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The Super Normie Bowl: Why The NFL Is Dying

As you probably already know, NFL ratings are at historic lows; thanks to normie progressive culture infecting the space; players taking knees, grasping beyond what they are being paid for, and being whiny bitches over shit they don't understand. If you want to be in politics, go and fucking be in politics. The flag of your country has nothing to do with your stupidity and disgracing the anthem and flag because of your emotionally based politics, is just pathetic.

Long, long ago, football used to be about just that, football. There were no politics involved and there was no room for being a bitch. While some are watching tonight, the great big Super Normie Bowl (which is boring as fuck by the way), I am here writing this post and waiting for 2020. Why? Well, the XFL is going to be making a come back in a big way. Perfect timing, I might add. The only thing about tonight's broadcast that was worth watching was Natasha Staniszewski say some shit and look hella fine doing it.

The XFL first launched back in 2001. The XFL was a professional American football league that played its only season in 2001. As originally conceived, the XFL was operated as a joint venture between the World Wrestling Federation and NBC. It failed mainly due to poor timing and critical reception. I understand why it failed the first time. However, now with the NFL falling by the wayside, due to being corrupted by gynocentric and PC politics, there is now a gap and void that needs to be filled for America.

Unlike the NFL in its current state, the XFL will not yield and pander to political correctness. It will, as needed, adhere to reality and what football fans truly want: Fast play and action on the field, and big fucking tits on their cheerleaders. Guys want to be guys and they want to drink beer, see a bunch of dudes almost kill each other, and chicks that are so hot it will make your hot-dog spurt out of it's bun.

It wont be long before the NFL does what Formula 1 just announced: banning scantily clad grid girls. Instead of grid girls, it will be dancers and cheerleaders that will lose their jobs. These women, who work tirelessly at; staying in shape, working out, looking good and keeping a tight ass (unlike all the lazy, jealous, dyke-cutted feminists out there who want to see them out of a career) will have their careers cut; all because some spineless simp of a cock-kisser in the organization lost his pimp hand.

I am willing to bet that his pimp hand is not in the lost and found, but straight up his loose fucking asshole. An asshole loose from bending over backwards to the PC tyrants who aim to shit and piss on anything fun and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. This is how companies fail, this is how businesses go bankrupt; from losing your pimp hand and not adhering to what your fans want from your brand.

So, as the NFL burns to a fiery crisp, a new dawn will rise from the pissed on ashes. I look forward to the new era of one of the manliest sports on the planet.

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