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Female Teacher, Ashley Thurby-Kolesar, Sent +6500 Texts To A Teen In 4 Months; Possible Sex Scandal

Female Teacher Ashley Thurby-Kolesar

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  • Laurel Highlands School District teacher, Ashley Thurby-Kolesar was arrested after an investigation into a suspected months-long inappropriate relationship with a student.

  • A state police investigation into her alleged relationship with a 17-year-old boy in which they exchanged more than 6,500 text messages from September of last year through January of this year.

  • Ashley also doubles as a travel blogger, foodie and influencer on Instagram.

  • At the center of the investigation is a conversation that Kolesar had with another student.

  • Kolesar also recorded a conversation she had with another student, who is 15, about improving his grade without his consent or knowledge, and then sent it to the 17-year-old.

  • Thurby Kolesar is charged with three third-degree felonies: interception, disclosure or use of wire or electronic communications; distribution of that interception to another individual; and criminal use of a communication facility. As for any sexual misconduct, Bower said the investigation is still active.


Ashley sent over 6,500 text messages to that boy in the span of 4 months.

When we do a little bit of napkin math, that works out to be 50 texts per day!

I don't think I have even sent 6,500 text messages in my entire, fucking, life.

However, that is what women do all day: They go to work to socialize (it's adult daycare for them) and waste institutional money and time, go to Starbucks and Dunkin's; text all day on their phones and complain about how hard life is to their girlfriends and to the guy they want to fuck.

If you are surprised about the Master level of texting this chick did with that 17-year old boy, then you clearly haven't been around a woman born after after 1990 with two available thumbs. If Ashley wasn't already fucking this boy, it sure looks like she was on her way or trying to set things up.

Two Theories: Either Ashley is/was/trying to have sex with this 17-year old, or, the kid is a faggot and he's like her surrogate 'bestie' at school; they eat lunch together and gossip/make fun of other students and their learning disabilities.

"The video shows a 15-year-old student asking her for help because he was concerned with his current grade in her class. That student had no idea she was recording their conversation. She then allegedly sent that video to the 17-year-old student making fun of the 15-year-old."

-Fayette County District Attorney Richard Bower

Ashley is our modern day, female version of Billy Madison.

Making fun of a little boy for trying to read, are you psycho?

Do you not have a soul, Ashley? T-t-t-t-t- today, junior!

It's clear already that Ashley is pure evil and a narcissist who gets her clit tingles from being the center of attention (like all women), but even worse, gets off on making fun of teens that are 16 years younger than her.

The thing is, women never mature (mentally) past high school. So in reality, this is her peer group we are talking about. She is trying to be the 'cool' chick/teacher. Possibly trying to get the 17-year old to fuck her meaty camel-toe and steal him away from her competition (younger girls).

“When we examined the text messages, there is a lot more to it, but it’s interesting, for four months, you have an average of 1,630 text messages between a teacher, Ashley Thurby-Kolesar, and a 17-year-old male student,” Bower said.

6,500 text messages sent to a teen boy in 4 months. Either he is your gay friend at school or you are sucking his cock and getting your pussy filled like a Boston cream donut from Dunkin'.

Ashley Thurby-Kolesar at first glance looks like the type of woman that would definitely let you do anal after two margaritas. Ashley is married which makes this bizarre tale of the unproductive use of disposable thumbs, even more spicy and scandalous.

The Report Card


What we have here is Ashley being a typical Millennial female: A failure to launch.

6,500 texts in four months, and yet, no evidence of semen being unloaded into her pie hole.

No conclusive acts of her going 'above and beyond' for her students afterschool, in her car, at her house, his parents house, or behind the bleachers.

Ashley right now is what we like to call an enigma. We don't really know what her plan was or is here. Is she horny and trying to set-up the big bang? Or is she more aroused by attention and being the center of it? Judging by her social media, it looks like Ashley creams herself when she is in the spotlight.

The question is, why go through all the trouble of ruining your career and marriage with just a mediocre, third degree felony wire-tapping charge when she could've gone for Greatness: Had the G-spot inside her 12 pound pussy smashed by an aspiring 17-year old Chad.

Is he Gay or are you stupid, Ashley? Both?



Ashley is a married teacher who also has an impressive social media presence.

I'd say we are off to a great start.

One college education down the drain and years of wasted time and effort spent on this woman and getting her a 'career'.

The problem here though is that there is no evidence (yet) of her sucking and fucking the 17-year old boy with whom she probably texts more than her husband. Everything is lined-up, but so far Ashley has not gone deep for Greatness. She is so close though. We haven't had a possible FTSS with such a huge social media left wide-open like this before.

It's like Ashley was on all fours for us, arching her back and presenting...waiting to be graded and then degraded.

