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Don't Objectify Women: Subjectify Them As The Consumer And Create The 'Want'

During the interview I had with best-selling author Piero San Giogio, I touched on the topic of “aloofness” or one of the ‘bad boy’ traits that many people talk about in dating articles, YouTube and on the internet.

I wanted to go more into depth about this trait as I really don’t think a lot men, or guys who claim to be dating coaches/pick-up artists, actually fully get.

All ‘aloofness’ comes down to is marketing and the science behind the ‘sale’. During the interview, Piero and I talked about how men today simply are not branding themselves properly or putting in the time to enhance their value and thus product. By ‘product’ I simply mean YOU as a person; physically and in character. As a guy, you always have to be selling and working on your product. Women, on the other hand, just have to show up and look pretty; maybe hit the treadmill a few times a week and not be a cunt. VERY EASY.

When we talk about the fact that women are drawn, like consumers, to things they want but CAN'T have, there is a bit of a falseness in that phrase. The real truth is that women want what other's are wanting and at the same time, can't have.

That is how women operate as consumers of sex and as consumers with an abundance of choice.

Ever notice that when one woman likes a guy one day, by the next week it seems like suddenly all her friends and people at work like him, too? That's because he has been sexually social proofed by the women.

AND if that first woman who had 'talked him up' to all of her girlfriends is HOT, the social proof factor is stronger and will spread like wild fire through the grapevine. It is the same with marketing 101; brands, products and consumerism. If a product has a 5 star rating and raving reviews, chances are, everyone else will think the same about that product and will want a piece of the action.

Therefore, being aloof is more about becoming the thing, the object that she can’t have; an object that others want too. Social proof yourself and your product. That is what marketers do to their potential consumers. They create a need and a want all at the same time. You want her to crave your product and its all about filling the void for her with the product (wink wink) that she ultimately can’t ignore: Masculinity.

Subjectifying Women: A Way to her 'Heart'

It is about OBJECTIFYING yourself as a man and making her the consumer. When your product is in demand by others it creates the WANT, not necessarily the need. The WANT is all about impulse; women are impulsive and we live in a femcentric impulse-driven society.

It is SO easy to capitalize on gynocentrism.

We as men just have to realize the reality of dating/relationships (sexual) and that what it all comes down to is power dynamics and VALUE. You have to create value in your product, otherwise no woman is going to want to bid your product up and put her vagina stamp-of-approval on, and all over it.

We have to remember that for guys it is a lot harder. For women to get access to resources and sex today, all they have to do is, show up.

That’s it.

If a woman looks half-decent, puts on some tight clothes and make-up, shows up to a party and is willing and DTF, she will get it.

Guys, on the other hand, have to work on LMS (looks, money, and status) in order for their brand to be appealing to the opposite sex. Women only have to master the L part of the LMS. Men DO NOT care, ladies, about your stupid degree in Basket Weaving or that you have a career.

That doesn’t give men a rage’r. On the flip side, men who:

A) Have flabby bodies

B) No money

C) Are not interesting

WILL NOT make a woman dick-addicted; get their panties in a moist, hot and uncomfortable, twist.

Men don’t want, nor do they care about, a woman’s resource acquisition (her career or job) as that is their [men's] prerogative in nature. Men care about fertility, youth and beauty. Women care about getting the best buck$ for their bang(s). They care about hitching their cart to the best bull in town for not only great sex, but provisioning in case of offspring.

Now that we know what both men and women want from each other in the sexual-market place, what you need to do as a man is forget about OBJECTIFYING women.

Instead, SUBJECTIFY them.

Women don’t need you objectifying them because they already do it in the mirror every morning when they wake up! They are putting on make-up, putting on the yoga pants (aka ass and snatch pants) and are hitting the streets and workplace with the intention of getting attention: Getting /wanting attention from not ALL men, but only from the best brands out there; the top 20% of men who are ALPHA (LMS). Chad, with the pint-sized penis and Tyrone with his thickness.

