Teacher, 'fitness model' and former varsity cheerleader, Elizabeth Flint, Fucked A Student

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A Lombard woman is free on $50,000 bail after being accused of having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a Glenbard East High School student.

Elizabeth Flint, 21, a volunteer intern at the high school, is charged with criminal sexual assault.

Prosecutors say Flint, of the 800 block of South Lalonde, assaulted the teen on three separate occasions in April at her home.

"The allegations against (Flint) are, simply put, disgusting," DuPage County State's Attorney Robert Berlin said in a written statement. "It is alleged that she used her position of trust and authority to sexually assault a minor student on three separate occasions. This type of abhorrent behavior will not be tolerated."

Flint was a former Ms. EIU Fitness 2017, according to The Daily Eastern News. EIU stands for Eastern Illinois University. She filled social media with photos of herself as a fitness model.

According to her LinkedIn page, Elizabeth Flint has worked as a dive coach with children.

She also served as a child care teacher for “health track sports wellness” in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, according to the page on LinkedIn. “If you need me you can find me at the gym,” Flint wrote on Twitter.

One photo on Twitter showed her drinking alcohol and contained the caption, “My mood right now while studying for finals.” One photos shows a bottle of Moscato and contains the status, “Here’s to drinking every night till I leave EIU.” In August 2017, she wrote on Twitter, “It was the summer of country concerts 🎼”

Flint’s Instagram site is now set to private. However Sportsmasher claims that she is a fitness model who used the page to show off a toned physique and posted a series of photos.

According to her LinkedIn page, she has a degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science at Eastern Illinois University from 2017. “Activities and Societies: Sigma Sigma Sigma Physical therapy club Kinesiology club,” her LinkedIn page says.

First off, I just want to say, HO-LEE-FUKK. This is the holy grail, better than the church of iron (the gym); where I bet our gurl spent most of her time working on dat ass. Secondly, this is one of the VERY rare times in where a Female Sex Scandal Teacher had left her social media up for way too long. Her Instagram page was still up 16 hours after this story first broke.

Normally that shit disappears faster than a $20 bill in a penny slot in Las Vegas. I of course, being a pure professional, took the time to go through Elizabeth's (Liz's) ENTIRE catalog, and screen grabbed all the goodies. You will see them later on down the page, and I am willing to bet no other news outlet has these photos.

You got'em here first!

That is what you do as a FTSS detective; you dig deep with passion and do the hard research. And what I found was pretty interesting; as most American women live their lives on Instagram and if you could have seen our gurls Instagram page, you could literally see her life and all the transitions she made as your typical Gen Z 'Merican party-gurl. Our gurl, it seems, flooded her Instagram full of skin and raunchy pics before being arrested.

When I went through, basically her entire life from high-school to now, it seems like our girl went from being a very modest and typical all-around achiever to a smoke-show; transitioned both in her attitude and in her physical body. She was cute in HS, but then she discovered squats, weights and bikinis; turning her body into boner bait.

She knew it and you could tell because her status quotes changed from things like, "Sunshine and tan lines," or white-gurl inspirational crap like, "She's got the heart and the courage" to things like, "Hope your day is as nice as my butt" and, "If you don't like what I post, don't follow me". You could tell that there seemed to be a transition into real narcissism and an over-indulgent type of self-love.

Also, other red flags that you will notice are the lovely hand-written styled tattoos on her body which are one of the 20 Signs She's a Slut. Most of her pictures, aside from all the booty pics, bikini shots and tit-tures, are of her; living it up at concerts, bars, vacation spreads, or at her sorority doing 'philanthropy'.

What we have is again, another tale of two women. It pretty much sums up a lot of modern Western women today; on the surface everything looks amazing.

The Report Card

Methodology: This story could have been even better if we had more details. Sadly though, it looks like the press is being tight-lipped. Our gurl has another court date in June so hopefully more stuff comes out between now and then. Other than that, all we have is her either giving blowjays to this teen at her house, 3 times; or she gave him full vaginal coverage....3 times.

We are not off to a good start here. She has the all surface features of a hot sex scandal teacher; just lacking the fundamentals here.


Integrity: We have what I would call the superficial All-American gurl. Liz was a gymnist, a cheerleader, in a sorority, a dive coach, a fitness "model", a teacher. The list probably goes on.

Oh yeah, and most likely a sex offender.


Presentation/looks: Our gurl, like I mentioned above, did the un-thinkable and kept her prolific social media sites up longer than what would be consider, "more than enough time".

I mean, I spent a good hour going through it and analyzing where it all went wrong for our gurl. Couldn't really solve that mystery because of all the skin, titties, legs and toned ass pics.

Maybe she wanted to keep 'em up? More 'likes', more views? She's clearly an attention hog. With that said, we thank you; because we all know that most of these teachers have prolific social media presences, but rarely do we get to see it in all of its glory. Our girl is pretty hot, however, she wasn't always that cute. She had to do a lot of work, but she got there. With all that out of the way, and with no further dick'n around, I give you my detective files: The photos from eflint96.


Overall Grade


#MeToo #TeachersWorthyofaD #Humor #Satire


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