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Crabs In a Bucket Mentality: Why You’re A Loser

Dedicated to all the losers and mangina's who will never know success...

As you become more and more successful in life as a man (usually around your 30’s), you will start to notice a drastic change in how people interact and behave around you. The ‘friends’ you thought supported you are no longer there, or have become voyeurs to your success; brew and stew in their jealously towards you.

Particularly, this is extremely noticeable when you live or come from a small city or town. Small cities and towns are Petri dishes of people that have succumb to what I call: Normie syndrome. Thus, what you will encounter, on a more pronounced scale (happens in big cities too), is what is known as ‘crabs in a bucket’ mentality; or the ghetto mindset.

Everyone will cheer you on in the beginning, but once you become more successful than them it all changes. This happens all the time and when it happens to you, then you know you have truly made it. When you have haters and a flock of jealous people, lurking and stewing, that’s when you’ve made it.

It is a true tell and it is hilarious to watch.

The reason why people that you know always cheer you on in the beginning is because in their mind, they really don’t believe that you will make it, or do “it”. So they will support you as a form of virtue signaling to make themselves feel good; and maybe even joke or gossip about it to their friends about how they might think you will fail (this is ghetto/poor people mentality). However, when you actually show and prove that you’ve made it, then the cheering and the choir stops. When it stops, that’s when you know you’ve hit the nerve and have triggered the notion that they held back in their brain—their true fear—that you would actually be successful. They feared it all along, they just never showed it. However, they show it now with their silence and jealousy.

Improving Yourself Forces Everyone to Examine Their Own Inadequacy

The Small-Town Bubble

The fact is, small towns or cities are usually full of small-minded people who seem (in the majority sense) to take masochistic pleasure in being completely pathetic in their day-to-day lives; not striving for anything better than the norm, doing drugs, having kids they can’t afford, wasting HUGE amounts of time on petty drama: Just all around being a complete fucking loser who will never do anything remarkable with their time and money.

In a small city that I know so well, which holds the record for the highest percentage of out-of-wedlock teen pregnancies, Chlamydia, and unemployment it is plain to see that very few aim high. Instead of aiming high, they would rather get high. Most guys will end up doing what every other dude-bro does in this city; either become a drug dealer or work in the industrial valley.

The script is pretty simple: First year in the job; buy a new Dodge truck, get married, go into debt, get divorced, kill yourself, or live a life of financial ruin because you can’t see the writing on the wall when it comes to consumerism, modern marriage laws, women, and keeping up with the Jones’. Everyone aims for the same. And when you aim for average, you will always get average results and what everyone else has.

The problem with small cities is that they are essentially a time-capsule that usually runs a generation behind on the current culture. It's a culture (lunch-box) that is trying to operate within the even larger culture; which cannot work or jive properly. If you don't adapt and change, you will die; or at the very least become stagnant in your thinking and in your success.

The holy grail of life, if you can call it that, in small towns is either: A) Getting pregnant or B) Getting a ‘full-time’ job. Wow! There is usually not much to strive for, so people usually revert to their base instincts by breeding countless rug-rats as an subconscious excuse as to not escaping the crab-basket (it gives them an easy out as to why they can't do anything more) and trapping themselves for no good reason other than, "That's how she goes, eh?" Like, for fuck-sakes man, seriously? That's what you want to do? On top of that, you can barely afford your own sustenance and living.

That's why you always here people say to you, "Well, It would be nice if we all could be like you....but I have kids and X,Y,Z" excuses as to why they can't travel or do cool shit. Well, who's fault is that? Did someone put a gun to your head and tell you to let that Chad/Tyrone to shoot a vanilla-pudding load down your snack-pack? Did someone tell you to empty your balls into a chick's gutter without protection?

Two things that have been ton for eons by billions of people: One of those things takes, literally on average, 5 min to do. The other thing is easy; all you have to do is know someone or know how to kiss cock and suck ass—i.e be a conformie normie. Remember, if you are thinking averagely, you can reap all of the average things life that your small city has to offer.

The tribalism is real and it is damaging.

Crabs That Will Never Escape

Crab mentality, sometimes referred to as crabs in the bucket, is a way of thinking best described by the phrase, “if I can’t have it neither can you.” The metaphor refers to a bucket of crabs. Individually, the crabs could easily escape from the bucket, but instead they grab at each other in a useless “king of the hill” competition which prevents any from escaping and ensures collective demise.

This is the ghetto in a nutshell.

This is your small town/city to a tee.

When we say escape, we don’t mean physically escape the town or bucket, but more importantly, escape the mentality and also financial ruin and stagnation. Your small town or city maybe fine, in the physical sense, but the people may be what is the problem Usually, most of the time, it is ALWAYS the people. People will always be the problem because usually 80% are the other crabs in the bucket trying to pull you down.

