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Married Alabama bible teacher, Stephanie Henry Pruett, accused of 5-month long bang-fest with Teen

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  • Stephanie Henry Pruett, 28, was arrested by Calhoun County sheriff’s deputies on Thursday

  • She is charged with engaging in a sexual act with a student

  • Pruett, a teacher at Weaver High School, taught history to sophomore and juniors

  • The sheriff’s office said it received information Thursday that Pruett first became involved in a sexual relationship with the teen in October.

Stephanie Pruett, who is married and is the mother of a young child, teaches “Bible-as-literature” at Weaver High School in Calhoun County. She was arrested Thursday after the sheriff’s office received a tip about her alleged conduct.

Stephanie Pruett faces up to 20 years in prison and could be required to register as a sex offender if found guilty of the felony charge of engaging in a sexual act with a student, according to Alabama law.

“It’s sad that a woman who has a family and went to college to become an educator is giving that all up. I just don’t understand why she went down that path. It’s very disturbing and troubling.” said Sheriff Matthew Wade.

Pruett is in first year teaching at Weaver High School, according to the school’s website.“This year, I will be teaching U.S. History 10 and U.S. History 11 as well as Bible as Literature,” she wrote.

Pruett was recently featured in a story in the Anniston Star about an effort to bring the Bible into public school classrooms in Alabama.

“Pruett teaches a class on the Bible as literature to 30 high school students who chose the course as an elective. The fall semester was devoted to the Old Testament,” the newspaper wrote.

“Each and every student that walks into my classroom is an unique individual. This requires a differentiated approach to instruction, involving tools, techniques, technology, and hands-on experiences to reach each and every student where they are academically,” Pruett wrote in her teacher goals for practicum.


What's harder than following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ? Following in the footsteps of our last Female Teacher Sex Scandal (who was also named, Stephanie). The tale of two Stephanies', a contrasting story for sure.

Apparently, even Jesus himself, the messiah, can't even compete with teenage boys these days. The victims of these female teachers can turn their skin-balloon into a fire-hose; Jesus turned water into wine.

Tough sell, Jesus.

Pruett is your classic bible chick: Do what I say and not as I do. For being such a literary, and versed in the teachings of the holy book, Pruett (like most of her student's) probably skimmed the bible and never really read it. Although, the book is really vague on the whole 'love thy neighbor' clause. How much love? What kind of love? And does it have to be thy neighbor? Can it not be an innocent, horny 17-year old boy who is giving me the attention I deserve? Who looks at me in a way my husband hasn't in nearly a decade? The mind of our gurl is a mystery; much like how the three wise men found baby Jesus; who was born from a virgin Mary. Fiction can be fun, but reality must have bored our gurl, terribly. To seek a 5-month long journey into the desert of illicit desire is something unique. The body of Christ was muscled and toned from carrying that cross and eating a high protein diet of fish and figs. Our gurl gave that host up for the semen of the innocent; the devil's juice.


The Report Card

Methodology: What we have here is a cunning linguist and con. Pruett preached the teachings of the lord as a cover, so that maybe her misdeeds would be absolved or at the very least, go unnoticed. Nobody suspects the bible teacher to be giving blowies and riding lessons to her student. Whenever tragedy strikes the media and the public always laments about how there were red flags and warning signs.

Pruett followed through with her teacher goals in providing: 'differentiated approaches, hands-on learning/experiences, and techniques'. Not sure what all that had to do with the bible and it's teachings, however, Pruett managed to apply herself when it came to one-on-one sex-ed; something the American education system is clearly a top performer at in the world ranking.


Integrity: A married mom who has been with her husband ever since high-school; a bible teacher who has a college degree, a career, AND who has not even been teaching for a year. Gave it all up by the still, ripe age of 28; for 5-months of being fruitful with a 17-year old. Check, check, check, check, check, check.....


Presentation/looks: The good lord didn't provide our gurl with the greatest of looks. She's got her own bible belt going on around that waist. She is no Stephanie Peterson, by far. However, she does seem to like the long beaked mascots like one of our former FTSS, Elizabeth Heaton Taylor.

Stephanie Pruett Great minds think alike... Elizabeth Heaton Taylor


Abstracts: She seems like a biter... For that she get's a (-) tacked on.

Overall Grade


Case Closed

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