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Social Media 'Goddess' Syndrome

Women get attention and agency from two things: Their sexuality; victimhood.

Women have been the gatekeepers of sex and relationships since man first recorded time. Any caveman or Mammoth hunter who was considered “creepy” or “awkward” by the standards of 12,000 B.C. would have been sidelined from intimacy with the female gender just as much as they are today.

Let's be honest though, those manginas back then wouldn't have been invited on those hunting excursions with da' boys. They would've stayed back with the women to pick berries and raise the other men's children.

Instead, Chad “Bam Bam” Thunderfuck with his club-sized cock would've always been the caveman with the most notches on the rock face during this bygone era. Both in the context of the number of disheveled cave ladies he fuck around with, and with the number of actual notches on his cave wall.

All of those notches would have been brought about through incidents of manic violence with wild game, or with other cavemen who had double-crossed him or intruded upon his semi-subterranean harem.

Thankfully, Chad-o-sapien isn’t quite as medieval in dishing out this kind of retribution anymore. In fact, he is probably “golf-clapping” a lot of beta-boobs for letting him shoot cum inside their wive's or girlfriend's warm, wet, cunts as part of the emerging cuckoldry craze, and genuinely belly-laughing at their sorry asses behind their backs.

It is this kind of mainstream media endorsed cuckoldry, the overly Left-leaning female vote, ‘hire-females-first’ employment practices, and other offshoots of Third wave feminism, which have given women tremendous economic and social power over all the frustrated beta males of the west. However, just like the Chinese virus, which comes in 'waves' is a paper-tiger.

They[Modern women] pretty much only continue to fall under the spells of the top 5-10% of men (the now clubless Chads) who are generally doe-eyed criminals, psychopathic financial sector Don Draper doppelgangers, or tattooed soccer stars. Only these kinds of wealthy and famous men will “truly” suffice, regardless of their moral standing. Women will write love letters to a child rapist in prison, only if he is 'hawt'.

If Every Woman Is A Goddess, No Woman Can Be As Such

If everything or everyone is amazing, nobody and nothing is amazing.

If every degree is a good degree and we are all going to be millionaires, then being a millionaire would be the anthesis of average.

A woman right now, who is a 5+, could literally Hitler post a picture on Instagram of her taking a shit and I bet there will be people posting, "Amazing, stunning and brave!" in the feed. That is where we are at right now.

Do you fucking get it now or am I making too much sense?

Life is about keeping score on the big board, we use score to keep record of how much we need to be improving. If everyone's score is the same, then there is no point to even trying. Hence, the world that we are living in today in where people believe that they should be rewarded for doing absolution nothing but breathe and exist on the couch all day long.

Being a fat fucking lazy slob is now somehow beautiful? Big is beautiful? Since when was being a walking heart-attack and a drain on the health care system a virtue? Stealing my income through taxation because you want to be a lazy piece-of-shit fuck and be praised for it is not attractive. In fact, my tax dollars should be logically used to exterminate your fat ass so that I have to pay less in taxes.

Not everyone is 'hawt' or 'sexy'.

An estimated 73% million American adults have been classified as either 'obese' or 'overweight'.

Everyone is "amazing"? I don't fucking think so.

It is as simple as that. It is the law of the market. Yet, when you go through the comments on Instagram, everything that women do on there, regardless of integrity, seems to be "Amazing!"

Really? I didn't know that only you, out of billions of other women in the world, could take 2 minutes out of your day to snap a saucy pic in your dirty bathroom. Yet, this is something that seems to be super, duper "Amazing!".

This is not even taking into account the vast scores of fat women snapping pictures of their rolls stuffed into lululemon. No, you are not amazing.

You are fat. Go hit the treadmill and come back to social media when you've dropped 2 bills and earned the right to snap scantily clad pics. Nobody wants to see a landwhale beached in a bikini, trust us, the beaches are already full of them.

I mean, forget producing anything of tangible value, because being just like the 99% of other morons on the planet is good enough to be declared "Amazing!!!!".

You must use more than one exclamation mark so as to really try to convince everyone else. We get it.

With the popularity of Instagram, in addition to the cemented Fempowerment rhetoric in the progressive media, women who are not held sway to the Chads have now become “Goddesses” in the eyes of a huge chunk of that remaining 90% of men. The beta cavemen of 12,000 B.C. had things pretty good by comparison.

It is not just the 7's, 8's, 9's and borderline 10 women who are cashing-in on the currency of attention, but we also have the bottom barrel, fugly-forty and up women pretending to be yoga teachers, essential oil queens, naturopaths, as well as 'goddesses' of the earth.

Yes, we are still waiting on naturopath Karen to heal the earth and to finish her 'journey'. Why is it taking so long, Karen?

What is partly to blame for even semi-attractive women being dubbed/self-proclaimed online goddesses now?

Firstly, human males are far more outwardly horny creatures than their female counterparts. Despite the outlandish claims of the cultural Marxist sect who exclaim that both genders are “equal” in every conceivable fashion, this is an irrefutable fact.

Women are only outwardly horny creatures if the right guy is in front of them.


Six figs, Six feet, Six inches soft.