Dating and relationships is closely related to branding and marketing (value) more than what anyone thinks it is. It has EVERYTHING to do with marketing now; especially in an app driven world where women have, literally, endless options: The Willy Wonka Effect.

Women, through Tinder, Facebook, and all the other platforms are looking for the Golden Ticket and they never use to have the ability to do so before the internet. Women will literally swipe through men like Wonka chocolate bars (not even eating them but just peeling off the rapper) until they find the Gold Ticket (Chad). Men are completely disposable today and the only way to compete is to become the best product you can be in order to stand out among the rest of the Wonka bars that have no gold in them (aka-Beta/Gamma males).

When you OBJECTIFY women, you are signaling that YOU[the man] are the consumer and she is the product to be desired; the product that will make your life whole and give you happiness. This is what marketing and brands try to instill in their target audience—that IF you buy this thing it WILL make you a whole human being.

When you are the consumer (the objectifying element) you have ZERO leverage because you DESIRE the product. As a man, if you objectify a woman you are telling her that SHE is the prize to be won and that communicates LOW status. She will drive up her price (demands) and charge a premium.

When you SUBJECTIFY women it communicates that YOU are the product to be desired and that she is the one who needs you. Women are right when they say they hate men who objectify them. Without knowing it (because women don’t understand what they are doing) they are actually giving you a HINT and communicating the secret of how to get women.

Woman As The Ultimate Consumer

It is much easier to get women if you SUBJECTIFY them as the consumer because it is in women’s natural realm to BE a consumer! Women make up 80% of the consumer base and do the majority of shopping and credit card purchases in the West. They are excellent consumers and thus, they are creatures that can be easily swayed, manipulated if the right message, marketing, and branding campaign comes along and tickles their hypergamy. Women are fluid like water and live their lives based on their emotions and what gives them those GINA TINGLES— If you give them TINGLES, that is half the battle.

When you put women into the frame of mind that THEY are NOT the object but indeed the chaser of an object (YOU), it changes the dynamic and it is actually easier for you as a man.

However, YOU need to be a good product for this to work. Which means you NEED to understand your target audience: Women. You need to understand what your CONSUMER wants from your product. Women want Chad: The man, the myth, the legend.

Ever notice what women read?

Ever look at romance novel covers? Notice how Poindexter is not on the front cover, with a fire axe or rife; with bulging muscles and a mysterious burning look in his eyes? No, same thing goes with products for men. Every product that caters to men has HOT women involved. Men and women are both attracted to GOOD LOOKING people of the opposite sex. LOOKS MATTER. Don’t kid yourself.

Women want masculinity even though they claim otherwise with all their virtue signaling. Women don’t and won’t admit it but they are the most shallow and judgmental of our species. They don’t admit this because it would sabotage their sexual strategy with men: Alphafucks/Beta$$.

How Women CHOOSE Vs How Men BUY

If you ever need insight into how women chose or pick out consumer products, just go down to your local supermarket and watch women shop vs. how men do the same.

It is fascinating.

It is relative to how men seek out women and how women seek out men for sex. Men will literally have no problem with wanting to fuck 80% of the female population; everything from a HB10 to a 2 if he is horny or drunk enough. It is in mans nature to spread his seed far and wide and it is female nature to choose the best sperm and man for provisioning and security. When men grocery shop for produce they hardly ever get picky. They usually take the first bag of grapes they see or grab everything fast and get the job done ASAP.

Women, will literally, sit there sometimes and go through all of the bags of grapes, sometimes picking out the bad stems and replacing the bag with better ones so that they have THE FULL PACKAGE of the best grapes….while leaving a trail of destruction behind; half cartons of strawberries (bad ones left over) or all the bad grapes in a pile. They do this with everything, and if the fruit is not to their standards they will simply “Go to another store”. Because women have all the time in the world and have the ability and privilege of being picky.

Men, on average, do not have the luxury of time and to be picky, because it is hard for them to be such. Men are happy if they can get their hands on a “bag of grapes” and get to “eat”. Plus men usually don’t really care as long as his needs are full-filled. If it will satisfy his hunger and if the “bag of grapes” aren’t too shitty, then he will be OK with his “purchase”.

