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Male Disposability: The Economics of Semen, Eggs And Eggnog

Men have always been the more disposable sex when it comes to reproduction (not overall progress of society). And there is an evolutionary reason for this. It is nor good or bad. It just, is. Men are more valuable when it comes to the overall positive trajectory of our species.

From ancient wars to the Titanic, there has always been the notion of 'women and children first'. I would argue it is because women and children are one in the same; intellectually and mentally complimentary and that their physical stature, not fit for harsh reality. However, to further the safety of women is to also further the security of humanity if we should ever get near a population zero, scenario.

For example, let’s say there are two tribes; the Red tribe and the Blue tribe. In both tribes you have 50 women and 50 men.

When Two Tribes Collide

First |Scenario

Now, let’s say one day the men from the Red tribe go and invade/sack (not take over) the Blue tribe; killing 49 men and 40 women—leaving behind 1 man and 10 women to re-populate the Blue tribe. The Blue tribe will have no problem repopulating quickly as you really only need one fertile male to get all the women pregnant. A man doesn’t drop an egg once a month, he can cum bucket loads and dump his load into every walking wet hole in the tribe.

Eggs are scarce, semen is abundant.


The Red tribe is back again, but this time they kill 49 women and leave 40 men behind. The Blue tribe will face an amenity of issues with this; one woman left with 40 men. For one, it doesn’t matter how many times each of those 40 men run train and drop C-bombs into that remaining woman’s slosh pocket—she can only get pregnant with one(or the rare twins/triplets) child and it will take her 9 months + a few more to recover from the pregnancy.

The point is, men are the more disposable sex because sperm is cheap and abundant; it is supply and demand economics 101.

Think about, for a second, all the cum that is being expelled RIGHT NOW and on a daily basis, no, hourly basis in every city around the globe. Guys were jacking off left and right to Scarlett Johansson in the movie The Island (when she was in her prime) probably day and night when that Micheal Bay film hit the screen.

Women “rough up the suspect” just as much as guys do (don’t kid yourself) and almost all women masturbate either on a daily or weekly basis. But when women cum, nothing special is produced….orgasms are priceless for them: A puff of the pussy, a million fictional butterflies escaping the clit.

To show how cheap the white goo is, let’s do some mental masturbation and some quick math!

Calculating Cum

1.8 billion people are children (Out of 7.6 billion), and thus unlikely to be experiencing many - if any orgasms. There are another half billion elderly, most of whom aren't having orgasms. That leaves us with roughly 5 billion people as the "orgasmic population".

18-29 year olds have sex an average of 112 times per year, 30-39 year olds an average of 86 times per year, and 40-49 year olds an average of 69 times per year (Mosher, Chandra, Jones 2005)**

Assuming that we can just take the average there, that's 89 times per year (probably higher because there are more young people, probably lower because this is a study of America and I expect the numbers are lower in China and India for cultural reasons, probably lower because sex doesn't always lead to orgasm - especially for women).


Among undergraduate students, men reported masturbating an average of 12 times per month, while women reported an average of 4.7 times per month (Pinkerton, Bogart, Cecil, & Abramson, 2002)*.

Assuming that masturbation always leads to orgasm (it doesn't), averaging the results and pretending that men and women are evenly split between the population (they aren't), and pretending that the general orgasmic population masturbates as much as undergrads (they don't), we get (((12+4.7)/2)*12) 100 orgasms per year from masturbation.

So, average person experiences 210 orgasms per year. Per wikipedia, male orgasm is 10-15 seconds, while female orgasm is 20 seconds - we're just going to go with 20 seconds for both, to keep it simple. That means 4,200 orgasm seconds per orgasmic person per year, or about 70 orgasm minutes - or about 0.013% of the year.

5 billion people times 0.013% means an average of 650,000 people are orgasming at any given moment. I'm going to try to make some minor corrections to these numbers just by dividing out the genders.

We'll assume that men always orgasm from sex (89 times per year) and masturbation (144 times per year). Given 13 seconds as the average length of male orgasm, that means 3029 orgasmic seconds.

We'll assume that women orgasm from sex 65% of the time (58 times per year) and always from masturbation (56 times per year). Given 20 seconds as the average length of female orgasm, that means 2280 orgasmic seconds.

That means the corrected human average is 2650 seconds per year - which is much lower, and still probably on the optimistic end given that we can't properly extrapolate from America (where these studies were done) to the rest of the world, along with some of our other assumptions.

