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Why Your Female Boss Is A Cunt (Part II)

This series is dedicated to those who've had the displeasure of serving in the modern Reich; working under the 'leadership (lack of) of a modern woman.


Your female boss, we will call her "Karen" (naturally), is still an incompetent cunt. Over the passing months you've noticed her gain an extraordinary amount of weight. How could this be, she's claimed to be part of the Vegan cult?

How could Karen have gotten that GUNT; a FUPA? A modern Girlboss that has taken up the practice of yoga and veganism all in one go! Wow, so unique. It's not like any other modern woman has followed that old trend before!

Management Style

Your female manager's style is akin to that of the great,late, Adolf Hitler.

However, Karen lacks the efficiency and scope of the larger picture that Hitler possessed. Hitler was a loser before he rose to power; Karen is just a loser with power that doesn't know how to take it to the next level of absurdity.

Karen just wants to keep her job and do as little work as possible so that she can go home and sit on her fat-ass; shove pastries into her cock-hole while she cries over spilled Merlot.

Hitler was a man, enough said. He did things, albeit, terrible things.

At least he achieved something fucking grand in scope, even if it was.....terrible.

Karen is a woman. Karen can't even afford a bottle of Scope because she lives pay-check to pay-check due to her horrible lack of financial knowledge.

Hitler had an addiction to killing Jews, and coming up with well detailed schedules for trains and infrastructure... to kill said Jews.

Karen couldn't even write a proper department schedule, even if a Jew's life depended on it.

Hitler mobilized the entire German economy for all-out war.....and killing Jews. Karen can't even mobilize herself out of bed in the morning for work after doing that tiring Yoga class the day before.

Karen is struggling. The Kampf is real.

Give Karen power and she will not dazzle, even if that dazzling came at the cost of 6 million Jew deaths. Hitler was impressive for all the wrong reasons.

So impressive that to this day, people still talk about Hitler. People like Karen try to emulate him or try to call other people by his name, because deep down inside they think if they say his name enough, he will rise again.

Karen, after all, is well versed in superstition.

Heck, Karen lights her incense candle while rubbing her healing crystal as she masturbates to old documentaries about the building of the Wolf's Lair.

Nobody in history remembers a cunt. They do, however, remember assholes.

It's called history for a reason. HIS-STORY, bitch!

All of that infrastructure, planning in advance just to kill Jews. Using the full might of a slave-force to build bunkers that exceed anyone's wildest fantasies in architectural undertakings. Still, it's impressive.

All Karen can do with power is make herself feel better about her shitty life. That's nowhere near trying to take over the world... and killing millions of Jews.

You lose, Karen.

Hitler is better than you, and he is dead.

The gas-lighting and psy-ops that your female boss will pull on you are nothing compared to that of Joseph Goebbels, however, Karen will try her best at being the petty, wannabe, QueenBee that she is.

The problem with your female boss is that she gas-lights herself before she does it to you, by making herself think she is smarter than you.

The problem for your female boss is the fact that she has a vagina; a smaller brain.

Nobody will ever beat Hitler.

Sorry, Karen. You have a vagina.

Karen always proudly proclaims to her new employees (whom are unaware of her sheer incompetence), "There is a method to my madness!" but in actuality she says this to cover-up the fact that she is indeed, mad (crazy) and method-less.

Saying that you are organized, or that you have a method means nothing if you cannot demonstrate it, Karen.

Karen is in an idiot.

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Karen cannot even organize her own life, finances, etc.

So, how can she organize a department, successfully?

Karen wonders why her department keeps falling apart. Maybe it's because she keeps hiring and surrounding herself with other like-minded women (SJWs) who produce nothing but parasitism on the company's time and money.

Some of the men that she has tolerated under her "supervision" have all but left: Either have quit, or foisted out because she didn't like their politics or free speech. The men who still foolishly stick around are treated like how she treats her beta husband: A tool to be used and leveraged to make her workday that much more comfortable for her.

