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The Vegas Files (Entry One)


Going to Las Vegas started out as a new experience, a place never traveled. What started out as a one-off has now turned into something more of a ritual, a calling; something that has to happen once, or in some cases, twice a year. You can call it the 'Vegas bug,' or an itch that needs to be scratched, whatever term or likeness you want to use. It's more than that. It's bigger than this. Vegas is a last bastion of everything that calls to us as freedom lovers and as individuals who just want the world to be sane again.

The city of sin is the last stand of true freedom. Modern Frontier law at it's finest; where you can do pretty much anything, get away with it, and nobody cares. That is the whole point.


You can smoke, drink, fuck and use your money however you Goddamn please; without someone telling you what your wallet is for (i.e IKEA furniture, new bath towels, other stupid shit). You can drink anywhere you want, 24/7. It's Disney World for adults, on steroids. Vegas is not for Ma and Pa snapfuck from Idaho who only get out of the house once every thirty years; its for the fast, the life-lovers and the uninhibited. Vegas is no place to push a stroller, unless you're a beaten dog. Vegas is a place for those who can burn money, because they earned the right and privilege to so.Your hotel room is just a space to park your ass for a few winks of shut-eye until you do it all again the next day--because here you realize how precious time is. Vegas brings back the realization of how precious life is when you have freedom. Back beyond the desert bowl and out of the mecca, you do not realize this.

Your town or city contains you. Your "job" restricts you. The needless obligations you signed up for; because somebody else convinced you it was for your own good. Is this your American dream? Who has my best interests at heart? Who are these people telling you what you should and should not do with your time, money and sanity.

At one point in time America used to be Vegas; it was messy but it was freedom. Vegas is still somehow immune to all the global agenda's taking place: the agenda of sucking the fun out of life. Vegas is a true microcosm of American society, the real one. The one that is honest with it's self. The one that doesn't hide behind false virtues, and moral crusades that end up destroying everyhting further. The one that is not ashamed to call it what it is. The one that understands human beings and what they desire, what they TRULY desire. This is the reason why Vegas keeps getting bigger and why people keep packing their bags every chance they get to fly and drive into the dust-bowl.

I'd rather give my money to Vegas because they are the professionals when it comes to life and what it means to chill-the-fuck-out and have a good time. We only get one dance in the sun, so why waste that dance in a place that doesn't allow any dancing?

Vegas is the last sunny stage, the last dance hall for people who get it.

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