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The Endless Summer Effect: A Modern Woman’s Delusion

With the inception of Tinder and other dating apps, along with social media platforms—couple this with unrestrained female nature [hypergamy]—women are now pushing the envelope of their sexual market value to the very edge.

Facebook, Tinder, OKCupid=self aggrandizement on an epic scale. The ego is so bloated it is in danger of exploding: Narcissism. Myspace, Facebook and Instagram were popularized by women, mainly to promote their pussy to the world and thereby collect the highest bidders. That is all that needs to be understood about how women use these sites. That’s what it’s all about.

When you go through facebook, check out your female friends and look at their ‘friends’ lists. Out of the thousands of ‘friends’ they have you will notice a trend; most of those ‘friends’ are men. The same with followers on Instagram and other platforms. Look at Youtube and all of the Tradcon Thots that are on there. Men showering these women’s patron accounts with money just because they are hot and are telling the men who are watching what they want to hear; even though the advice and content suck or are mediocre at best.

It is in a woman’s nature to do this; to take advantage of her social sexual currency when she is young and hot. However, what women don’t seem to understand, today, is that at some point you need to cash in for the long haul.

Most women today are leaving that financial support responsibility to the government (other men’s tax dollars), some are settling and stop Chad-chasing before the Wall, however, the vast majority are always in search of Tyrone’s Thickness and Chad’s Pint-sized Penis; chasing that quality Vitamin-D at all costs and even when their 40+.

When you are old, wrinkly and your muff becomes the dusty Sahara, who is going to want to pay for that? Who will sign on that dotted line or cash a check towards that? I guess the government, but it’s not going to be a large enough check to support the lavish life-style that you have been afforded during your 20’s; with all the vacations, concerts, condo sprawling, dinners, drinky-poos—all provided by both thirsty Poindexters and Chads alike; all vying for that fresh poon advertised. Usually, only sold to Chad while Poindexter would get the run-around.

Third Wave Hitting The Shoreline

We are now seeing the generation of Third Wave feminist subscribers approaching the Wall very soon or have hit it already—depending on when one was born—and it is plain to see that the delusion is real. That delusion is the Aging American Party-gurl still trying to land a Chad at the age of 35+ when her sexual market value has diminished three fold.

Essentially, a woman who is now market valued at about a 5(-) is still marketing herself as a 7+ thinking she can get a 8 or greater male.

I am calling this: The Endless Summer phenomenon. Women today are playing out what we as young teens did back in the day; when you had no accountability and no sense of reality. Summer never ended, your life was essentially a 7-day weekend. The important thing to note in this psychology is that when you were young you thought summer would never end; that reality would never show its ugly face. However, as we all know, summer has to end. And as a young person, you knew this in the back of your mind but never gave the thought any credence or paid it any attention.

You ignored it.

The thing is, that’s fine and all when you are young; summer is a season and it’s not a big deal if you want to pretend that it will last forever.

However, the “summer” we are referring to here is that of a woman’s biology; specifically her sexual market value which peaks at around 23 and begins a steady and slightly rapid decline starting at around 27 (depending on how much drugs, cock, and partying shes done).

As you should know by now, women’s mating strategies have changed in last 50 years or so. Don’t get confused though, the change I am referring to is slight. Women from the past and present have always wanted to land, fuck, date and get commitment from the top-tier of men. However, a woman’s hypergamy was retrained long ago—before feminism, change in divorce laws, various communication inventions, and before the creation of the welfare-state. For women back in the days before Tinder—with the Candy Store access to a variety of men from all over the world/pick of the litter—women were constrained via their mobility and access to other markets for cock and provisioning.

Before feminism and unrestrained hypergamy, women would normally Looks-Match on the same level along with men. Generally, in a regulated sexual market, it is normal for a woman of 5 value to match with a 5 male; she can also usually be able to punch above to about a 6. Remember, women are always trying to punch up, marry-up. So a woman who is a 7 will seek a male on her level or higher. Now, in today’s market, where hypergamy is unrestrained, you have chicks who are 5 or below, along with the rest of her peers who are 6 and above, all going for the top 20 % of men. This causes an imbalance in the sexual market place.

