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The Glass Bottom: Why Women Can't Break Through The Glass Ceiling

Being an independent investor, on top of writing and everything else I do, I am usually watching BNN (Bloomberg)—our Canadian go-to for stock info— religiously during the day to keep up to date on all things economic.

Recently, and I am not surprised since it is Canada, BNN has been featuring a lot of guests and ‘experts’ who are talking about the lack of women in marketing positions, on company boards, or just in the business field in general. It’s nauseating because either A) These ‘experts’ are either too stupid to understand the real answer or B) They are so drunk on their own ego, virtue-signaling agenda, that they actually have no clue about reality and why women can’t be found for miles in these industries, on their board of directors and in the business field in general. I sit back and laugh every time they bring up bar charts and graphs; showing how dismal the turnout is, every year for women.

You people are seriously fucking stupid, and I will explain why at length. I can’t even imagine why these idiots are allowed to come on BNN and try to make everyone feel sorry (to launch more money-wasting efforts and campaigns) for the lack of vagina and estrogen in the C-Suite world.

To caveat what I am about to say, I want to share a personal story of what I have noticed and witnessed in the working world, and one example in particular to which speaks volumes as to why women can’t be found beyond the first step on the corporate ladder; It has nothing to do with being oppressed.

There Isn’t A Glass Ceiling To Touch

Women can’t even notice a ceiling—if there was one—because they don’t even want to take the first step to get up to it. I will never forget what one female co-worker said in front of me and other women, mind you, in the workplace. It was a day in where this woman had to lead, since her boss was on holiday. Some of the other female managers asked her, out right, if she enjoyed and liked being in the leadership role for that day. This was her response:

Her: “I hate being the leader when X person is away.”

Other Female Manager: “Oh, how come?”

Her: “I just don’t like being in charge and I get really stressed out because so many things pile up and there is so much to do…it’s hard to deal with everything. I get so flustered!”

Translation from Woman speak-English: "I don’t like being accountable for making important decisions and having to deal with the blowback. I don’t feel confident in leading others and the confrontation that comes with it. I can’t handle multiple tasks all at once and I am horrible with time management."

But wait….aren’t women supposed to be great at time management and multi-tasking?

Answer for $1,000.00 Trebek: What is, no? Correct. You win a dick-suck from the camera girl, congrats!

A woman's greatest competition is herself. If we are to blame anyone or anything for women's failure into the C-Suite, we should be blaming her biology. Having to try and compete against your own biology, trying to be a man when your body and mind are saying "No" is almost damn near impossible.

Women are actually horrible at managing people, tasks, money, etc. This all despite what the gynocentric media, news articles claiming otherwise, will tell you. It is all a facade to give women the rah-rah, you-go-gurl, clit-lick illusion that they are somehow better than men at everything—even though, to be on par, they have to be propped up and supported, greatly.

The fact is, men and women handle stress and pressure differently; men just so happen to handle it better than women. This is due to a really important thing called TESTOSTERONE and BIOLOGY: SCIENCE…..FACTS….#TRIGGERED.

Cortisol Cripples, Testosterone Triumphs

The reason why men are pretty much better than women at almost everything is because of the hormone: Testosterone.

Even though you can’t see what this hormone looks like in it’s actually form, you can actually see it in everything around you: Buildings, inventions, roads, bridges, money market systems, space programs etc. Everything you see around you was put there by a man. The iphone, in which women take their nudies with, was invented by a man. The car that some Twenty-something ditz is driving around town (payed for by a man most likely) was built and invented by a man. The oil and gas that keeps that vehicle running was pumped, refined, processed and shipped, by men.

Now, you may have heard of this other hormone called: Cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone.

Now the funny thing is, cortisol and testosterone effectively cancel each other out when both increased and present in the system. Men with high testosterone therefore actually can negate the negative impacts of cortisol on their system. What will actually happen though is that when both are combined in the male body, it will create tunnel vision and focus. This is why men outperform women in combat scenarios and in life threatening situations. Their reaction times and cool-under pressure demeanor far exceeds that of a woman’s and they[men] can perform extremely well when under fire.

Women? Not so much.

The only fire a woman can calmly perform under is the white hot ball-bullets you shoot on her face, tits and ass when blowing your testosterone all over her body.

