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Where Have All The Christian Grey's Gone?

The song Where Have All the Cowboys Gone by Paula Cole should be the unofficial anthem of the modern feminist and women alike today. Usually bemoaned, mainly, by women who are hitting The Wall, or who are about to. The whining is reaching fever pitch these days as more and more men are leaving CorporateLand and are ghosting society in plain sight. More men each and every day are waking up, realizing what a sham the modern day rat-race is, and why a minimalist lifestyle and a rebel cause reigns supreme over conforming with the gynocentric tribe—a tribe in which will eventually cannibalize itself and die a most excruciating death. Detroit, everywhere.

The reasons why there are no more, or very few “Good men”—aka men with money and a coke-can cock— will be outlined below, in great detail, so that even the dumbest retard in class, this side of the "duhh" farm, can understand that it is the ironic fault of feminism, itself.

Why Do Women Join CorporateLand?

Now, it is by no means a mystery as to why most women today get worthless degrees, attend college, and go into job fields where, supposedly, men are (i.e CorporateLand).

Most women are not there to work, or to do the best job, they are there looking for a husband—i.e The MRS Degree. Not true? Well, in an article titled The Upside of Office Flirtation, a woman actually confesses that this was the reason why she went to work. Here we have a woman who explicitly outlines that she went to work, everyday, to flirt and to find a husband at the office. She is not an outlier, she actually represents the majority of cases, and you can see this with your own eyes if you have ever worked at ANY job with female co-workers, especially in corporate jobs where men make bank.

This woman flirted with her co-workers, she flirted with her boss, her boss reciprocated, and they eventually had an office romance, to then get married. Now, think of the double-standard in all of this. If men, or a man’s, sole purpose of joining the workforce was to find a wife, to flirt at the office, to fuck his female boss, he would be labeled a creep, a misogynist, a pervert. Yet, women do this all the time and its fine. It’s not “creepy”. She fucks her boss, the boss has to get transferred, they get married, whatever. If anything, she gets a slap on the wrist or a scorned looked from other female co-workers...who are trying to do the same.

Imagine if a man wrote the above article, expressing his deepest dark secret of only gaining entry into the workforce so that he can go and find some chick to bang, to wife-up. It’s laughable and would be met with fire and fiery.

Now, in the TLTR version of the above mentioned article, the woman in question basically states and knows that, in the #MeToo era, this door will be eventually closed to women; the revolving door of fucking the boss/supervisor, getting promoted, getting cash and prizes. And I must say, I agree with her and commend her for seeing reality. Yes, that is what is happening now and will keep happening going forward in this bizarre world we now have, in where basic flirting is now considered sexual assault.

The reason why women get certain degrees, to work in certain fields, is to find a husband. Take IT for example, or Tech, medicine. They don’t want to work in a demanding field, for thirty fucking years and retire. They want to go there, flirt with their co-workers, supervisors, men who rank higher in pay and earn more, to find a fucking husband. It’s because its easier to do that than to work a job for thirty fucking years, and we all know from observable reality, that women love taking the path of least resistance.

Women, today in the working world—when they are trying to hook a husband—also lie to men.

The Earnings Gap

This is a pro-tip, gentleman: When you are dating a chick she will lie to you and say something like, “Oh, well, we both make the same amount of money….so I won’t even need your money…so why don’t we get married?” As soon as kids show up or enter into the equation, she is going to want to quit her job. Guess who is going to be footing the bill? So, you cannot impute her income into your overall family income, because it won’t be there, because she won’t be working anymore.

And don’t think for a second that when after the kids are all grown up and have moved out that she is going to go back to work. Don’t be a moron. If you think that, then you don’t understand women. She is either going to do one of two things: Divorce your ass and collect alimony (Vaginamony: Payment for Prior use of a Vagina) or demand she stay at home because she’s “earned” it from all those years of “slaving” (even though modern technology has made housework the easiest and fastest chore it has ever been).

All throughout this, she is going to still expect you to provide and maintain the lifestyle that she has been accustomed to, even though you both are on one salary now. So, if before the marriage and kids she is making six figures and you’re making six figures, she is going to want to stay at home with the kids and she is going to expect you to make 200k annually, because that is the lifestyle she is used to. And then she is going to eventually blame you for being at work all the time and not spending time with her, earning all this money that she demands from you.

It’s bullshit, but guys fall for this Game ALL the time because they want to get their dick moisturized, not realizing how much it is all going to cost them, and that it would be much cheaper if you just became Chad (bang the housewives and sloots) instead of playing the beta Game. When your wife or your “girl” gets pregnant, she is going to give you “the talk” and the dupe husband will tell his friends, “We decided it would be best if she stayed home and I work two jobs…” Two jobs to support her fucking ass while she shops all day long online, maybe does a load of laundry—which takes maybe 30 min—and then spends the rest of the afternoon diddling herself in front of the TV watching soap operas.

