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Published In PunchRiot Magazine

Excellent news.

My short story, simply titled Tyrone, has been published in the fast growing, hard-hitting magazine known as PunchRiot.

The story,along with all other writing in this mag, is of the highest quality. Tyrone is one of my finest works and is now behind a paywall.

To read the story, along with scores of other works from many talented writers burning their way through the internet, you must not be a bitch and head-on over to PunchRiot.

Subscribe to their magazine and bear witness to excellence, savage fiction and intelligent writing.


About PunchRiot |

PunchRiot is an arena. A coliseum. It’s not a safe space.

It’s that little island a bit too far from the boat but worth swimming to. It’s mental pleasure with a masculine heartbeat.

It’s s an online platform featuring quality writing of all kinds emphasizing the independent and self-published in short fiction, poetry, monologues, singular essays…

It’s a literary journal and collection of writers where the experiential and existential enjoy a warmer reception than experiment for experiment’s sake.

Where “genre fiction”, the creative employment of “formula”, a sense of place and the inventive reign over post-modernism.

It’s where readers bored with empty leftist, academic, establishment writing and “woke culture” can turn for unpopular polemics, where the decent and decadent alike–conveyed with strength and clarity–can meet and mingle as equals. In a word, PunchRiot is independent.

It’s a platform where social media and healthy competition combine to present, encourage, and promote the highest quality writing possible. PunchRiot is the written word.


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