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Nevada Female Teacher, Maren Oates, At Posh Elite School Accused Of Sexually Abusing Student

Maren Oates, 33, a teacher at the Academy of Arts, Careers and Technology (AACT) in Nevada, US, has been arrested and suspended.

Detectives were called in after staff suspected she was having an “inappropriate” relationship with a student.

She is being held on a $20,000 bond at Washoe County Jail.

AACT is regarded as one of the most elite schools in the district.

School bosses said she has been placed on “administrative leave” while the allegations are investigated.

Oates taught communications arts and media at the posh school.

The teacher features in promotional videos for the school hosted on its website.

She was educated at the University of Nevada, according to her GooglePlus.

School bosses said safety of pupils is there “number one priority”.

Oates filled her Facebook pages with pictures of her making pouts for the camera and wearing excessive makeup. “You look like a movie star. 🌟,” wrote one friend on Facebook under the above photo of Maren Oates. “Oh… you are too sweet hun! Thx😍,” Oates wrote back. Another friend wrote, “Hollywood, I love you!”


Maren Oates, our gurl de jure, has definitely made a statement; Duck Face is so 2012, O-Face is now Über fetch. Anyone that takes a selfie like our gurl, with your mouth wide open like the Grand Canyon, in C-Jaw (Cock Jaw) position, is most definitely a whore. In fact, almost every picture you can see of Maren Oates looks as if she had just gotten herself off; or is in the process of "finishing". Her jogging and Tough Mudder photos may suggest a girl who is down-to-earth; all we can see is a girl down-to-fukkk.....her underage student(s).

If you are the hiring manager at the elite school Academy of Arts, Careers and Technology (AACT), you should've read my article 20 Signs She's A Slut before hiring, what looks to be, a professional... InstaWhore. Or a former Vegas strip cocktail waitress at The D.

I can see why they allowed her to be the face for all the promotional videos; sex sells and nose rings=does anal on the first date. Oates definitely communicated DTF with her presentation acumen. She should've applied for a weather girl position on one of those news casts out on the West coast: that have all the big-titted hotties on them; telling you about how warm it is going to your pants. Too bad now for Maren, because she mine as well throw her resume out, along with her career as a teacher.

Duck Face was popularized back in 2012 when Instagram first hit the scene; with women Chad-Chasing using the duck face to signal their blowjob prowess. Maren Oates is now a pioneer and trailblazer in the selfie evolution. O-Face for the win; under-cutting all the competition with who can signal DTF, better.

Reno, NV now has the biggest little whore in all of Nevada.

The Report Card

Methodology: Sadly, there a many Sex Scandal teachers behind Maren Oates who have gave up the juicy details of their trysts(s). For a gurl with a big mouth, things seem really tight-lipped around this story and what actually happened between her and the student; who now has 'nightmares' and PTSD of seeing our gurl's O-Face in flashblacks. All those screams, all those nights; the explosions in the bedroom and the thunderous sounds from between the thighs. O...the humanity.


Integrity: We have a subtle communicator; a teacher and a woman who likes to get down and dirty in the mud on the weekends and during the school week. The spokeswoman and face of the elite, the professional, the ivory. Absolute power corrupts, absolutely.


Presentation/looks: Our gurl may have a rare condition in where you have spontaneous orgasms all day long. We don't know. All we know is that Maren looks like one of those lolly-pop whores you would find in a 1980's arcade downtown; ready and willing for you to bang your pin-balls against her bumper, or give you a Slurpee behind the concession stand.


Overall Grade



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