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Female Oklahoma teacher, and single-mother-of-three, Cassandra Renae White, Solicited Teen

A married Oklahoma high school teacher who is mother to three children has been arrested after filing for a marriage license so she could wed a 16-year-old student.

Cassandra Renae White, 34, was taken into custody on Tuesday and charged with four counts of soliciting sexual conduct or communication with a minor by use of technology.

News of the arrest was reported by KXII-TV.

White was fired from her job as a teacher at Davis High School after a concerned parent contacted police regarding a possibly inappropriate relationship.

White and the male high school sophomore filed for a marriage license in Cleveland County on December 13, KFOR reported.

The news station further reports that the boy's father signed off on the marriage license.

White was terminated by Davis High School the following day, Davis Public Schools said in a statement.


Given all the baggage in this insane FTSS you would think Cassandra White lived in Florida. However, this FTSS did not come from one of the great known FTSS states, no, it has come out of Oklahoma—a lesser known enclave of horny, insane female teachers. This story may have put Oklahoma on notice and on the map.

Now, we have covered single-moms on this blog (at length) and you should know by now that being a single-mom is already a red flag when it comes to potential head cases. Our gurl is not only a single-mom but she also has 3 crumb-crunchers, was an ENGLISH teacher AND is over thirty; has hit The Wall full speed #NoSurvivors. Yesssh. You might be wondering, why? Why would our victim—a reported high school football jock—want to engage and (potentially) empty his full pubescent balls into this friend of Ronald McDonald; Grimace?

Well, this took place in a town of roughly 3,000 people. If you have never lived in a small town (probably twice as bad in Oklahoma) you would know that there is not a lot to do when you are a teen; drinking and fucking….maybe go see a movie. I would imagine the female population is sparse and there aren’t many ‘quality’ chicks in this town.

Hence, both sexes would most likely have to settle, shop down to the lower tier and common denominator; hence, why a woman like Cassandra, would need to go all the way down the latter to a non-legal student and he a single-mom TEACHER of three of her own. Not to mention that this is, in fact is pedophilia AND (if they fucked) would be considered rape if it comes out that they squished uglies together.

Most likely, if you understand of single-moms operate; White was probably looking for another Daddy or father figure replacement for her cubs. I have noticed this but single-moms that are older USUALLY tend to seek out young, vulnerable bucks that are emotionally desperate and easily malleable so that they can control them for provisioning; it’s all about the survival of her crumb-crunchers. And what more perfect of a target can you get than a young, horny high-school dude who is young, dumb and full of cum; would F anything that had a wet hole, fun bags, and a pulse at that age.

A regard of the teen boy’s Facebook page shows he is a football player at the school along with also having a teenage girlfriend.

Wrote Cassandra White on her Facebook page, ‘I love football Fridays! Let’s go Wolves!’

The woman’s page is also filled with pictures of her three small children. We all know women today love Chad the football jock for the love of his pint-sized penis. This is no surprise that our gurl would "like" football so much as most sloots today "love football" and sports in general. Ask them what an "off-side" is and they will stare at you like you just hit a kid with a baseball bat.

The Report Card

Methodology: The lack of details on the whereabouts of the father is intriguing. Is he dead or is he still around? Regardless, Cassandra went a'hunting for new dick and was on the prowl for that pig skin. She went for the 2-point conversion for the win and got the boy to sign on the dotted line at city hall. This is a first here in regards to Female Teacher Sex Scandals. A show of insane dedication that our female teachers today have for their students. Nothing says "Dedicated Teacher" like a marriage license. That is one-on-one service; Bj's after you do your homework type of home-schooling. Although, our victim will most likely have to take care of her kids too as a part of the Home Economics course he will be learning.


Integrity: Boxes checked; married (?), single mom, has three kids, possibly cucked husband with a 16-year old (if they've had sex). Took our marriage license with a known minor. Just pure insanity.


Presentation/looks: Our gurl is no smoke-show. She is 34 and has a whole Bette Midler from Hocus Pocus thing going on. If you are, let's say an 8 on the HB scale BUT you are a single mom, you automatically lose 3 points. Our girl is MAYBE a Oklahoma 5 (A Florida or Texas 3) she has 3 rug-rats and is a single-mom. That drops her to a 2>. Again, there must be a SEVERE deficit of young, hot poon in the high-school/town of our victim.


Overall Grade


Case Closed

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