But sex science still has a taboo to it, and is hard to come by, so we're just going to make do. Divide the 2650 seconds by a year, multiply by 5 billion people, and we get a more correct number of 420,000 people orgasming at any given moment. To get it more correct, we'd have to do some solid population analysis, get some sex data from Asia (also South America, Europe, Africa, etc.), and do more math.

Assuming a 1:1 ratio of females to males, thats 325,000 males cumming their balls out at any given moment.

The average amount of semen per ejaculate is between 2ml and 5ml, so lets call it 3.5ml.

That makes: (3.5ml*325,000)/1000 = 1,137.5 Liters Average male orgasm duration: 12.5 seconds

1137.5/12.5= 91 liters of sperm per second, or about 24 gallons.


That’s a lot of Bruce Juice.

Sources: *Factors Associated With Masturbation In A Collegiate Sample

**Sexual Behavior And Selected Health Measures

Bolthouse Boys Vs. Soy Boys

With the rise in feminist ideology and the wide spread gynocracy we see today, men are even more disposable when it comes to dating and relationships with the advent of such social apps as Tinder (GrindHer), Facebook (Fuckbook), etc. Women today have endless possibilities when it comes to selecting who they want to fuck and the premium for pussy for 80% of men goes up, while the top-tier of men get a nice discount on the shares of pussy. Now, why is that you say, if sperm is so abundant?

Well, it all comes down to branding and the TYPE of sperm women want. And the type of sperm for women is the difference between Bolthouse Eggnog and your general, run-of-the-mill, mass produced eggnog (Neilson).

If you have ever had Bolthouse eggnog, or their smoothly products, you will be able to agree that the QUALITY is what sets their brand apart from the rest of the normie brands. It is the same with semen and men.

Women today are so privilege that they don’t even need men now, for provisioning—they just need their provisioning from their tax dollars to the government: A husband by proxy.

Women can also have their own careers and jobs. However, the only thing women need now from men is their semen in order to get pregnant so that they can eventually get alimony (or a baby bonus check) as well, or fulfill their biological yearning for a bun in the oven. Women, when it comes to getting knocked-up, generally want the Alpha’s seed or rather, the best QUALITY of Malenog/Chadnog. They want the Bolthouse Boys instead of the Soy Boys.

Just like with any product or consumer good, on the surface they may all look the same or even perhaps, taste the same. However, women today seem to have penchant for Chad—given how many dude’s they have blown from their 16th birthday all the way to their 50th.

For example,If two dudes shot their loads into two separate cups, you wouldn’t know the difference—on the surface both of those creamy wads would probably look the same; like Fettuccine Alfredo sauce.

However, take those test results to the lab and science would be able to determine who has the healthier sperm; sperm count, fertility issues, lazy soldiers, etc. Generally, a woman can tell who’s brand will have a better chance at being better for her. Typically women look for signs of male fertility and virility: testosterone. So, they are looking at brands that project masculinity; he works out, strong facial features, healthy skin, low body fat, tall and with a masculine frame. They aren’t looking for the Neilson guys, the Soy Boy’s who have weak features and thus, probably a low sperm count/quality of sperm.

The problem for women is that there isn’t a lot of Bolthouse nog to go around and thus is why Bolthouse costs $6.99 a carton(CAD) versus half that of the mainstream brands. As a guy, you need to become and brand yourself Bolthouse.

Yes, most women will settle for Neilson when they are desperate for Merry-Christmas cream during the holidays. However, you will be used as a fix and a short-term thirst quench. She yearns for Bolthouse, however. Most women—given their looks today and weathering bodies due to copious amounts of drugs, drinks and dick—have devalued their sexual currency to the point where they cannot afford to get Bolthouse down their throat and all over their bodies. So, they have to settle for Neilson.

Boo, hoo.

You taste better to women and you can charge a premium for it—by only being available to high-quality customers (Young, hot women with high sexual market status).

In a world with a huge (increasing) population, male disposability will increase; given the fact that a few dudes could literally fuck all day long, round the clock and be able to get a small city's population back up and running within a few years. And, with the dawn of fuckapps like Tinder, women are able to shop as if they were in a candy store for the perfect thing to suck on.

The best buck for the best bang. And the guys who are Bolthouse will get the bids; the Neilson nerds will have to spend Christmas giving themselves, a cinnamon twist.

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