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Why You Will Never Be Rich

One of the main reasons why Wayne Gretsky was so great—and he even said this too—was because he never went where the puck was, but where he thought it was going to be.

Wayne didn’t follow the herd; he followed his own shadow on the ice. Wayne did Wayne. He played HIS OWN game within the Game. Wayne Gretsky is a perfect example of how to become great at life, and at anything you do within its confines.

When it comes down to it, there are three things out there, that if you do them, you can almost guarantee that you will never, get rich, or become wealthy. Now, this is not from just my personal experience, but it is also from observable reality and from seeing the countless mistakes and examples from the people around me; friends, family, co-workers, the general public. And you are probably wondering, “What does a 29-year old, successful author know about life?”Well, a lot, because I didn’t get to where I am today from not knowing a thing or two about men, women, money and the human condition.

Time Equaling Money

The first mistake that most people do is ONLY working for every dollar they earn as a form of income. This method of attaining money is what we call ACTIVE income and cannot grow over time, but can only be spent or, perhaps, saved and put into a war chest for safe keeping. Banks today pay pure shit when it comes to interest on savings, so your money is pretty much collecting dust like a 40-year old’s pussy. At this point, your time equals your money. When you are just a 40 hr work week, suburban soccer-dad, you are not going to be getting far, because that time you are spending is equaling the money you get' which will have to eventually go to the kids, the wife, and all the demands she will make and hang over your head via threat of divorce or leaving you for Chad or DeShawn (She will eventually anyways, statistically speaking).

You need to get your money to work FOR YOU. This is what is called PASSIVE INCOME in which the money you have earned and made ACTIVELY has now been put towards some sort of dividend paying investment; whether it is in stocks, a business, or some other revenue generating stream that pays you a royalty.

Keeping Up With the Normies

The second big mistake that most people do in becoming experts at their own poverty and stagnation, is trying to keep up with other normies; the Jones’, the DeShawns’, the McThadeus’. Stop it! When you chase average people, you will only get average results. Stop chasing normal. Chasing what other consumers do is a time and money sink that will net you back nothing, or even worse, a lot of debt and regret. Looking at what your friends have, your other family members is a recipe for contracting Normie Syndrome; in where you spend the rest of your life in the rat-race, trapped by the prison of your own making with all the other rats.

Just because your friend Tracy had a kid, doesn’t mean you should; just because you feel like everyone around you is getting knocked up, married and hitched, does not mean that is the best course of action in today’s society. In fact, having kids today is a horrible investment decision compared to the days when society was agriculturally based, where the more children you had meant that the family farm would survive and you would get more production. Also, the reason why people needed to have more children back then was because life expectancy was so low.

Today, pumping out kid after kid you can’t afford, going on welfare because you let Chad pump and dump you, because “It just happened”, is such a stupid decision if you are not prepared to raise that child properly. Now we have the highest rate of single-parent households and because of that, we have tons of maladjusted, promiscuous females, carjackers and future prisoners that the tax base has to deal with and waste resources on.

So, following the herd breeds more of the same: More poverty, more strife, and more misery. The average kid costs around, minimum, $250,000 dollars to raise by the time they turn 18—and that’s only if you don’t buy them every fucking iPhone or iPad that comes out, spoil them with shit they don’t need, and make them pay for college and other living expenses after 18. Have fun! You will pretty much be working until you’re dead.

People who buy “Nice” houses are also, fucking stupid. People who buy shit and do things because they think that is what is expected of them. They look around at their friends, family or co-workers and see that they have a new Land Rover, a new DODGE TRUCK, a new big house with a fancy mail slot that sucks your dick when you arrive home from the work day. They say to themselves, “Oh gee, I better do the exact same thing, or people will judge me.” Boo. Fucking. Hoo. Do you want to be average? Do you care what other people think of you? Why would you care about what Ned Flanders, your next door mint-green button down, khaki wearing dupe thinks of you? Why would you care about what his wife, Stacy, who has big fake fucking tits, who sucks off Tyrone the UPS driver—and gets him to blast her beaver with a soul train when hubby is out of town on business—thinks of you?

If you are a zero-fucks guy, then you shouldn’t care; because you first have to give-a-fuck in order to care about anything.

There is a term for when normies go out a buy and build a new house: It’s called being House Broke.

Everything on the surface looks and screams RICH but if you would look in the majority of these people’s bank accounts, they are either in extreme debt or are living paycheck to paycheck; because ALL of their money is being sunk into the house, the car, the kids, the wife, holidays, etc. All to keep up the APPEARANCE of being wealthy. Yet, the minimalist next door who lives in a modest apartment or home, drives a older model car, has passive income, no kids, no wife, has more money than the whole fucking neighborhood. That guy is Chad. That guy is the one who will be fucking Stacy when Bob is out of town, buttering her tits and turning her stomach into a homemade toaster strudel.

Chad is cool, he has the freedom to do what he wants, when he wants. He doesn’t work 40hrs a week like everyone else. He has been places, has cool stories. He is the most interesting man at every holiday party, every wedding, and every gathering. Chad doesn’t give a fuck. He works his own hours because he can. He has investments, he has his own business. He has HIS OWN life. Not the life of others.

Hard Vs. Easy

Although, guys like Nick and Chad worked hard to get where they are. They didn’t do what was easy; which is what the vast majority of people do. Building a business and passive income is HARD. Getting a cubicle job and being a slave is EASY. Knocking a chick up takes maybe 5 min or less, that’s EASY. Spitting out kids and going on welfare is EASY. Relying and depending on other people’s money is EASY. Being a normie is EASY. You can hate Nick or Chad for being amazing, stealing your wife or girlfriend at dinner parties for a quick-fuck upstairs in the spare bedroom, but ultimately who’s fault is it for not being better? Who’s fault is it for causing your wife or girlfriend to get hot Gina Tingles over Nick or Chad? Certainly, it is not the fault of Bob—with his tanned khakis and dinner talks of how there was a major paper-jam today up in payroll and accounts receivables.

Bob spent his time always working to get money. Whereas Chad or Nick has more free time to pursue adventure and WORK on himself; which ultimately will make you a more rounded and interesting person to be around.

If you always take the path of LEAST RESISTANCE, you will never become rich monetarily or rich in personality. It takes the courage to go contra to the herd because that is where the best opportunities are found. There is little to no LUCK in becoming these things. If anything TIMING can be a big factor, but ultimately, thinking or believing that “luck” has something to do with becoming rich is how normies view the world. Normies look at the world as if it is happening to them; instead of thinking that they are what is happening to the world. Take ACTION instead of being REACTIVE to what the world is doing.

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