We here find it really odd that this story isn't getting the coverage it possibly deserves.

It's a journalist's wet-dream: Wife, and teacher that is a micro influencer with a heavy social media presence. What more do you fucking want!?

We have to now consider the possibility that Ashley, with all her connections and family money, are attempting to silence the boy with hush funds if indeed there was some slamming-of-meats going on.

Ashley, either shit or get off the fucking pot. We are losing patience here. You need to deliver or the victim needs to come forward and tell his tale. There is no way you send 6,500 texts in the span of four months and not have something going on...unless he is gay and likes putting sausage down his throat as much as you do.

Making fun of a 15-year old boy for coming to you for help with his studies, that is a new low here. Fucking and de-stressing your male students by draining their bag is one thing, but ridicule for not being able to calculate your body fat % on the chalkboard is just vile and evil.



I know a fat chick when I see one and that’s a fat chick...borderline fit-fat, but I hope

she was teaching trig because she knows all of the angles to hide the fatness.

Those Lunch Lady arms on Ashley are only going to get bigger as the years go on.

She's a shapeshifter. In some pictures she is fine but then it's almost like she begins to morph into Holly Rowe.

Ashley has the typical Western PA, Northern WV, Western MD, Eastern Ohio(IOW, Pittsburgh) build. Somewhat thick but definitely not fat. It's what we around here like to call 'piggy hot'.

Most of the women up there are built like her. It's like all of her fat is dispersed evenly in all the right places making it appear that she isn't as fat as she could look.

Her presentation is all over the place with fit photos, fatness, exercise and trips to Starbucks or Dunkin' with her bestie with whom she runs an adventure blog with(we will get to that in a moment). The great thing about Ashley's presentation is that we do indeed get to see a full catalog: Evening wear, dining wear, bikini at the beach, Western cowgirl, cookie-cutter wife life, yoga pants passion, leggings for days, fit-fluencer and consoomer bossbabe.

At the rate I am finding pics, she probably has at least 6500 (as much as texts) on her Instagram/blog alone.

I think by the end of the photo presentation the Red Island Nation is going to be split on the decision: Whether or not Ashley can be considered a hot female teacher.

The thing is, it looks like Ashley started out great in her mid-twenties, around the time she got married to her husband. Typical. Women always get fat after the wedding cake because they won and feel they don't need to try anymore.

Never get married; always make her feel insecure about losing you. She will stay thin.

They have been married for at least 8 years. In her wedding video/photos, she is of an acceptable size; not fat, not bulimic, but has enough meat on her to make sex enjoyable and to be able to pound her ass into the mattress without snapping her pelvic bone into multiple pieces. Enough cushion for the pushin.

First off, I didn't know Bernie Sanders also moonlights as a minister on weekends.

Ashley et al must've spent all their wedding funds on that video.

As a trained pianist (Royal Conservatory) myself, the piano in the video is well done; Ashley looks amazingly fuckable, too.

However, a couple things:

Did you see the reception hall? Tacky as fuck!

Little to no décor and the DJ setup looks like the one at my high school prom. Please tell me there was at least an open bar! Oh, and those fucking table cloths with the big blue bows? Seriously, even a straight dude could've decorated that place better. Ashley probably spent the other half of the funds traveling with her bestie, going to Starbucks everyday, shopping, and paying for her website/blog fees.

The only good thing about that wedding and video was that Ashley wasn't fat.

What a great day! Too bad it was all downhill from there. It cost her husband 40-60k for his wife to get fat from that day on. What a great investment!

Looking at the wedding pics/video, she wasn't nearly as big up top as she is now. Methinks her poor schlub of a husband paid for the 'chassis upgrade' and she was getting ready to try them out on the open market.

It wouldn't surprise me if after the dust settles on this case that Ashley immediately pivots to an Onlyfans.

But seriously, having a wedding these days is a female narcissist's wet-dream as it is, but, that video was on a whole other level. Who does this shit? It's a fucking wedding for Christ sakes, they happen everyday. You are not special.

It's one day and people spend the equivalent of a new car purchase or a down-payment on a house for it and then get divorced in 7 years. Oh look, Ashley and her husband haven't even been married for the standard 11.3 years (average length until divorce in America) and they are already there!

The comment section in the video is pure comedy gold, by the way.

Let's begin our deep-dive into Ashley and hope we can find where her camel-toe is at.

Teacher Ashley Thurby-Kolesar

Is her face permanently frozen in time? She has the same fucking look in all her pics, it's really bizarre.

That’s another epidemic. “Instagram Face”. “Facebook Face” if older.

Women have taken, “Wait this is my better side” to a ridiculous level. You could just shop their face into multiple locations and parties or landmarks. Every picture is the same.

