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Nebraska Women's Volleyball Team Set Attendance Record Of 92,000; Now They Just Need To Leak Nudes

Nebraska Women's Volleyball team nudes

Original story at The Guardian

The Nebraska Women's volleyball team sets an attendance record without having to leak nudes, thanks to men in America. You're welcome, ladies! This sport is getting bigger than my cock when I'm watching it.

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In This Episode

  • Just got back from Las Vegas and there is no recession to report.

  • The Women's college volleyball team in Nebraska set an attendance record for several reasons that have nothing to do with 'skill' level.

  • The difference between women's volleyball and other female sports including the WNBA and Women's soccer.

  • The Wisconsin women's volleyball team was the catalyst for this surge in popularity; they dropped nudes for all to see.

  • The Great One, Himself will agree that it's about time that women's college volleyball gets the respect it deserves!

  • If you hate women's volleyball and the fact that I love the sport proves that you are a misogynist and a bigot.

  • Without men, women's volleyball would not be the sport it is today; women can't survive without the support of men.


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