The same goes for having sex with women, “A hole is a hole”. Now, men DO want the best hole or the best bag of grapes, but if he is hungry and the second tier bag of grapes is all he can afford, then he will settle for it.

A man’s life is extremely busy and choice is limited most times. A woman can afford to wait because the super market (sexual market) is there FOR HER. She can get what she wants at the drop of a hat if she wants it. She has endless choices and everyone around her is looking to SELL to her. Malls are THERE for her. It all caters to the woman.

Go to a shopping mall and you will see the majority of shops all cater to women. Go into a clothing store and see that 80% of the floor plan is taken up by “Women’s Clothes” and the remaining small fraction and percentage is “Clothing for Men”. Same goes for dating apps; it is all about giving the woman ultimate choice.

It Has NEVER Been Easier for Men

The good news today for men is that it is easy to become the product of desire because the majority of "men" today are not men, they are manginas.

So it is easier now, more than ever to become Chad; all you have to do is put forth even a modicum of effort at the gym, in your hobbies and pursuits to stand out. Yes, men have to put forth effort into LMS and women only have to work mainly on the Looks aspect. Thats the reality, so suck it up butter-cup.

However, women have a very short shelf life and men age like fine wine. A man’s window of opportunity last WAY longer and for that you can be grateful. You as a man don’t have to rely just on looks (even tho LOOKS ARE AN IMPORTANT FACTOR IN SEXUAL ATTRACTION.

However, you can add points in other areas such as status and monetary resource worth. Women DO NOT have that luxury as men primarily are sexually attracted to a woman’s fertility. Youth and beauty signifies fertility. That is why you see millions of commercials on TV about beauty products for women; especially for aging women. The GAME for women is to keep up the beauty illusion for as long as she can—fitness commercials, make-up, yoga pants, nip-tucks, liposuction, labiaplasty, anti-wrinkle creams, etc.

We now, thanks to feminism, have an open window into the female mind and what really drives them as a consumer for cock.

All the cards are on the table and thanks to technology and the internet, we as men are able to communicate, share notes, and relay what women are doing, how they are behaving Vs. what they are saying. And that is IMPORTANT. Watch what women DO, don't listen to what they SAY. Women will go to ends earth to protect their sexual strategy. However, today they are so reckless that they have abandoned any sort of secrecy or restraint; showing their true colors when it comes to the sexual market place.

The problem for women is that their entitlement and insatiable consumerism towards the top 20% of men will eventually trap them in a dopamine fix cycle (aka the cock-carousel) and they will ride that thing until the music stops.

And then, when they hit The Wall at full speed #NoSurvivors; they will ask, "Where are all the 'good' men" and "Why has the phone stopped vibrating and ringing?"

And women today, when they hit The Wall are some of the most bitter and miserable creatures you will ever see in modern history. Bitter and miserable because they have never experienced the flip side of having a Golden Vagina for over a decade and now have to experience rejection and diminished returns on their social-sexual currency (their dusty pussy).

They always want the NEXT BEST GUY. When their man breaks (just like their iPhone) they will throw it away and get a new one. Why?

Well, why are men today disposable like their iPhones? it is because there is an endless buffet and a sea of thirsty males today at women's disposal THROUGH her iPhone apps; Tinder (Grindher), Facebook (Fuckbook), Instagram (InstaWhore), SnapChat (SnapFuck).

If you, as a man, work on yourself through highschool and throughout your, 20's, 30’s and 40’s (your prime) you will have access to a wider pool of women. You will not only have the horny 30-40 year old women prying at you because they are not getting the attention they once had as a young 20-something, but you will have access to all of the 30-year old women’s former selves; their arch enemies, which are all the younger and hotter women coming up the pipeline behind them.

All you have to do is be the best version of yourself and the best product that you can make yourself.

There will always be a man who looks better or has more status, but the secret is: THERE ARE NOW FEWER OF THOSE MEN AROUND TODAY. The competition pool has shrunk for men and the competition pool for women has remained the same: HIGHLY competitive.

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