Same position. Same expression.

By Pittsburgh standards she is skinny.

The poses this woman does in all her pics is so annoying as you will see further. They are poses in order to manipulate the viewers brain; angles that make one look skinner and hides flab.

Ashley Thurby-Kolesar

She is fairly-attractive in these pics, but factually thicc. However, you know you probably would...for sure during high school.

Ashley Thurby-Kolesar

Looks like the type who would gain 200 pounds the day after the wedding.

She is like an old Evinrude that just ran through a bunch of cypress knees.

Looks decent up top, but the lower unit has sustained a lot of damage and may be beyond repair.

A lot of the pics in where she appears to be gaining more weight by the slide, when looking through family Facebook (found the father's), it seems most of her weight gain came after the wedding and flucuated during the early years.

As we move on to more recent photos found on her and her bestie's website/Instagram, we can clearly see an effort has been put forth somewhat.

To get a modest Insta following you need to be somewhat attractive, especially in your 30's as a woman in order to capture a large audience of lurking simps and to also appear somewhat credible with your female viewership so they look-up to you and want to have what you have.

That's how women are.

The reason why Ashley and her bestie have a pretty successful blog is because they appear as just cookie-cutter, normie everyday wife-lifers who travel a ton, shop and eat until they are gorged.

It is the perception that this is attainable to the average woman out there, that they too can have it all. Meanwhile, I am positive that they both come from wealthy parents and husbands who fund their adventures in order to give them something to do other than nag, bitch and moan all day at home.

Mommy bloggers/travelers and influencers are the equivalent of the "Man Cave".

It's husbands giving their girlfriends or wives a space or project in order to shut them the fuck up and leave them alone.

"Real life" lmao.

"BFFs since '99" Yeah, sure. They probably secretly hate each other.

The brand is overdone, but is a good one. I have seen a lot of these "We are best friends since childhood and we have a travel/fashion blog!" in the last few years. It's trending.

The blog/Instagram is typical cookie-cutter wife-life, filled with pics of her traveling and consuming retail goods and services. Essentially, like any other woman, not producing an ounce of actual GDP growth or real production. At the very least all these women do is maybe stimulate growth in consumer spending and credit card debt.

There is a wife/mother in my neighborhood who does this with her "bestie". The brand also has the theme of "freedom" or "living life helmet free" and "you do you" concept to which appeals to a lot of bored housewives whom all desire to escape their melancholy and mediocrity of suburban life. It's FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) on steroids.

It's Americana. It's lust for consumerism and it appeals to women's innate nature of being a net draw on resources.

Simply put, the brand is successful because it appeals to a lot of women's fantasies, more importantly, the myth of the female 'best friend'. Which for 99% of women is illusory and impossible.

Their Instagram is carefully choregraphed with equal amounts of pics between Ashley

and her 'bestie' every week, integrated and separated by inspirational quotes or ironic statements about the lifestyle they are trying to make appealing.

Again, Ashley and Erin probably hate each other underneath it all. Women are only 'friend's' with other women if they know they can get something out of each other, or, out of their relationship.

For these two, someone or both of them, appear to have serious connections to either someone involved with the NFL team in Pittsburgh or in consumer goods.

After scrolling endlessly through the IG, it appears that Ashley is childless (has a dog) but her 'bestie' has two fuck trophies with her husband. Interesting. You will also notice that they spend an inordinate amount of time posting about Dunkin' and Starbucks.

I think we all know by now why Ashley seems to gain weight randomly, or a lot at certain times. She has the fat gene, unlike her bestie.

Trying to get partnerships while flirting with diabetes.

Ashley, you don't actually have to eat or drink that shit. Just stick a finger down your throat like your bestie does in the bathroom when you aren't around!

Women's obsession with coffee is a whole other epidemic.

They think because men drink it at work that it must give them superpowers. The reason why men get shit done and have built everything around you ladies is because of testosterone: The hormone of the Gods. Men also don't go and run "Errands" while on company time or skip work and stay home because they are sad about bloated bellies in Africa.

Women think coffee is in itself, "confidence".

Coffee is more confident than any woman could ever be because it's a bean and it's like

"I'm overvalued at $5.75 and you need me, sis!" If coffee can get women addicted to its irrational self-importance, then you can just imagine how utterly stupid women truly are.

Yes, we get it. When women say anything they are lying.

"I'm a bossbabe and run my own business." No, you are involved in a MLM ponzi scheme selling essential oils and posting pics of tarot cards; you teach yoga part-time for free at the local park and in your backyard.

"I'm running errands all day, I am so busy!" No. You are cheating on your bf/hubby with that guy you always wanted in high school; drinking Starbucks; shopping and trying to craft the perfect IG story from the front seat of the Range Rover your husband bought for you.

