The Curse & Blessings of Being Highly Intelligent

If you follow this blog (and others like it)--we don't discuss things like "How to Take the Perfect Selfie," or "What Dildo did Kim Kardashian Buy off Amazon Last Night?,"--then you are already considered above average. Congrats. If you can recognize how worthless people like Kim Kardashian are, then you, my friend, are doing just fine.

The curse that people like us have in life is that we have to endure the rest of the population on a daily, fucking, basis: The Normies. Or the "Walkers" as I like to call them. The people who fall through sewers while staring at their iPhones. The people that wear pajamas to the grocery store because they don't have to get up,ever, due to having a 7-day weekend because Big Daddy government lets them. The people that add nothing to GDP, yet demand I pay more in taxes so that they can go out and get another tattoo and not feed their twenty kids that they couldn't afford to have in the first place; which I also have to pay for. It's something that has frustrated myself and others like me ever since elementary school.

I was always bored in school, hated my inept teachers, and thought that most of what I was "learning" was worthless. It turns out, I was correct. I never gave myself any credit back then because when a kid goes against the grain (against the status quo) you are up against 80% of the herd. When you go against the herd, you essentially, scare the living shit out of them.Because, to them, you are a threat to their world view; especially if they know deep down inside that you are correct, but just don't want to admit the fact.

Society and educational institutions cater to the average, the normies. It is not a suitable place for the higher achieving, more creative thinkers. It is an artificial environment that won't last for the ones who "succeed" in it. If you are "succeeding" in school it just means that you are a good little conformist, who will transfer that ass sucking and cock-kissing to the corporate world where you will get by on prostituting your soul and character for a measly capped salary; to which you will probably use foolishly byway of spending it on shit you don't need--shit that society (which caters to normies) told you to spend it on. The funny thing to see is that once these idiots get out into the real world they fuck up in such a colossal way that it makes for great entertainment, which is free! Facebook is the best show out there.

People like us, the highly effective, we start businesses. Since 2015, when I began my writing career, I now employ +4 people annually (plus editors). That's a small example of how an economy should grow. New jobs come from innovation and people being creative whilst coming up with new ideas. I am doing this all through, what can be called, the crappiest economic environment Canada has seen in a long time. We barely have 1.5% (inconsistent) GDP growth. You might as well stick a fork in it! Such a piece-of-shit.

People like us, we invest our money. Since I started investing and trading full-time on-top of writing I am now 35% of the way towards having what I need for a retirement nest egg ( I am not even 30 yet). We take 25% or more from our salaries and tuck it away into investments in order to pave the way for future sustainability. We are forward thinkers and do not YOLO. YOLO'ing is for the sheeple. Don't get me wrong, I go to Vegas and Florida(Vegas 1-2 times and Florida once) every year. You just have to YOLO effectively. Instant gratification and not delaying gratification is a problem for normies. It is why they are poor, because of their rash decision making skills (lack of thinking skills). Always pulling the trigger, never counting how many bullets are left in the clip. When they run out of bullets, they then blame the gun maker for not making the clip big enough. No, you just suck hard at shooting, accurately! Make your bullets (money) count! Go for head-shots, nothing less.

Time is the greatest culler of fat in our society. Eventually, time will reveal who was better all along. The people who were cool, popular, or the "best" in high school/college, most of them have already fucked up ( in such a great way) in the real world by age 30 since they were under the false impression that they were somehow "special" because their teachers said so, those guys at parties said so. You are not "special" or unique until you have ACCOMPLISHED SOMETHING OF UNIQUE VALUE. The real world doesn't care that you were a has-been in an environment that celebrates novelty. The real world cares about production, GDP, growth, numbers, maths etc. It doesn't care that you can kick a ball into a net, shoot a piece of rubber between two pipes, suck off the whole football team in one evening, know which pair of Uggs goes well with these leggings.

If you have such a disdain for normies, like I do, you might want to check out my book Uncle Nick. Now, If you think I am being too hard on the willfully stupid, utterly hopeless and ignorant populace, then you, my friend, are in for a hilarious treat!

Uncle Nick champions those who deserve it, and scorns those who need it the most. It's not a book for normies. It's well-deserved entertainment for those who get it. It's my gift to the smart people, because society today doesn't create a lot of content people with high IQ's; its too busy making the dumb even more colossally stupid.

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