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Jews On Wall Street Getting Burned On Holocaust Remembrance Day By Reddit, Pinch Me!

Apparently, today is Holocaust Remembrance day. You only know that because I told you. If you went on Twitter, the only thing that is trending is how Reddit traders burned all the Jew hedge funds on Wall Street, by bidding up companies that were on the cusp of extermination (Bankruptcy).

How ironic.

Today we are suppose to be remembering all the Jews who died 77 years ago; today we instead will say a prayer for all the Jews who are about to jump out of windows in JewYork city. The wives of those hedge fun managers will be filing for divorce in 3...2...1.

If you don't know what I am talking about, then you are obviously a Boomer, or have no experience in the trading/investing world. If you did, you would understand the magnitude of what is happening, and has happened over the course of a few days.

This piece-of-shit stock was around $8 a share back in the summer of 2020.

Right now it has been life changing for a lot of nobody's out there; life changing for Wall Street hedge funds as well!

Reddit traders have found the "infinite money" glitch in the video game called: The Stock Market. The Jews are pissed, royally.

Hedge funds have lost everything, billions. In the last few days a lot of Twenty-year olds have become multi-millionaires.

This is why they are so pissed and is why the media is pissed as well. It is throwing off the balance of everything. The nobility can't have the peasantry gaining while they are losing...why..that would be absurd!

It is a movement and honestly, one of the most profound E-volutions I have ever witnessed in terms of organization, and a level of zero-fucks that even yours truly has been impressed by. Team work makes the dream work!

Reddit traders have literally Hitler started a modern David and Goliath story; Bud Fox VS Gordon Gekko.

Retail traders burning shorts as quick as the Jews at Auschwitz.

What you are seeing is the digital version of privateer warfare. Each trader bidding up these once dead stocks is a small vessel on the open seas, firing a small salvo at the Imperialist ships of short selling faggots.

We here absolutely hate (with a passion) people who short stocks. If you short a stock, you deserve every bit of misery that is coming to you. You deserve to be burned and your throat slit. People who short stocks need to be exterminated.

Pieces of fucking shit. Let them burn. The manipulators are now the ones being manipulated. How does it fucking feel, you goddamn fucking cock-suckers!

If you short a stock, you are not only a faggot, but you are worse than Hitler.

People are funny, especially the Jews on Wall Street. Everyone hates rules, but people love/need rules only when it will serve them.

At this moment, Wall Street is crying to the SEC to do something about these young kids in their pajamas, burning all these Jews.

Nobody knows what to do, because nobody can do anything, really. Nothing illegal is happening.

These are the same pieces of shit that caused the housing bubble, yet are now crying when they don't get their way.

Why is it ok for funds to trade with insider information?

They get caught; Pay a fine, settle in court, & short squeeze the casual poor guy/gal out of positions. Retail investors take the same route by following the laws THEY set & they don't like it.

Funny how it works.

What we are seeing is the full exposure of this hypocrisy. They don't want the little guy, or the young to be able to make money or to become wealthy.

The only time CNBC and the Suits care about protection is when it’s the establishment getting their teeth kicked in. As long as the big banks are winning the stock market is great. The second retail takes the wheel it’s all unfair. Sounds like we are dealing with a bunch of whiny Jews.

Next thing you know, Wall Street hedge funds are going be classified as an "oppressed group".

Don't fucking kid yourself, yes, this is satire, but its already happening with how the media (Jewish owned) are painting the Reddit community as the bad guy and Wall Street as the victim.

Go. Fuck. Yourselves.

Two hedge funds, Citron and Melvin Capital have already admitted defeat and have lost Billions. Not millions, millions with a B. Imagine having to tell your office and all of your clients that had investing millions with your firm, that you lost all of their money to a bunch of Reddit autists.

Just LOL.

Upon $GME hitting $300 pre-market, we are saddened to disclose that our firm is undergoing a forced liquidation. Our process of liquidation may take some time as every employee has been ordered to liquidate their anus with KY Jelly before getting fucked. -Melvin Capital, probably

Reddit is Making Stocks Great Again.

Wall Street hedge funds have destroyed more lives than COVID, and did more economic damage in 2008 since the 1930's.

You guys understand how manipulated this game is? To day trade stocks & take profit, you legally must have $25,000 in your account. Wonder who they paid (* cough ((JEWS)) to pass that regulation? What middle class kid 17-24 has 25k sitting around? They don't want to let us into trading.

It's pretty funny that the Jews today aren't getting the attention that they so desperately crave every year around this time, so, I guess we will throw them a bone and give them some on here. I mean, guys, seriously, the Holocaust was almost 80 years ago. Get over it. There are more important things going on today like whether or not everyone should throw everything they have at GME, AMC, BB, TR and others.

Fucking Nokia is even getting the Bid. Smack that Ask like a thot!

GameStop is not the only meme stock as Reddit Trading has a list of all the stocks that have a heavily short float, and that is what they are targeting. All of these stocks were/are dogs...that's why it is funny.

It is almost like retail investors, in a big epic push for nostalgia, wants to bring back those good' ol days before the world went to complete shit. Days before smart phones and all you had was your shitty Nokia with T9 texting.

Those nights where you'd ask a girl you liked at school if she wanted to go catch a movie at the AMC theater down the street, buy some Tootsie rolls at the concession stand and then get a blowjob in the back seats. Show her you had a BlackBerry instead of a Nokia to demonstrate your higher value; get a second blowjob and then fuck her right in the pussy back at her parents house since they were away out of town. Go home later and binge on Battlefield 2 Bad Company.

We all remember those days. We don't, however, remember the Holocaust.


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