"I swear, he's just a friend." No. You are getting your tonsils buttered and taking every inch of his cock; letting him bruise your cervix via the PSI spray from both his nuts.

In-between Starbucks and Dunkin' runs, Ashley must have to spend 12-straight hours at a time on that elitist bicycle to burn off all those Mocha frappe choco dick-a-chinos, with extra pumps of caramel syrup!

Apparently 'What's New' is just really mediocre and what every overweight woman in America does every morning.

It's no wonder why women are poor and have negative money. Consume, consume, and more consumption.

That IT guy created the software for you to waste your life posting moronic and ironic quotes on IG. Why are women poor? Why do women earn less than men and have to constantly be prostitutes their entire life?

No sugar tits, he doesn't hate you. He's just wondering why the company hired you instead of a more qualified person and why he has to do your work too because you can't.

Been going to Aruba since she was little. Tough childhood. I wonder how she got to be so evil, and have no empathy toward a 15-year old boy trying to learn so that he can make something of himself, unlike a woman who just has to show-up and receive things?

It's too bad women can't stay 22 and hot forever.

That's what your husband is suppose to do.

Clearly he didn't and now we have to deal with your shit.

Here are some of the best pics I could scavenge from the 6,500 in her fucking IG.

Like Jesus Christ on a cracker, is that all women do? Yes, of course it is. It's why women can't become CEO or be successful in CorporateLand. They are always "Too busy" and "Running Errands".

Ashley Thurby-Kolesar

She looks like she would suck your soul through your dick, then 'ugly cry' for hours afterwards.

Ashley Thurby-Kolesar

Ashley is fuckable and can be. She just needs to stop trying to get a promotional deal with Starbucks and Dunkin'. Just stop already, ladies. If that is your ultimate goal in life, it's no wonder why you are all fat and povo.

Ashley Thurby-Kolesar Teacher

Prove it. Take your top off already.

Didn't know Ashley was into furries...

Ashley Thurby-Kolesar

Nice inspiring grip you got there. Now, go wide and receive me.

Ashley Thurby-Kolesar

Ashley Thurby-Kolesar

Nice knockers!

Ashley Thurby-Kolesar

A classic. Nothing says white girl IG like the obligatory bathroom selfie.

The door is closed behind her, is someone taking a shit? Boner ruined.

Ashley Thurby-Kolesar

And finally, the pic we were destined for.

Ashley's camel-toe.


Final Notes: Irrespective of Ashley's immaculate social media, commitment to the cause, and keeping access free and open to the public, we unfortunately have to fail Ashley (at this time) for violating and not adhering to the strict code of standards when applying to be a Female Sex Scandal Teacher. The passion can be denied on this one. No blowjays, no tunnel digging on behalf of your text-buddie? Unacceptable.

Due to the lack of physical evidence and there being no current indication of sexual activity (sucks and or fucks), Ashley cannot in good conscience be rewarded for Greatness.

This is truly disappointing, Ashley. Quite frankly, I am actually pretty pissed.

You need to do better.

Your presentation was there, you just lacked delivery and action in your methodology.

It begs the question, did you really want this? Or, did you just want to be a basic bitch, run of the mill, cookie-cutter attention whore like 99% of American women?!

You could've been one of our greatest Female Teacher Sex Scandals, but instead you cooked yourself too long (like that roast you burnt for your husband) and now you are burnt.

At age 33, I don't know how you can recover from this. You only get one glorious shot at the title of Greatest Female Sex Scandal teacher and you fucking blew it! You should've just blown that boy from day one, but no, you had to "run errands" and procrastinate by sending 6,500 fucking text messages like some teen girl who just got her first pussy tingle from Chad the jock.

Amateur hour.

May I suggest Onlyfans? It's the only way to redeem yourself after this fumble.

Knock it off with trying to get a sponsorship deal with Starbucks and Dunkin', keep working out. Set more ambitious goals, you seem better than that! You could've been Great.

Instead, you chose to make fun of another 15-year old boy for trying to read, write and possibly become the next great Female Sex Scandal Teacher blogger after I, or write and publish FIVE novels.

You had it all, the pics, the texts, the integrity was almost there, but your love affair with coffee, food, and trying to get attention from corporate sponsors was more important than fulfilling every 17-year old boy's dream: To have wholesome, yet jackhammering sex with his fairly attractive female teacher; brag to his buddies about it.

Fuck you for almost wasting everybody's time. You have a chance for a re-grade if the authorities are done sifting through the 6,500 goddamn texts you sent and if they find nudies or calls for "Wanna go get Dunkin's and fuck after?"

Overall Grade


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