Mother-of-two science teacher, Jamie Goforth, married to high school football coach is arrested

  • Police in Burleson County, Texas say Caldwell High School science teacher Jamie Goforth, 37, had an improper relationship with a 15-year-old student

  • She is thought to have possibly fled town after warrant was issued Feb 9

  • But she turned herself in two days later

  • Goforth is married with two young daughters

  • Her husband Bobby Jack Goforth is the head football coach at the school

  • She faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted

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A married mother-of-two science teacher turned herself into police on Sunday after being charged with having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a 15-year-old student.

Jamie Lynn Goforth, 37, was hit with a charge of improper relationship between an educator and student. She faces between two to 20 years behind bars if convicted.

Police say the relationship between the teen and the Caldwell High School teacher started in October 2017.

School officials informed law enforcement of the relationship on February 2, and an arrest warrant was issued on February 9.

It appears that Goforth may have tried to flee town after learning about the warrant out for her arrest, but she eventually turned herself in on Sunday.

Goforth was ordered held on $10,000 bail, but she later posted that amount and was released.

According to a personal website, Goforth has been married to the high school's athletic director and head football coach, Bobby Jack Goforth, since 2011. The couple have two young daughters together, in addition to Bobby's two daughters from a previous relationship.

The Texas A&M graduate taught chemistry and physics. Before teaching she worked as a car dealership salesman and as a crime scene investigator.

Goforth, Jamie....and seek thy dick of high-school Chad. You really gotta feel for the husband here; he got out-fucked by a 15-year old. Most likely, and we can't confirm, the student was a football player on the high-school varsity team, who was under the guidance of Mr. Goforth; clearly[the student] was under Jamie instead...get'n a titty-fuck from those huge, knockers.

We always get'em (the real biker bar chicks) from the great state of Texas for some reason. Gotta love the spread about their honeymoon and wedding for their wedding website, though. Kids from another marriage, yet things seemed dovish during the wedding with detailed descriptions. I wonder where it all went wrong? They seemed to have a beautiful time in Lajitas,Texas; as stated, "We Can’t wait to go back…maybe not in the summer, though!”

Well, you're definitely right about not this summer. Probably never going back again from the looks of it.

The great irony in all of this is that our gurl previously worked as a crime scene investigator and records manager with the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office, according to her Linkedin profile. Such a great way to season and spice up a good TSS story: A tale of two women, one in the same. You have law-biding, God-fearing Jamie; and then you have rebel, give handjibbers and blowies to teen, Jamie. I think what we have here is not a criminal, but a woman and a teacher; who's heart, boobs, and mouth were bigger than societies judgement. Doesn't it say in the Bible, "Tho shalt love thy neighbor as thyself"? Our gurl wanted some love'n from her male student, he probably did too; due to God's curse of puberty.

Sadly, the real victims in all of this are the football players on Mr. Goforth's team. Can you imagine the amount of sprints the team had to do when this news came out?

The Report Card

Methodology: I can now see why Jamie wanted to go into the field of CSI. We've all contemplated the notion that if we watch just enough episodes, we too could "get away with it". Learning from the mistakes of other criminals in the first step in becoming the best Female Teacher Sex Scandal. However, Jamie clearly didn't do her homework and was careless. Also, leaving the scene of the crime (skipping town) is such a rookie move that it approaches amateur hour. We have no juicy details; where are the blowjays, the spicy text messages, the racy Instagram posts, the nudes, the clandestine rendezvous after midnight?


Integrity: This is, indeed, a woman of many talents. She has big knockers and has clearly proven her resume; being chalk full of scatterbrain-ness. Married, two kids, former CSI. 360; thought she'd investigate another type of mid-life crisis. God-fearing and teen loving. The confession booth awaits.


Presentation/looks: She is post-Wall and looks like she would hangout regularly at the Harley Davidson bar down off the I-10. Definitely has the eyes of a seasoned hussie, though. You know the look: It's a combination of the thousand-yard stare that soldiers get when they'eve seen shit, coupled with the manic wide-eye rabid look of a child on Halloween. Except, in Jamie's case she's seen more Dick's than sporting goods, and has given out more treats and tricks to an underage teen than her husband, most likely.


Overall Grade



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