women Suck at Cooking & Math; Both Follow A Recipe

Let’s now take-a-look more deeply at the infamous ‘pay gap’(earnings gap). The reason why there is an earnings gap between the sexes is due to women’s lack of math skills and poor money management skills.

The hilarious part about all of this is the fact that a lot of these sectors that are pointed out in this article are in fact female dominated ( that require little math). That means, women suck so bad in the workplace that they can’t even dominate in fields in which they physically dominate in numbers. Yet, the men still earn more. Again, why would you hire women? If you love losing money, then go ahead and do so. That’s a flawed business model.

Women suck at basically everything they do; other than having babies, taking care of other women's babies via government daycare and taking men's money. It's amusing that you hear a lot of women say outright today that they are not good a math or can't even make a basic meal at home using items from the produce section. It's hilarious because both cooking and math require you to follow one thing: A formula.

A recipe, in the same way is a formula, too. For women, doing either is just too hard, apparently. Going on their iphones and searching Google for a Squash soup recipe is just too hard. Hell, you can even have someone deliver groceries to your house today with all the fucking apps which have been developed, mainly by men.

The professions with the largest earnings gap are the professions that are most meritocratic. If you don’t understand what meritocratic means, then you shouldn’t be reading this blog and thus should go and play in the corner and call for an adult to help you.

For instance, a Financial Manager isn’t paid by anyone. A Financial Manager’s pay is based on how much money he can attract based on his performance.

So, if you are a good financial manager, more people will invest in the fund that you manage and you get a percentage of the assets under management. Simply, if you are a good fund manager you will make more money. If you’re a bad fund manager you will make less money. That’s how performance based economy should work. Today, though, we don’t have that economy because we instead would rather hire and reward people based on the color of their skin and if they have a wet-hole between their legs. We instead would rather blame men on why women earn less than them.

The fact that the HIGHEST ‘pay gap’ for women is in the realm of Financial Manager should tell you everything about women and men; how men are better with money. There is no ‘patriarchy’ or secret meetings where they decide if men are going to make more than women because the job is purely based on meritocracy. It’s literally put-up or shut-up when you are a fund manager. If your fund performs, you will be rewarded. If your fund performs poorly, you will not be rewarded.

Men DESTROY women at this and they out-perform female fund managers as seen in the above numbers and stats.

Women in this field make 65% that of a man. In a pure meritocracy, men will destroy women. That is why the feminists want to create a society that is the exact opposite because women cannot outright compete against men much like how children can’t compete among adults.

Much how like the U.S Woman's Cup winning soccer team can’t even beat high-school boys at a scrimmage. This is why women REQUIRE gender quotas; because they plane and simply, suck.

Then women go a bitch about the ‘pay gap’. Here is the thing, think about yourself as an investor for a moment. Let’s say they pass a law saying female fund managers should make the same as a man, regardless of performance. That they should just get free money for doing less work and for performing at a lower level than what is required. Let’s say that happens. The only way they could do that, because it is based on assets managed, is they would have to INCREASE the management fees….for a shitty fund.

An under-performing fund was failing in the first place because it was being ran by a woman, and now they are going to increase the management fee so that the woman gets paid more?

What is that going to do to the fund you ask?

Well, every investor is now going to leave that fund because it is:

A) Not performing well.

B) They now have to pay more money in order to make no money.

What a fucking shitty proposal that would be! Let’s pay female fund managers more money because they are losing money! God, you people are so fucking stupid. You should all be beaten, senseless.

Unbelievable. Yet, that’s what the feminists are EXACTLY proposing. Not just with financial manager jobs but really, for all jobs and sectors in which women under-perform men: Pay women more money because they suck and producing money for companies. It’s the fastest way a company can go bankrupt and for an economy to tank into the shitter.

If the management fee is increased, due to feeling bad for women’s infinite ability to suck, then that means money will be coming out of your earnings in order to pay the shitty financial manager her salary so she can go buy shit at the Apple store and take on more credit card debt; which she will then blame on the patriarchy.

Any smart investor would then DUMP that fund for another one that is performing better and has less fees. Then that fund manager[the female fund manager] would be fired and the woman who ran it will probably file a sexual harassment suit or claim she was fired because of 'sexist' policies or some ridiculous bullshit excuse as to why she sucks so fucking much at her job.

Women are incapable of taking any responsibility for their failures.

BlowJobs are Better Than No Jobs

In order to be fair, we should of course look at and summarize what women ARE good at:

Very strange, women seem to be good at washing dishes, buying things in retail, cleaning other people's vehicles (mainly mens), assisting others and taking care of kids!

Stop the presses! Breaking news, Anderson! Hurry, contact Wolf Blitzer in the Situation Room and tell him to put on his best cheap suit!

Also, women seem to out-earn men in the liberal enclave of Hollywood....yet women only make up 7% of directors and producers. Women out-earn men in this field (vast majority of directors and producers are men) because it's easier for women to go and suck-off a Harvey Weinstein on a casting couch and get a raise or a leg-up (or two) in the film world....then years down the road claim sexual assault.

Hollywood, over the years, has employed gender-hiring quotas and its no secret that the culture is on-board with propping up female actresses, female lead films, directors and producers; all of whom are overpaid. Their movies suck and tank at the box office (I.e Ocean's 8, Ghost Busters (remake with all female cast). The Star Wars franchise, after it had been bought out by the now feminist lead Disney Corporation, is a perfect example of how female leaders destroy anything that was great and turn it into dog-shit overnight.

It seems women earned a whole $30 more dollars in the field of 'Dishwashers'. A field in which they should be able to dominate due to their long history of doing such chores. Very sad, indeed. I bet that extra $30 was made by sucking-off the sous-chef while he made the best, gourmet, Fish Gumbo dish for the guests.

This chart, however, doesn't even come close to showing how amazing women are at out-earning men in certain fields of business and it would be a shame if we didn't list what the US Census Bureau neglected. Women are WAY better than men at the following:

  • Cam Girl (prostitution)

  • Prostitute (prostitution)

  • Stripper (prostitution)

  • Living-off a boyfriend/husband (legal prostitution)

  • YouTube TradThot/digital GF (legal prostitution)

  • Incurring Credit card debt (consuming)

  • Incurring Student Loan debt (consuming)

  • Majoring in Worthless degrees (consuming)

  • Receiving Welfare from the Government (consuming)

  • Raising other women's children (-/~ GDP)

  • Raising 'Awareness' (-/~ GDP)

  • Raising Taxes (-GDP)

  • Spending men's money (+/- GDP/consuming)

  • Divorce (-GDP/consuming)

  • Fucking their students/Teacher Sex Scandals (rape)

  • False rape allegations (lying)

  • Attention whoring (worthless)

Solving Stupid For $100, Alex

You can’t solve the earnings gap between the sexes by passing a law or by hiring quotas. All you are going to do as a company is go bankrupt and waste everyone’s time. You will not only bankrupt companies with these stupid hiring polices that increase women’s salary for no reason other than their fee fee’s, you will eventually tank the economy. Then women will be truly oppressed when their rights are taken away and nobody has any money, including the government (other men's money).

Laws of economics always win. If you bankrupt the entire economy to help women’s emotions and feelings, you still run out of money. When that happens, women’s emotions won’t mean jack shit because now everyone is poor and eating out of the garbage bins. Women will then lose all their rights because when society collapses there will be no government.

Feminism is a self-correcting problem. Everyone will be killing each other because there will be no food: All because society wanted to reward women for doing nothing; feeling bad because they aren’t as great as men.

Great Job, everyone!

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