The Game is Over, Do Not Pass Go & Collect $200k+

Now, in the #MeToo era, women can’t do this anymore. They can’t go to work, trying to find a husband and looking for Christian Grey in the office to make a move on her, to maybe suck his dick after hours while Maria the janitor is in the other room, overhearing the moan fest and the wet slapping sounds of balls to beaver that is emanating from the boss’ C-Suite. Why? Well, it’s because firstly, men are checking out of the workforce in droves because it is now too risky to work with women—they are all pursuing excellence in their own independent business pursuits. Secondly, if they are still in the rat-race and in CorporateLand, they are limiting their interactions with women in the office in order to avoid a fucking lawsuit or sexual harassment charge.

Men respond to incentives and they sure as hell respond accordingly to environmental changes. Where it is not in their best interests, they will not be visible or available. Men can adapt 100x more easily than women can and have no problem going off the reservation by going their own way and making money solo because they have the skills and intellect. Women, on the other hand, have a much harder time being independent and finding ways to earn money without having the field already pre-plowed for them or having a system all ready set in place (i.e any job out there). Earning your own paycheck is hard, having to show up at a job and have someone pay you for being their bitch is easy.

With all that said, feminism is self-defeating and is also a self-correcting problem. These women today want to accuse men of rape so that they can take their jobs and move into their positions of power. It’s really annoying how fucking stupid feminism is. They take these mens jobs, drive them out of industries, and take their earning opportunities away, and then these women get to these industries “I am now a hard charging female CEO…yay…I am making good money…now it’s time to find my Chad…my Christian Grey..” Then they look around the office and all that is there is OTHER WOMEN. All these women had destroyed these mens lives, taken their jobs, and they’re now at the top of the pyramid, looking down only to see that there are no high-status men there that they want. YOU TOOK THE STATUS AWAY FROM THEM. HOW STUPID ARE YOU! It’s unbelievable how simple this all is.

A woman’s hypergamous instincts dictate to her that she needs to breed and find the best male she can be allotted ( the highest value male her beauty and youth can afford her) yet, feminism has destroyed men and their ability to become Christian Grey. How retarded is that? How can women not see this? It’s because their stupid, because even the biggest drooling retard could figure this shit out, yet, here we are having to explain this shit because they still keep asking the question, “Why can’t I find a Good man”, “Where have all the good men gone”.

Like, fuck. You’re stupid. I’m sorry. Maybe, I dunno, stop forcing men out of the workforce? Stop disincentivizing men? Men don’t have to earn six figures; they can live comfortably on almost nothing. The only reason why men would want to make six figures, or have to, is to support a large family. Feminism killed that. You’re welcome. Good luck trying to get Chad or Mr. Grey to shoot his spunk down your punched out, beef patty, when the time comes; when your clock is screaming at you and your womb and ovaries are quickly approaching Detroit territory; with stray dogs walking around in there, and a homeless man trying to light a dumpster fire to try and warm that thing back up.

Why Do You Have 5 Dildos & A Bullet Vibe Vs. Christian's Pillar's Plunger?

Where is Christian Grey? Where are all the Chads? "Why do I have to diddle to General Hospital at 4pm while my 12 cats piss all over my apartment?" You got them fired! That's why. Now, you can all just lick each other’s clams in the office all day long, and play make-believe with strap-ons. One can be Christian Grey and the other can be Ms Steal. Sounds lovely. You drove them away. All the Christian Grey’s took their companies and themselves overseas, to avoid the stupidity of the Western corporate world. They are living on islands now, away from the crazy. They became entrepreneurs and now work for themselves—which is a way better living, to be honest. It’s why I wrote the book CorporateLand and it is covered in great detail as to why you should just avoid it all together.

CorproateLand is a sinking ship; women can have it and run it into the ground. Doesn’t matter, men will be fine. We don’t need it because we can just build something else. It’s like with everything good, once you let women into a male space, they will eventually ruin or destroy that space because emotional thinking does not jive with a system, an environment, that is suppose to run on logic, reason, business. There shouldn’t be any emotion involved in business, that’s how you lose money and efficiency.

All I can say is have fun trying to find Chad and Christian Grey because there are so few of them today. And if you do find them, they won’t be going after some hard-charging feminist who has hit the Wall hard at full speed.

Salty tears are in the future, crying over Christian’s Pepsi-can penis; the one who got away because you let him.

God I love my job.

Boom. Beer me.

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