Why Women Demand Marriage From Men

Red Island Maxim: The modern wedding is the ultimate female social-orgasm.

Women’s obsession with marriage, relationships and ‘love’ is extremely easy to explain. Women simply require a man to take care of them. Whereas for men, they do not require a woman to survive in this world for men can survive on their own if they need to. Men can fight off other men; women can’t due to their physical petite nature and structure.

Women can’t be a ‘career woman’ and a mother at the same time. A woman CAN be a single-mother and have a career or a part-time job; however, she will be equally shitty at both of them. She’s not going to be able to climb the corporate ladder like she could—or like her male counter-parts—because she’s too busy getting knocked-up and has kids to take care of. She’s going to have to take time off, take “sick days”, not show up to her job when she is scheduled; make excuses as to why she is not successful all day long. Also, she’s not just a career woman; she is more of an affirmative action hire, with a career.

These women also make terrible mothers because they are too busy at ‘work’ to properly take care and raise the kids; like she SHOULD be doing at home if she understood how and why nuclear families function so well.

Anyway, this creates a paradox; when a woman tries to be a career woman and a mother. The woman thus needs to acquire a man while she is young and attractive. But as men get older and gain more status, they get more resources and thus can attract better and younger women—until the age of about 50, the quality of woman he can attract goes up and up. So, how does a woman insure that she will be able to keep THIS man and know that she will be taken care of for the rest of her life?

As the man’s sexual market value increases, hers diminishes. The answer is: Marriage.

You get a contract; have the state and federal government point a gun at the man to make sure that he can’t leave. AND if he does leave, or she decides that she’s “unhappy” with the product, he still has to pay her out in the form of alimony (aka—Vaginamony). Modern marriage is essentially legalized theft, ransomware; the biggest highway robbery game in town.

That is why women are OBSESSED with marriage and why their top concern or topic de jure at work concerns their boyfriends, husbands, potential dates, etc. That is why it is all they ever talk about with their friends, hair-stylists, the meter maid, the grocery store clerk—everyone. It is why the wedding day is one giant mental orgasm for them; because they know they have won cash and prizes that are essentially earmarked for them.

Really, what is a wedding for a man? All the groom does at the wedding is just stand there, says nothing the whole time; everything is about the woman. EVERYTHING is about the bride. Women just love having everyone paying attention to them. That is the main drive for women, marriage, and the #omg wedding day. It’s the one day where the whole world is watching; one big and expensive mental masturbation session.

A man can attract high-quality women for decades; as long as he stays fit and keeps shoveling those Benjamin’s into the bank. Women, as I have outlined in my article on Return of Kings, have only a decade at most to secure a high-male male with their sexuality. A woman’s sex is all she has. That is the cold, hard, truth.

Take that cold, stiff drink of truth and let it wash down your throat for a minute.

Once a woman hits her thirties and hasn’t attracted a high-quality man yet, she is fucked. From there on out it’s just cats and dildos.

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