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Oklahoma Teacher, Wife Of Police Chief, Sent A 15 Year Old Nudes & Made-Out With Him

Oklahoma Teacher Emma "Delaney" Hancock

Original Story at DailyMail

  • Married former substitute teacher Emma Delaney Hancock, 26, is accused of kissing and sending nudes to a 15-year-old student.

  • Emma is the daughter of the town's Mayor, and the wife of its police chief.

  • Hancock faces two counts of soliciting sexual conduct or communication with a minor by use of technology.

  • She also faces two counts of lewd or indecent acts to a child under the age of 16.


What is wrong with North American white women?

What is going on with these female teachers?

Why is Emma Hancock fucking fat?

Emma "Delaney" Hancock is the second of a slew of female teacher sluts to be posted in the media this week. In one fucking week!

Lets just forget about the whole sexual abuse thing and sending nudes to a 15 year old for a minute. Did I mention that Emma is fat, or at best slightly overweight? This is a huge problem in America.

Emma is 26-years young and is flirting with diabetes already. Such a disgrace. Where is her dad to knock some sense into her, where is her husband telling her to hit the fucking treadmill an hour every night? Why is Emma turning to sex with a 15-year old boy in a desperate attempt to burn a few calories?

As a female teacher trying to achieve female sex scandal teacher status, this is not a good look for Emma Hancock. It's a good thing Emma didn't fuck that boy, that would've been a true crime.

With that said, I am not surprised that Emma wasn't able to do the deed and get deep-dicked like she probably wanted to. I mean, it's pretty sad when a hormonal 15-year old boy, whose daily habits probably include Fortnite and jerking off, didn't even want to play hide the Zucchini with Emma.

The reason why this story is blowing-up (just like Emma's stomach) in the media is because of who she is, rather, who she is connected too. You would think that if your daddy is the mayor you would at least try to keep a low profile.

I mean, how can Emma do that...she's fat!

Low profile is what doesn't describe Emma. In fact, aside from her big FUPA, her profile is indeed, high. Did I mention that in addition to her being the daughter of the town's mayor, she is also, in fact, the wife of the town's police chief?

Whoa! It's getting a bit nepotistic and institutionally incestious in here!

Is this a cry for help? Is Emma doing this all for attention in order to get daddy to notice her...or for her husband to tend to those deviant needs of hers? Is all that Emma wants is for her hubby to slap some cuffs on those flabby wrists of hers for being a naughty girl?

With all that authority and all that social pull/power, it seems like Emma thought (like most women today) that she could just do whatever and whomever she wanted.

Consequences be damned!

After all, your daddy is the mayor and your husband is licking his boots.

How fair is this legal process going to be?

How is nobody going to get paid off when it comes to the trial?

Why the fuck is Emma borderline overweight at the age of just 26 and now thinks she can just become the best and hottest female sex scandal teacher, ever?!

Sorry Emma, it's not that easy to be Great. You first need to not be fat and you already fucking failed at that.

Secondly, you couldn't get a 15-year old boy to deep-dick you and make you feel young again like you so desperately wanted.

By the way, I am willing to bet that Emma has a 12-pound G-spot. That thing must look like a fucking cheeseburger inside her fat pussy.

Being a sexual abuser and borderline pedophile is one thing, however, being a fat woman...especially at 26-years old is just, disgusting. It's a slap in the face to everyone, including your husband. More importantly, it's fucking disrespectful to my thousands of readers. You want to be the Greatest female sex scandal teacher, huh?

Well, lose the fucking weight first! Take some pride in yourself.

Stop disrespecting the profession of Female Sex Scandal Teacher.

I can already tell that your Report Card is going to be a terrible disappointment, just like your fatness.

Your dad should have told you the word, "No" when you were younger.

Your husband should have told you to put down the fucking brownies and eat a goddamn salad for once and do some yard work or something. Fuck! No make-up in the world is going to hide all those chins.

You have more chins than communist China.

The Report Card


Emma Hancock played the game fast and loose, like the horny cunt she is.

Emma took full advantage of her social status and position within the educational system in order to try and game a 15-year old boy. You see, women need all the help and support in the world in order to do the easiest of getting a 15-year old boy to fuck your pussy. So strong, brave, powerful, bossbabe, independent....couldn't entice a teenage dick to pound you into the next solar system after science class.

How do you think you're going to take on the 'evil' patriarchy if you can't even do that?

Emma couldn't just be a normal white woman from North America and have an affair with a man her age, because lets face it, no men her age would want to fuck Shamu or McDonald's Grimace.

Also, a woman like Emma probably can't be satisfied knowing that her fat pussy must've the widest cavern walls and the deepest darkness ever known to any penis that has ever been inside her.

Throwing a hotdog down a hallway doesn't even begin to sum-up how fat Emma's pussy must be. If you were that 15-year old boy, and you did try to fuck me, it would be akin to dry-humping the air.

Emma apparently began texting the boy around October 2022 in order (at first) to send him a school assignment. Things then took a crazy right angled turn into left field.

After a few weeks, the teen apparently sent Emma a snapchat of him, shirtless.

Hancock responded saying, 'are we sending half naked pictures now?' the teen responding, 'I don't know, are we?' she then allegedly replied, 'Are you trying to get me to lose my job?' the documents say.

So, clearly Emma understood that what they were doing was wrong and if continued further would lead to her losing her job. But, she did it anyway, because women should vote and be able to sign contracts and be CEO in CorporateLand. They are so smart!

Emma clearly couldn't just say "no" and put down her phone. When have women ever put down their phones and not achieved agency and purpose from their sexuality?