Akin to how Hitler used the Jews for work, then gassed them.

Karen sucks at being like Hitler, she can't even get her slave-force to even work efficiently.

Hitler was better than your female boss.

Karen is her own worst enemy. She is too stupid to know this.

Karen lacks self-awareness; her ego trips her fat-ass every step she takes onto that sales floor.

The problem with Karen's "management style", if you can call it that, is that nobody respects her because her prime directive is to lead from behind.

Hitler never led from behind. He led those Jews to the chambers from cattle car to grave.

Hitler was better than your incompetent, Left-leaning, vegan boss.

Your female boss loves to lead from behind because it's less confrontational, less work and because being accountable is not in her nature.

Hitler killed Jews and tried to take over the world. That's what we call "a love of confrontation".

Your female boss can't concentrate on doing her job because she is too busy trying to sneak away from work to check her iPhone and stay up-to-date on nothing tangibly important.

Hitler put Jews into concentration camps. Concentration was key to his killing Jews.

As a manager, if you want your team to succeed and chase excellence you have to demonstrate this as a leader.

Karen is not about excellence, however.

Karen is all about using her job as a quasi-welfare program:

To pretend to play manager while working like a part-timer; do as little work as possible but get paid as much as she can while piling the work onto as many slaves....ahem...."employees under her supervision".

Hitler didn't play pretend. You can ask the Jews for verification on that.

Instead of being about the work, Karen demonstrates to her subordinates that she is all about making friends at work, gossiping, flapping her gums at nothingness; showing that she is not serious about her role as 'leader'.

Hitler didn't care about making friends....he was too busy making enemies.

When you demonstrate to your team that you are not about the work but are more about slacking-off, yapping with your 'work friends', and just general dick'n around, you are demonstrating your expectations for them: Low.

Hitler's expectations are indisputable. Ambition was HIGH. Just look at how many Jews he killed. I'll give you 6-million pieces of evidence.

Karen lacks ambition, she can't even kill her social media addiction.

Remember, as a leader you are suppose to inspire and demonstrate the behavior you want in your workers by example. But you see, Karen secretly doesn't want her team to be excellent or chase excellence because that would ultimately mean that Karen would have to do some actual work!

Hitler wanted the entire German Army to be excellent. Hugo Boss even made their uniforms. IBM printed the punch cards for the work camps. Hitler was a business man who chased the best in the business.

Karen's work uniform is nothing to look at or be proud of. It stinks of cat-piss, Eggo Waffles and Merlot.

Karen doesn't want to hire anyone who is good or above average, because if she did, her job security might be in jeopardy.

Why? Well, if Karen was indeed the best in her field then she would have no problem with competition or even making sure her workers strived to be just as good as her.

Hitler was the best in his class (not in art school). Who else killed 6 million Jews? Exactly. Niche category.

However, Karen sucks huge labia lips at her we can't have anyone being better than her. Being better than Karen would be super easy. All one would have to do is their job, and demonstrate even a modicum of excellence.

If you are a male worker under the dictatorship of Karen, rest assured that you will be used and abused, eventually. If you don't kiss her ass or listen to her stupid stories about her mundane life involving her fur-babies and yoga, she will take it personally, instead of just understanding that you, a worker, are about the work.

She will cut your hours or try to get you fired.

At least Hitler ordered that you (a Jew) cut your hair to prevent the spread of lice. He didn't cut your'd work many, many, long hours before he burned (fired) you.

Remember, the workplace for Karen is meant to be fun. It's where she makes friends; feed her ego and massage her need for attention that she doesn't get from her husband and the real friends that she doesn't have.

Hitler's workplace wasn't fun.....there were still too many Jews around.

If she finds out that you are not an ally, a SJW or agree with the Leftist mindset of parasitism, then know that you've just hurt her fee-fees and you will pay deary.

At least with Hitler you knew where you stood with him at all times.

