Hot pursuit launched after Mississippi teacher, Nicole Jackson, 'romped with 16-year-old'

Original story DailyMail

Police have launched a desperate search for a high school student and a teacher who are believed to have run off with each other.

Cops in Hattiesburg, Mississippi issued the alert on Monday seeking teacher Nicole Jackson, 30, who is currently free on $10,000 bail on charges of sexual battery in a position of trust, and Oscar O'Neal, 16.

The pair could be in a dark blue Chevy Impala with plate number FRA-4454.

'If u see my son please contact me or my wife Lisa Oneal. We got the police involved,' the elder O'Neal wrote. 'His nickname is Lil Pooh but his real name is Oscar Oneal.'

Oscar is also believed to go by the nickname 'Pooh Gotti'.

Jackson, the teacher, resigned from her position at the Earl Travillion Attendance Center and turned herself in to police on April 10.

Police said they began investigating her in mid-March receiving a tip that she had been conducting an inappropriate relationship with a student.

Based on her Facebook profile, Jackson is married with at least one child.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is one of the only times we will ever get a glimpse of the dark side of the moon; the victim. The only reason why we are allowed to see the victim's identity is because this case turned from a slow-Tuesday teacher sex-scandal to a full blown 'missing persons' case. And when a person is missing, teen or no teen, the public and police need to know who the hell to look for. This is a gem of a story and confirms (even though it is a tiny sample) of what we can pretty much assume of most, if not all, of what these lunatic teachers are going after: The Chads, Tyrones and DeShawns with the pint-sized/coke can dongers. Also known as: The Giner Tingles.

When you are a modern harpie, married or not, 35 or 25; normal life is boring and every go-gurl needs adventure and excitement. What is more exciting than a young Tyrone (aka lil Pooh/Pooh Gotti). Who knows? Oscar could be the next P Diddy and Nicole could have his gangster child. Hypergamy achieved. Nicole, a victim of gynocentrism, a hetero pedo, or just her innate female nature being amplified? Why not all three, Trebek!?

We cannot forget though, that this is a love story fit for Hollywood. The police won't admit this, the public won't see it, but the disturbed writers and directors in the Western wasteland will. Two lovers on the run from their marriage, their kid, their parents, school, responsibility and the law. Two people, really, who just want to smash their flesh parts together and be left alone by society. How much more excitement can you get as a modern woman?

I can picture it now, them on the run. Driving that Chev Impala to the edge of it's 4 cylinder, to the music of Sweet's "Fox on The Run".

B.O.L.O: Be on the look-out for a teen boy with a huge smile on his face.

The Report Card

Methodology: This story could have been the most generic and boring FTSS, but our gurl pulled one out of her huge muff and knocked it out of the park with a hot pursuit getaway and possible kidnapping. Hefty chicks usually give great head and 'romps' since they have to make it up for the extra point deductions on the physical side of things. She must have given lil Pooh Gotti some good one-on-on lessons or the feeling is mutual; he, most likely, having a massive donger to which our gurl can't get enough of. Hence the Thelma and Louise styled vacation.


Integrity: Married mother of one; check. Interracial romp fest;check. Evading authorities with teen lover; massive check. Our victim has a mustache and to Nicole that means, fair game. She must be a huge baseball fan and subscribes to the old saying, "If there is grass on the field, play ball."


Presentation/looks: Our gurl is your classic facebook/tinder selfie fraudster; cute face but the rest of her body looks like it needs to be juiced like Violet from Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. Being married and having ONE kid is no excuse. However, we all know that black guys have a thing for the fat White chicks; dat' thick ass, boy'. So maybe that was her game plan; How To Hook A Black Guy 101.


Overall Grade


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