Meet Señor crab!: He escaped the bucket while you're still pounding sand!

Nobody, who has this outlook on life/mentality, wants to truly see one of the other crabs escape and succeed because it will make them ultimately feel bad. They either don’t think that another crab from the bucket (the ghetto) is worthy of such an escape, or that the fact of his escape triggers them into knowing that they are a piece-of-shit; who has wasted their life playing the Ghetto game of: Who Can be the Biggest Snap-fuck.

Grand prize: A life worth nothing.

Remember, these ‘crabs’ feel, they don’t think. And they certainly can’t think for themselves or do anything on their own in order to succeed.

It can ultimately be traced to a liberal/entitlement mentality which is destructive to the whole and the individual. These crabs often depend on others—other ghetto crabs, the government for handouts, drugs to numb the pain, etc. They don’t try to better themselves by associating with successful people, just other crabs like themselves. It is a vicious feedback loop and echo chamber of misery. Nobody is growing and nobody is learning anything because everyone is just repeating everyone else’s mistakes; stupid facebook posts that they didn’t create, and mantra.

Just go on social media and you will see all of the highly creative people on their that share their own independent ideas, art. 1% maybe. The rest are all conformie normies who spew the same shit over facebook that other people have spewed. Pure shit, because that is what's SAFE to do. Step outside the box of the gyocentric lens and be prepared for all the crabs to wake-up from their zombie states and try to drag you down. Facebook is a horrible place for woke people and individuals.

You have to understand that no crab in the ghetto bucket can be different, or better than the other crabs. You have to be like them: A total loser. Misery loves company. If you are better, smarter, or seek a better life, it becomes a threat to the survival of the ghetto tribe.

They will try to bring you back down to their level, always. This is what losers do because they are lazy and can’t let you make them all look bad and jolt them from their lives of comfortably numb, arrested development. In doing so (being better) you cause a mental alert in their mind telling them that they need to do better because you are making them look like a piece-of-shit; this requires work/effort, which poor people hate. Work and effort means that you have to get off your ass, phone, couch, away from day-time T.V and actually put forth some sort of action plan. All of that can’t bother the normie or the ghetto gang, because to them life should just be one big party of gimmie-dats.

The only thing that separates us from animals is learning to delay gratification. It's how we invented food preservation, by salting meat we can make it last longer which gave us a survival advantage, and freed our time to make further advancements. All our advancements from fire, to food preservation, to computers, are a result of delayed gratification. What you get in the crab bucket is just a bunch of primitive animals who can't escape their base desires and simple tribal thinking. Too bad for them. Not your problem.

People who are short term thinkers end up going into debt, people who are long term thinkers end up rich. That's just the way it is, and don't think long term thinkers are stupid, in fact they're one step ahead, they've already planned what country to escape to decades before anyone else, while the short termers will be fighting over scraps.

The tragic part about the crabs in the ghetto mindset is that they could escape, but they choose not too; because they are either lazy and don’t want to put forth the effort in escaping. Remember, the mundane and average are COMFORTABLE for these people. They are not like you and I who are always looking to improve and strive for the best life possible.

Living In The Mangina-Feminist Socium

The reason why you are seeing this more and more in your hometown or anywhere is due to the fact that we now live in a gynocentric society. This crab-bucket mentality is inherently feminine and it is what pussies do to survive; they try to leach off of the strong ones at first, but will eventually stab the others in the back when that crab is escaping. This speaks to the recent #MeToo movement in where you are seeing all the mangina-men, Hollywood male-feminists, and White Knights getting cannibalized by the women that they put so high on the pedestal.

It’s very close to modern mangina oriented way of thinking.

Once it’s found you know the way out, or you said it out loud kinda: “I know how to be free in the world without cunty shits!” You will be immediately caught with dozens sticky manginas’ hands trying to pull you down! Nobody wants you to have the ‘secret’ formula if they can’t get it or know or even understand what you know. So, instead, they will try to sabotage or destroy you. This is the way of the ultimate pussy, the mangina. As a man, I have noticed that this type of behavior actually comes from other ‘men’ more so than women. There are so many mangina’s out there now it is sickening and such a tragic shame.

Can I help you find your pimp-hand, sir? It's up your mangina.

They don’t understand that being a part of the gynocentric tribe will be their ultimate demise. But, whatever, if you don’t want to know the truth and even try to listen then just keep kissing that gynocentic clit and be a subservient, limp-wristed cuck who will have a miserable life.

I will be there, as always, to laugh with my bowl of pop-corn and watch the suffering by the poolside.

Fuck you and have a nice day in the gynocentric ghetto.

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