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1-Minute Mysteries: Epidemic of Average Women Who Think They're Hot

November 23,2017

Det. Richard "Dick" D'Obvious

Case File: Epidemic Of Average Women Thinking They're Hot

Location: North America

It's not easy being a Private Dick these days, but somebody out there, in this crazy fucked up world, will always need men like me. Men who have balls, and the rare skill of solving modern mysteries, with common sense.

A concerned citizen sent me this over the wire:

"Why do so many average gals/fuglies today think their hot shit?"

Well, kid,it's facebook's fault. The young girls constantly tell each other how beautiful they are, every single time they post a selfie, and end up believing it. Also, the young lads, who are thirsty for the skirt, will "like" these photos, enmasse, further boosting our subjects delusions and ego.

Case Closed


Det. Richard D'Obvious

Private Investigator

Red Island Investigations Unit

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