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9 Things The Rich Do That The Poor Don't: Why You Are Still Broke

Have you ever thought about how some people can become incredibly wealthy while the rest of society just falls flat on their face, not knowing how it’s done? There isn’t a conspiracy when it comes to wealth and making money. What really separates the poor from the rich is something called discipline. Most people you see walking around have no idea, no clue, no plan; they just let life ‘happen’ to them. They let life rape them, without lube; a willing masochistic that breeds their own misery.

They don’t understand that money is a tool that can work for you. That you can be its master instead of a slave to its consequences, if mismanaged—i.e debt, bad interest, over-spending. Building wealth is not that hard. It isn’t the world that is out to get you and you are not a victim. The only person in your way is you. You need to be more disciplined and take responsibility for your life and it’s direction. Stop whining and start DOING. Stop being a pussy and start being pro-active.

In this article I will outline why most people in society live paycheck to paycheck and how you can avoid becoming just another statistic and basic-bitch normie.

Here are the 9 ways to avoid such a tragic fate.

1. The Rich Are Willing to Promote Themselves & Their Value

Most rich people have a skill or talent that has brought them their wealth. They weren’t afraid to monetize this skill and do what most people wouldn’t: Put themselves out there for scrutiny and into the marketplace. As a result, they are not afraid to share their output and results with others. The sharing of their best attributes is an effort in disseminating knowledge in order to help others grow. As for the poor, most are not extraordinary; they are normies.

They are usually not good at any one thing and unfortunately, being average will usually lead to a life of average returns—a precursor to financial mediocrity. Furthermore, the skills that these poor people do have are usually rarely on display, as lower-tier income earners tend to lack the understanding of how important it is to sell yourself and display your worth when trying to get ahead.

2. The Law of Income

The rich believe that they will be paid in direct proportion to the value that they deliver to the marketplace. In other words, if they are developing a product that nearly everyone in the world needs, then they should be compensated accordingly. Poor people, on the other hand, believe that these people (companies) owe them something. That they are ‘too rich’ or ‘don’t need to charge so much’. This is why these people are poor, because they obviously don’t have a fucking clue about how economics work. Rich individuals understand that output is the only metric that counts since we live in a results-driven world. Poor people, on the other hand, believe that they should be paid based on the TIME they put into an activity: Time equaling your money. While hard work is a factor in success, increased input does not always equate more output. And this can be a sign of inefficiency when results are not consistently produced.

3. The Rich Read A lot

Wealthy individuals owe a lot of their success to the knowledge of others and taking the time and investing in other knowledgeable people. They live by the credo “The more you learn, the more you earn”. This is often accomplished through reading. I am not talking about reading Cosmo and about who sucked who’s dick or what vibrator Kim kardashian used on her mangled roast-beef curtains the other day, no. I am talking about actual reading. Reading articles that include facts, statistics, logical analysis and something that can benefit the reader in regards to navigating the world more efficiently. Warren Buffet, when asked about what he thought about success and how it is usually earned, always points to a stack of books. He reads hundreds of pages a day, no joke.

That is how knowledge works; it builds up, like compound interest. All people can do this if you understand your native language, but most won’t. Why? Well, you have to remember, the vast majority of people are fucking lazy. Warren Buffet is not alone in the vast pool of other wealthy individuals that attribute their success to reading. Mark Cuban dedicates 3 hours a day to reading. Bill Gates says he reads 50 books a year; that is nearly a book a week. What do most people do in a week? Mostly nothing; being pathetic, making excuses, jerking-off, playing the victim of their own prison they’ve created.

Don’t believe me? Well, only 1 in 50 read daily; the rest just watch T.V and fuck around all day doing stupid shit that poor people do; like knocking chicks up, getting knocked up, having kids they can’t afford, spending money they don’t have, gossiping about people they wish they were—general pettiness that can only grow from the ghetto.

4. Rich People Focus on Opportunities, Not Obstacles

A good example of an obstacle in business is when record companies were finding it difficult to sell their artists during the time when the economy was entering the .com phase or the Amazon phase. The obstacle was that people just weren’t going to record stores anymore and buying CD’s. The shift was to the online, the digital, because it was more convenient for the consumer.

So, instead of challenging that movement companies had to adapt and make a bid for e-commerce. It is an amazing world we live in now. If you are an author or an artist, why go against the grain and do things the ‘old-school’ way. You literally have access to almost the entire world now when it comes to getting your content out there. So, why fight it? Use the internet! The poor often see obstacles where there is, more than likely, opportunity. The poor are easily discouraged and give up more easily. Rich people enter arenas that many wouldn’t have the balls to do.