Just check out this stupid article from the Dailymail, which is calling for a shorter work week for women; because they are getting 'too burnt out'. So, let me get this straight. Women want to work less hours than men, but still want to get paid the same? Sounds like equality to me!

Women aren't equipped for the male life. They never were and they never have been. The reason why women can't handle the corporate jungle has nothing to do with patriarchy and has everything to do with mother nature and her internal misogyny towards the female sex. Men and women were never meant to be the same, as it would result in what we have today: total misery and dysfunction.

Women, compared to men (shocker), produce a negligible amount of testosterone on a daily basis in their adrenal gland. Once their adrenal gland runs out of testosterone, they start to produce adrenaline as a by-product and they have a panic attack. That is why, when push comes to shove, when the stress is fucking unbearable and you are up against the gun, women will go into the fetal position, scream first, and then shut down completely.

Women cannot biologically deal with that kind of stress. It is just nature. And no matter how many fucking Hollywood bullshit films you watch, which showcase some female bad-ass, leading the charge and taking down mob bosses with her high-heel kicks and then putting their heads between her thighs and squeezing until suffocation, it will still never match what actually happens in the real world.

This is also why women (vast majority) hate it when guys don’t take charge and lead them when in a relationship and dating. Women hate being responsible, they hate the pressure, they hate not being led. They hate doing any work at all; even if the work is sex.

Yes, cow-girl feels good for her but every go-gurl today would rather you just floor her onto the bed; put her ankles back toward the head board, and just absolutely pile-drive that pot hole with the jack-hammer—cementing your love for her with all the might of a New Jersey construction worker on a hot day.

Women don’t have to work for sex, men do. Men can't have sex for money; they have to work for it.

Women Aren’t CEO Because They Don’t Have to Be

The point I am trying to make, and the one I would like BNN and all the idiots who come on there to realize, is this: The reason why women are not “there” is because they don’t want to be. They will never get there as a majority, either. So stop wasting everyone’s time and money!

I am willing to bet that there are a low percentage of men being represented in the fields of Beauty and Fashion. OH MY GOD, where is the outrage! We should rally everyone’s money now and try to get more men into crocheting, sewing, floral designs, and home design!

Why isn’t BNN or anyone talking about how men are being left out and oppressed! How come more men aren’t cashiers! How come more men aren’t Day Care admins!? The horror!

Women aren’t in business or in the top echelons of politics, because they don’t want to be. The vast majority have ZERO interest nor do they need to be in order to survive in this gynocracy. So why are you FORCING the issue?

If you look at what books men and women read in their personal private time you will conclude that this also will translate into the workplace. Men like to read a lot about non-fiction topics: politics, history, business, finances, biographies, current affairs. Women like to read shit like: Chick-lit, erotica, romance, fantasy, and poetry.

When the going gets tough, women will simply take the road most traveled and the easy way out. That is where the Glass Bottom comes into play.

The Glass Bottom Boat

It’s hard to ignore the treasures of the sea. Women live their lives on a glass bottom boat and they view their lives as being taken care of by either a man at the helm steering them, or that some existential force perpetuates their life-style (I.e other men’s money through taxation). The very patriarchy that feminists claim is toxic; yet women take full advantage of when it suits them.

Women love when they don’t have to do anything difficult, like steer and navigate through the open seas and to prevent the ship from sinking or running ground. Why would a woman want to look up at a mythical glass ceiling when all the cash and prizes are below her?; the ones she can see through the glass bottom haul beneath where her vagina is? Right below her vagina (the very thing that will grant her access to all the sea treasures) is what she really wants: Fantasy under the sea.

The bad boys (sea of thieves) are there. Prince Charming (dressed as a merman) is there. Chad the surfer; there for 'instruction' with his Banana board sized, penis. Welfare is there. Adventure is there. Rainbows and orgasms are just steps away into this magical water of abandon.

Why aren’t more women in the top echelons of business, you ask? Well, why would they be?

Why would a woman do all that hard work when she can reap the same rewards, money and benefits of a life-style dejure by doing something a lot simpler: Get naked and go for a swim.

All she has to do is smile; take her clothes off, get a little "wet", and go get those treasures of the sea.

When all else fails in the workplace, she can always just #MeToo, sue, and get the goodies. Because, vagina.


Mic drop.


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