The affidavit then said Hancock and the teen began exchanging nude photos and videos of sex acts more frequently. Which later escalated into Hancock and the teen kissing each other on two occasions while in classrooms.

So the teen saw Emma's fat pussy. Horrifying that must've been.

No wonder he only gave her a token make-out and then ratted on her.

Hancock is also accused of touching the teen inappropriately during the second time they kissed, according to the court filing.

By 'touched inappropriately' I think they mean that Emma gave him an over-the-pants handjibber.

So let's recap: Emma went to college, spent thousands of dollars, got married and had a kid, got a career as a teacher, pension, summers off and threw it all away just to kiss a 15-year old boy, masturbate over Snapchat to eventually giving him a slow dance chubby to which she fondled and lightly jerked off over his jeans.

Women are amazing, aren't they? Like totally, guys.

The future is female and women are just so caring and smart, and like totally better people than men! Women should like totally run the world and stuff, there would be no wars and the children would all be safe from pedos and rapists!

Just sloppy work all around, Emma. No passion here. Maybe if you lost some weight you could've been great.



Married with kid(s).

Husband is the town's police chief.

Daddy is the mayor.

Right there we have a solid fucking A+ grade for this category. However, like a typical woman, Emma is going to fuck this up isn't she?

Yep. You see, despite all of that Emma shows a lack of effort and dedication to the cause as an aspiring Female Sex Scandal Teacher.

For starters, Emma is overweight as you all should know by now. The trauma she almost caused to that 15-year old boy's body would've been felony-making for sure.

Not to mention traumatizing as a boy's likely first sex partner. Think of all the work he would've had to do in order for Emma to get her jollies off: She probably would've made him pick up some baking flour at the grocery store in order to find her wet pussy by tossing some over her rolls and GUNT.

Sex should be effortless, however, women put in little to no effort today with regards to making sex great. All you have to do, ladies, is lose the fucking weight and it makes life easier for everyone, including yourselves.

Just look at Emma's grade so far; it's not going too well, huh?

Emma, where is your Instagram and social media presence?

That's another point/mark deducted. Like, do you even want this?

In the words of the band S-Club 7, "Reach for the stars, climb every mountain higher."

Emma sure does need to climb some mountains, I mean, have you seen how fat she is, at 26? What is she going to look like at 30, at 40?

Well, let's be honest, who cares about a woman's looks after then it's almost over and she maybe has like 20 eggs left in the hopper.

The passion is being denied on this one.



Emma Hancock looks like the type of woman you would find at a freeway truck stop, sucking dick for a Redbull and a ride to Vegas. She looks like she enjoys having a finger pushed into her asshole when being fucked doggy-style.

Emma's physical build is very typical of women in Oklahoma: Very boxy with a lot of upper-body weight. Big tits and slight visceral fat from a poor diet and from sitting on the couch all day snapchatting teen boys whilst getting burnt out from masturbating.

Emma also has a lot of tattoos, which is another red flag. She probably does anal.

Feel bad for the husband because in some of the pictures (when they were younger) it looks like Emma was in-shape and didn't go full-feminist retard on him with the whole bull-dyke look.

This is why you must tell your women the word, "No".

No, you need to drop 5 pounds by tomorrow or we are through.

No, you need to lose the weight and maybe I will be able to be attracted enough in order to have amazing sex with you like we use to.

No, you will not have a smartphone and have Snapchat on it so you can send nudes to young boys at school.

No, you will not get tattoos using my credit card in order to look like a fucking slave/peasant like everyone else.

No, men and women are not the same.

No, women are not amazing...they are the oldest teenager in the household.

Oklahoma teacher Emma Hancock

It's a real tragedy of nature that women cannot stay hot a 21 forever.

That's why the retail chain Forever 21 was successful for a while.

It appealed to that insecurity among women. Deep down, they know they will never be able to replicate those golden years from 18-26...pretending is half the fun though.

Emma was kidding herself when she thought she could try and fuck a 15-year old in order to relive what she felt in her youth. She misses seducing Chad; The bro next door.

Her pussy, no matter how old she gets, will never let it go and will always be a fucking nag on her.

teacher Emma Hancock

Lunch Lady Arms...

female teacher Emma Hancock

What the fuck happened, did she get stung by a bee?

Before you even think about doing reverse cowgirl, you have to lose the weight.

Being a woman is so simple, yet, women make it complicated on purpose it seems.

All you have to do as a woman in life (in order to be successful) is this:

Be thin.

Be friendly.

Be feminine.

Yet, women today do the opposite and wonder why they are all miserable, poor, and need head-meds.


Final Comments: Emma "Delaney" Hancock has not met the satisfactory requirements in order to hold and maintain the status of Female Sex Scandal Teacher. Emma, it is pretty simple. You didn't have sex. You are not a true sex scandal teacher. What a disgrace.

You couldn't even do that right. A 15-year old boy didn't even want to use you as a masturbatory aide. This is not the way and is most certainly not the passion we are looking for. Even with all the social status, your dad being the mayor and your husband being the police chief, the boy didn't care. You want to know why? Men and women are not the same. Men do not care about your degree, status or how much money you make. Men all care about whether or not they want to fuck you. Are you fuckable?

As of right now, clearly not.

Could you have been? Absolutely. I see great protentional in you...I could see my penis inside of you..if you lost the fucking weight. However, it's too late. You blew your load already and shot your only shot at the title of Female Sex Scandal Teacher. You only get one, you needed to come big. And you didn't. You didn't cum at all!

Oh well, there is always giving blowjobs at the truck stop.

Overall Grade



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