Karen will cut your hours even more; try to get you fired.

Karen, like all women, come into the workplace not to work but to mold it toward the feminine: Comfortable; a safe-space. The workplace is at the core, male. Karen and modern women try to jam their paradigm into that piece like how two lesbians fuck: It just doesn't work.

Women belong at home; men belong at work. Penis goes into vagina.

When penis goes into vagina, something is produced. Progress, procreation and production. When you have the workplace full of vagina you will get a vagina-centric workplace/world. If everyone thus has a vagina then you get no production, progress or procreation. All you get is a bunch of vaginas grinding against each other.

Don't piss off Karen, because Karen gets emotional about any little thing. When Karen gets emotion she will do things that make her department run even more inefficiently. For instance, she will fire or alienate her most valuable workers just because they think differently or, again, are better than her.

Just like Hitler, Karen will make a scapegoat out of you. She fucked up? No problem, lets just blame someone else for all of the department's failures!

Karen will make sure she drums up a nice office smear campaign against you so that she can play the victim and seem like the good person.

Karen forgets that the buck stops with her and that all of the department's problems are the result of her poor leadership and direction. Remember, your department workers are only as good as how you've trained them, directed them, and inspired them.

Hitler's henchmen were well trained and were inspired greatly. How do we know this? 6 million Jews, that's how.

Karen doesn't inspire much in her workplace, she can't even inspire herself in her own personal life. Karen can't even aspire to lose a bit of weight, not just for everyone around her, but even for her poor husband who has to look at her fat-ass more hours of the week than her co-workers.


Just like the inside of someones car, how a person takes care of their overall health and life is a good measure of how they will be able to control and manage other people.

From 1941-1944, if you had looked inside one of Hitler's concentration camps, particularly the ovens, you will have noticed that the Jews had been taken care of. Managed, efficiently.

Karen can't manage other people; she can't even manage her own self, properly.

If your fat-ass female boss can't control what she puts inside her mouth how is she suppose to control her department? If she can't manage her weight, how is she suppose to manage you?

Karen loves food and sweets more than she loves her husband, more than she loves her job. Karen hates her job or what she does because its a means to an end, just like her addiction to unhealthy foods. Karen is fat because she is eating her feelings.

You can be vegan, but know that if you don't eat meat you are starving your body of essential amino acids. You will feel hungry all the time as a vegan because the fad is just that: Bullshit.

Like Karen, Adolf Hitler was also a vegetarian/vegan. Hitler was also a national socialist. Karen, if she had the chance, would suck and fuck Adolf Hitler's small cock just to get a taste of his brilliance.

Karen is vegan, not because she thinks it's healthy, but because it's a way for her to virtue-signal!

Karen is starving while being 'vegan'...she'll eat a lot of muffins or carbo-load because her body is starved of sustenance.

It's OK to eat like a normal person, Karen.

You just have to control your portions and do a little thing called: Work-out.

Hitler was hungry, but instead of stuffing muffins and baked goods down his throat, he instead stuffed Jews into ovens...and baked them.

But again, that would be too hard for a Karen. Karen would rather have the silver bullet diet or virtue-signal all at once!

Karen eats unhealthy (on the side) because she is miserable.

Years ago, Karen would comment on other females passing by, criticizing how flat their asses were, or how overweight someone was.

"Boy, glad I still have perky-tits and don't look like Grimace."

Fast forward, Karen doesn't have perky-tits anymore and now has a GUNT just like those women she mocked before.

Karen has hit the Wall as expected. The Wall always wins and is undefeated.

It's funny how ever since Karen went vegan, and started doing Yoga that she has gained an extraordinary amount of weight in such short time. That's because the vegan diet doesn't work and because Yoga is not real exercise. Or, Karen is cheating. Either way, Karen is fooling herself.

What it all comes down to is that your female boss worships laziness instead of excellence.

Hitler, unlike Karen, wasn't lazy.

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