Female Teacher, Chelsea Hahn, 'BEGGED Student For Sex After Kissing Him And Sending Nudies

Original Story DailyStar.com

The Ewing High School teacher accused of sending inappropriate photographs to a male student also kissed the boy in her classroom and asked to have sex, according to the charges filed against her.

Chelsea Hahn, 25, has been charged with three counts of endangering the welfare of a child by engaging in “sexual conduct which impaired or debauched the morals” of the student.

The criminal complaint said the boy is 17 years old and that the offenses happened “on or around” Friday, the day Hahn was charged.

Through their investigation, police determined that there was evidence Hahn kissed the 17-year-old on the lips in her classroom. She also sent him messages including nude photographs of herself and asking to have sex, police wrote in the criminal complaint.

It’s not clear why the alleged kiss was left out of the Ewing Police Department’s initial press statement on the matter Saturday. That statement only included accusations about explicit photos and messages and said they were sent via social media.

First off, I just want to give a big 'hats off' to the Ewing Police Department and Jersey authorities for working with us FTSS bloggers in regards to dishing out SOME salacious details. If you have been following the recent Female Teacher Sex Scandals in the last month or so, you will have noticed a very disturbing trend in the reporting by authorities: Lack of dirty details.

This whole "details of the acts/events cannot be released at this time..." bullshit needs to stop! Why the sudden change, huh? Before, we would get everything on the first day that the charges are laid; from how many blowjobs were given, where they fucked, if they did butt-stuff, detailed texts, etc.

Thankfully, in New Jersey (not surprising) they let all the garbage breath and hang out in the wind for us to pick up! All other cities and authorities should take note, that when you hold back on the details, you not only hurt the public's 'right to know', you also hurt us bloggers; who cannot do their jobs properly.

Our gurl, Chelsea Hahn, is a pure example of how a promising FTSS can go from potential, to failure in a heartbeat. An example of how being too horny and eager, like a teen boy she was trying to fuck, will ruin any chance of being inducted into the FTSS Hall of Fame.

With men, like women, it works the same; coming on too strong and too early rubs off as desperate and borderline psycho. 'Panic Sex' as a doctrine should be used in times of war, or incoming nuke strikes. Real FTSS pros play the long game. Why did our gurl panic? What made her so horny (Summer Break is in the air?) that she forwent the standard issue playbook on How To Fuck Your Student 101: A Guide To An Illicit Romp?

It also doesn't help that our gurl seems to be Lena Dunham's doppelganger. Now, if she were, let's say an Erin McAuliffe look-a-like or maybe even a Brittany Zamora, then I am willing to bet our victim would have let her slide that wet splice all over his HS Johnson, no problem.

Ladies, looks matter; even to high school boys. Chelsea is like that high school athlete that finally got called up to the big leagues, but then days before her first game she breaks her leg, or suffers a life crippling injury due to a car accident; to which negates her from playing the sport ever again.

The Report Card

Methodology: Chelsea's entry into the Female Teacher Sex Scandal Encyclopedia will read, Classroom Kisses: 1, Nudes: 3, Actual Sex: 0. What we have here is a campaign-for-cock that was poorly ran. Like a bad politician, our gurl didn't groom her audience very well and instead, came on too strong; wore her heart on her sleeve.

With her time off from her career (given that she will no longer be employed) she should brush up on our blog and learn from the long list of pros that we have featured in the past. Being too eager, too horny, too passionate about becoming the newest FTSS, will always result in mistakes being made when it comes to nailing your student.

I am sure our victim wanted to have our gurl perform the this dance of the modern era in education, but sadly, our gurl didn't follow the rules and scared her target away. Teen boys are getting more picky now given the abundance of women after them (including their horny teachers); Chelsea didn't attempt to woo.


Integrity: Our gurl didn't respect the rules of a proper engagement, but most importantly, she didn't respect her self. She had all the potential in the world in becoming America's next best FTSS, but she couldn't beat her own impulses and show some restraint/respect for the grooming process that usually ensures, ultimate SUC-CESS. She not only let herself down, us down, you down, but more importantly; she let her vagina down.


Presentation/looks: The nose ring; mine as well be the official siren of the slut that is DTF. The problem with alot of these young chicks is that they spend too much time on Snapchat, the Twatters and Fuckbooks that they forget about the gym. It should be gym>beach>Instagram. Not: Denny's>French fries>Dessert>Instagram photo. She could learn a lot from one of the greats like Elizabeth Flint on how to leave a legacy. Nice tits, though.


Overall Grade



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