Panties go down; penis goes in.

If you want to see a woman act as horny as a man, just become like Chad.

In doing so, your world view about women will change drastically.

There is nothing like watching a woman self-strip herself in front of you; tripping over herself, whist trying to peal off her panties in order to grab your cock and put it inside of her as quickly as possible. Seeing her juices drip down her inner leg and thighs while she tries to walk in the afterglow.

It is this insatiable male sex drive that fuels the ‘male-payer, female payee’ prostitution, strip club, bachelor party, escort, and pornography industries that have parabolic demand compared to the heterosexual ‘female payer, male payee’ variety.

In fact, alpha Chad pint-size penis prostitution or escorting services to attractive women is an absurd trope which almost exclusively exists in American television shows like “Hung” or “Satisfaction“. Rare exceptions have existed, but it’s not a reflection of reality in the slightest.

In reality, most non-obese women between ages 18 and 45+ can by and large have sex whenever they want without dropping a dime; they instead just have to show up and drop their panties.

However, what women really wanted all along, after all these years, was not exclusive raw sexual encounters with a Chad, but attention. Receiving attention for a woman is akin to receiving a cock inside her pussy. Both are validation tools and a means to an end: Attention is a woman's life blood. Attention is how a woman knows she exists.

Without it[Attention], women become lost and miserable because they have no agency outside of their sexuality and victimhood. Hence why women 45+ are the most medicated species on the planet.

They are not like men at all. A woman does not possess the many/manly tools that a man does and cannot navigate the world as boldly as he.

A woman's power comes from her vagina and how she uses it as leverage over men.

Woman is a vulnerable creature, hence why they are so passive-aggressive all the time; a hypocritical mess.

And Instagram 'likes' for women are like sex for men.

It’s what they crave the most, and will go to great lengths to get it. It is why social media ruins a lot of women, just like heroin.

It is a dopamine hit similar to what a woman feels when a rock hard, meaty cock endorses her, via punching passed her pink pussy lips. 1000 likes is worth one good cock inside her pussy at a time.

Combine female vanity with the modern epidemic of horny, yet low-energy beta boobs, and calling bikini-clad women “Goddess!” or saying “You’re beautiful!” or the most overused word on the fem-net "Amazing!", Instagram, Tiktok and Onlyfans to be really specific, are the biggest value exchange platforms of the age.

Being on these platforms for women is like being listed on the S&P 500 or the NASDAQ

You Go-Goddess-ism

Male thirst in our ultra lazy, phone-flipping, open-hypergamous environment isn’t the entire culprit.

For years, women have been spoon fed so much Female empowerment and “you go girl-ism!” narratives that they truly are starting to act like they are some kind of divine being. The fact is, there are billions of vaginas on planet earth; women are not unique or special in reality. In fact, if you scroll endlessly on their profiles you will note that all of them state the same shit, like they all rolled-off the suburban assembly line and shipped out to market.

On the other hand, men being told they are Gods would (naturally) be considered “uber toxic masculinity”, or something to that effect.

But, the truth is, most men who have high testosterones are literally Gods.

It is why women envy men and the natural power we posses by being born with the right chromatic sequence. We have the hormone of the Gods: Testosterone.

This hormone is the reason why the world changes so fast every decade. It is the building block of civilization. It is responsible for getting things moved around, shaped, constructed and improved upon.

The fact that our society today tries so hard to shame men and to call men "toxic" is egregious and down right disgusting. Without men, women wouldn't even have apps to whore around on. They wouldn't have the internet. They wouldn't have anything of luxury or comfort.

If women had been in charge, we would all still be living in mud houses, communicating via throwing our feces at one another.

If a woman hasn't landed a husband yet, and is staring a childless second half of her life right down the tube, just inhale some New age mumbo jumbo elixir scriptures/mantras and you are a “goddess” now!

You are now teaching yoga to other fugly, old, miserable spinsters! And you can all try and heal each other and the earth for decades and decades.

A journey that seems to be never ending because the grift must continue or else naturopath Karen will have the bank foreclose on her house and she'd have to start eating her cat's food, not because it is eco-friendly and uber vegan, but for real.

Also, morbid obesity (and general butt ugliness) shouldn't be a barrier to inhaling a heavy dose of that Goddess empowerment either. All women are Goddesses if they want to be, and that’s final. You can be the Goddess of being a fat fugly cunt, but you will be competing with 73% of Americans.

The problem is, the only profitable Goddesses are the ones who are young/fertile, thin and attractive. Competition is still very fierce.

In Closing

The rubicon had been crossed since the early 2010's, and we are forever in this brave new world of 24/7 female attention whoring and beta male thirsting: Tinder, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok, Onlyfans etc.

A raging river of Instagram uploads cannot be stopped by a few rebellious hands sticking their hands in the water to try and stop the flow. There is absolutely no point even trying.

Instead, roll with the punches and separate yourselves from the “Goddess!” thirst trap tsunami as best you can. Lift those weights, avoid those carbs, fuck leg day, learn that game, make those six-figgy piggies, and look but don’t touch comment.

“God Speed”, you savages.


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