5. The Rich Associate with Other successful, Positive People

You are the average of the 5 people you hang out with. Rich people understand that your social circle is a big factor in your own success. Women understand this; that is why they depend on finding a high-status male to take care of them. Women are not independent as they think they are. Men need to know this if they want to be successful. Pro-tip: Don’t surround yourself with women; they are usually money and energy drains. Surround yourself with like-minded people who understand what it takes to grow.

For instance, I trade and invest in the stock market. I know other people who are active in the market and talk everyday and share trading ideas and we mull over possibilities, hidden companies and talent, and un-tapped areas in the market; always looking for hidden gems and opportunities to make our money work for us. Poor people don’t think like this; they usually just siphon and use people as if they were a Caprisun.

Poor people make little effort in doing this; they usually just hang around their “group” or clique of other losers who share in the lazy attitudes and relish the fact that they float through life like lumps of shit in a dirty bowl. They’d rather be brought down by bad influences—whether that entails doing drugs, smoking weed all day long, or other toxic gang-bangers.

6.The Rich Mature Faster Than Their Problems

The poor see problems than opportunities as we have explained. Instead of trying to figure out how to how to overcome the hard times, these individuals succumb to them; by engaging in procrastination, substance abuse, and other escapism. They say ‘I can’t’ and always return to the status quo without adapting. Conversely, rich people thrive on new challenges. If they don’t know how to do something, they figure it out even if it means going at it alone. Rich people often depend on themselves and believe in their qualities. Rich people understand that there is value in creating new solutions to problems and then sharing their findings with the world.

7.The Rick Think “Both”, The Poor Think “Either Or”

Economists came up with the term ‘opportunity cost’ long ago. To put simply, if you choose one thing, you are ultimately forgoing something else. In other words, if I have $20 and I buy my beer from the store, I am forgoing the $20 dollar lunch I wanted as well. This is how poor people think. They have a set amount of money and they think they can spend it on one thing or the other, but not both. However, the rich focus on HOW to get BOTH.

Give a rich person $20 and the fact that they want both the beer and the lunch. Instead of either or, they decide to go for both. To do this, the rich wouldn’t buy the beer or the lunch outright, initially. What they would do instead is buy 2 packs of cigarettes instead and sell each individual cigarette to drunks after bar hours who are feigning but don’t have any at 2-3 dollars a pop. After doing that for couple nights out of the week, the rich person has money for several lunches and beer. This is from the initial 20-24 dollar investment in the cigarette packs ( I am using CDN dollars btw).

8.The Rich Focus on Net Worth, Not Working Income

Poor people are funny. They often talk in terms of hourly wages, full-time jobs and positions and like to glorify wage-slavery; which are all forms of what is called ACTIVE INCOME.—Where time equals your money. Wealthy people understand that hourly income or a set income isn’t nearly as important as net worth. For instance, the dude who is working a white-collar job that pays an annual $90k vs. the dude who is working part-time for only $30k may, to normies, seem like the bigger better boss with the huge donger. However, you don’t know that the white-collar dude has tons of debt, bought a new Dodge Truck, has a wife and kids who siphon money daily, is in a higher tax bracket, is going through a divorce.

All the while the dude working part-time has no debt, lives a minimalist life style, has a shit-ton of investments, is marriage-free and child-free and is cash-flow positive. So, yeah, to the normies who don’t understand what debt-equity spending is, yeah, from the looks of things white collar dude looks solid? However, it’s all a show and the real money is with the minimalist, part-time dude.

One can earn a lot of money per/hr, but if they don’t know how to keep it, or grow it, they are fucked. They will still be broke in the end; a shiny turd.

9.The Rich Are Dollar Smart

The old saying goes, “Penny smart, dollar stupid”.

This phrase basically means that some individuals are very particular about how they spend small amounts of money. Like when buying a cup of coffee, but do not do the same when dealing with large sums of cash; like investing and self improvement. For example, poor people will jew-out on the little things and be proud that they only spent x amount of dollars on something small but then will scoff at the idea of investing a couple grand into the stock market on a dividend paying stock.

Yes, you saved 10% on those clothes, but you still spent money that you will never get back. Yes, you spent and got a “good deal” on that new car you bought (which you will have to make further payments on down the road via gas, maintenance etc) but oh no, buying that stock is “too expensive” for you. If you were worried about money, why did you buy a new car? Why didn’t you lease one or buy one that wasn’t a current year model? Do you even need a car? A $1,000 for a course! Oh, but you will spend $1,000 a year on coffee that you don’t need from Tim Horton's.

Poor people are poor because they make poor decisions.

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