Think about it, women simply had access just to the men in their city/town for the longest time. And, it was detrimental if the woman should so choose to divorce/cheat or stray from the man she was with. On that note, women didn’t have the luxury to only want to go for the top 20% of guys because they didn’t have the safety nets that they do today—welfare state and access to their own disposable income via careers and jobs. Women can get their own provisioning now through either A) their own careers or B) Big Daddy Government (which is actually not 'their own').

Today, women have the luxury to only want to shop for Chad or the Top-tier men. Plus, with Tinder and other dating apps, women can easily find these men with a quick swipe or click on their computer; it is easier now to monkey-branch and complete the hypergamous need. Communication with these men is easier via cell phones, email, and other chat devices. However, women today are not told or explained (they won’t listen to any reasonable advice from their grandparents it seems or understand the ‘old ways’ and their function) that your “summer” years are few and happen in a very narrow window. This Endless Summer—regardless if it’s the year 1700 or 2018— never changes. A woman’s endless summer starts at around age 18 and lasts until about her early 30’s; then the sun begins to set, rapidly. It's not endless, but to women it seems like it is because like any drug, when you are addicted, you lose all sense of reality.

Scramble The Life Boats!

I am seeing this all around me right now. I am, believe it or not, of the Millennial generation ( I do not identify as one though). Technically though, I am a Millennial. What I am seeing is pretty funny, yet sad. Women my age just absolutely scrambling now to find a guy to marry or, women who should be scrambling but doubling-down on the cock-carousel, riding that thing until the music stops or in some bizarre state-of-mind of just continuously thinking they can do better—even if they are currently with what one would consider a “keeper”. This is what happens when you allow women endless options, when you allow their hypergamy to run wild into the night with no control. They will endlessly bid themselves up like on Ebay until there are no more bids/asks.

The delusion is that summer can continue or will come back later even when she is 40. This is not the case. Once summer sets on a woman’s youth and beauty—which are connected to her fertility and desirability—that’s it. Summer is done, it’s over.

Once The Ship Sails, Be Prepared To Swim

Just this week in the news, the wife of Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan, is divorcing him. She is 37 I believe. What are you doing!? Jenna Dewan is hitting the Wall and believes she can do better…..than Channing Tatum! This is just one, high-profile case and example I am talking about. But you have this sort of thing happening in regular normie relationships; where normal women are leaving Chad…in order to find Christian Grey or a better Chad. Doing this in an environment where there aren’t a lot of Chads to go around is completely foolish and delusional.

Feminism and gynocentrism has completely eroded male masculinity and the job market for men. There are fewer and fewer high-status men to go around these days, yet, women (no matter what their sexual market value) are all trying to get the top-tier, holding out with the top-tier, or fucking the top-tier and still keeping their options open when they should be trying to lock that shit down.

It just goes to show that you can be Channing Tatum (any woman’s ultimate wet-dream) and you are still not good enough. I get that he hasn’t made a movie since the last 22 Jump Street. Not to say that men shouldn’t strive to Looks-Max themselves and be as Chad as possible. However, men should understand that you are still a tool for women and that it’s always just ‘your turn’: Tag-your-it.

A womans 'love': Hitching their cart to the best horse in the village

So what, if Tatum hasn’t made a film since 22 Jump Street ? He is still the ultimate package—Looks, Money, Status. Does Jenna Dewan think, “Oh, Channing, you are SOOO 2015…we are done…I don’t love you anymore”.

It’s amazing to think that this chick (she is easy on the eyes for 37--very rare) could do better now. I mean, you are 37….you are not 27 anymore; plus now you have the reputation of the chick who divorced Tatum.

So when you go after the next up-and-coming male movie start or some other Hollywood stud, he is going to think, “Well, you dumped Tatum…what the fuck are you going to do to me?”


It’s the entitlement, the endless delusion of options that women today have without realizing that choice will run out soon. The Wall doesn’t care about you looking for the next greener pasture. The Wall always comes; it’s like the grim reaper of looks and beauty.

To put it this way, when a woman turns 18 and she is young and beautiful, everything becomes ON SALE for her in the sexual market place. That fire sale lasts for about 12 years and then the big ticket items for her begin to fold back towards retail or come at a premium; eventually they get priced out of the market because the younger and hotter chicks behind them can afford to buy those big ticket items with their sexual currency.

So, ladies, enjoy the sun and the Vitamin-D you will get but just understand that summer has to end and the winter is endless thereafter.

Winter will be coming; instead of Chad, on your wrinkly tits.

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