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Female Ohio teacher, Sarah Conway, has been arrested after filing a 'harassment claim'

An employee of an Eaton Township charter school, who originally went to law enforcement with claims of harassment and blackmail by a student, is now facing criminal charges after admitting to having a sexual relationship with the student, according to the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office.

Sarah Conway, 24, faces four counts of sexual battery, a third-degree felony, after she turned herself in Thursday at the Sheriff’s Office. Conway was accompanied by the school’s principal, said Deputy Dave Lottman.

Conway appeared in Elyria Municipal Court for arraignment Thursday. She was released on a recognizance bond with an order to have no contact with the student, who turned 18 last month.

Conway went to the Sheriff’s Office on March 21 to file a complaint that the now 18-year-old male student had blackmailed her and was threatening to publicly share nude photos of her. She told authorities then that the student, who was assigned in November 2017 to work in her classroom as a helper, stole her phone, accessed her photos, sent the photos to his phone and then began sending her text messages.

Conway told authorities she eventually started to reply to the messages and the two began a relationship, the report said.

She admitted to having a relationship with the student since December when he was 17, according to a sheriff’s report.

The student told police a different version of the beginning of the relationship, according to a 32-page sheriff’s report detailing the initial investigation. He said that Conway told him she liked him and that the two exchanged telephone numbers and started messaging each other.

The student said the conversations started to turn sexual about one to two weeks later, according to the report.

The report included transcripts of text messages between Conway and the student dated between March 15 and March 20.

In those text messages, investigators discovered that Conway and the student talked about their sexual relationship, possibly being pregnant, living together and how they would communicate if they went to jail. In the messages, Conway repeatedly pressed the student for a more “mature” relationship.


Sarah Conway, our gurl, doesn’t seem to get how #MeToo works. First of all, you never EVER go to the police and file a police report about the alleged abuse by your ‘predator’. You ALWAYS go straight to the public court of opinion (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and cry about the alleged offence it to get attention and hopefully cash and prizes (media spotlight, money, a job, a book deal, etc.).

Also, you NEVER do this right away. You have to time it just right. You ALWAYS wait at least 20 years or near the end of the statue of limitations and THEN come out of nowhere and burst onto the scene; so stunning, so brave you would be.

Sarah Conway essentially embodies the #MeToo movement and this story, when I saw it and the irony involved, just made my day (and should do the same for yours). This is gold. Good on her as she has shown exactly what would happen if you were full-of-shit about some harassment claim.

Just because you regret, feel guilty, or want to absolve your sheer sluttery and whorish ways via a sexual harassment claim doesn’t mean you get to suddenly drop all accountability and blame the man for you whoring it up— Or in this case, breaking the law by fucking your student.

See, when you file a police report (which is what you should do if you were legit harassed) what happens is EVIDENCE is collected and a very technical and LOGICAL process takes place via PROFESSIONALS who do this on a daily basis and is their job. When you go to the court of public opinion you get MOB mentality and rule of law goes out the window; emotions and agendas rule the playground.

Thanks Sarah, you are now a legend and extraordinary example!

The Report Card

Methodology: The complete lack of self-awareness is what brought this young teacher to her knees. No planning, no regard for how the law works. She thought the police would bend over for vagina and just believe her story; without looking too much and do something very mysterious called: An investigation. She left a trail of sextual breed crumbs for the police between her and that evil student who she willingly banged crotch meats with. Pressing her student for sex, wanting to live together, and plans after jail time. If anything, our gurl has learned the basics in how the law works and that before you make any plans after jail time, you should at least make better ones before.


Integrity: Boxes checked arn't many here beside the fact that she is a teacher and used her authority over a minor. Not married as far as anyone can see. Just a 24-year old horny millennial female teacher doing what most young people do; cry a foul and lie to absolve any wrong-doing on their part. She does, though, get added integrity points for doing the un-thinkable; falsely claiming rape/harassment on the very person she was happily fucking (at the time). The irony is thicker(most likely?) than our 'victim's' peener. There is a possibility that our gurl may be pregnant as well.


Presentation/looks: She is 24 and we only have a mug shot to go on. That is the real crime here. What 24-year old female teacher doesn't have instagram or a twitter at least!? Maybe more pics will come out if this case goes a little more mainstream, but its looking doubtful. Will update if possible.


Overall Grade


Case Closed

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