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Harry Potter, Fifty Shades Of Grey And Tradthots Represent The 'Gold Standard' Of Female Writers

Writing, like any other skill, takes time and practice. What I notice from a lot of people (not just writers) is that they give up way too easily on their craft, projects and ‘passions’. I think a lot of people go into these pursuits believing that they will become ‘famous’—which is subjective.

What is fame?

Is it 100 followers or 1 million?

Who gives-a-fuck?

If you are pursuing anything for attention or fame then you will surely be disappointed. However, many do go into these pursuits EXACTLY for that reason. If that happens[fame], cool. It should be a by-product of your craft and a bonus. Your goal should be to create something of value; something that changes and helps society. Something that is genuine or aims to give insight, wisdom, to entertain even.

My craft, for instance, is a blend of both: Entertainment and insight. I could write in a more 'serious' manner, but honestly, I really can't help myself. It's a disease to me. I can't escape my comedy as it has been apart of my life ever since I was a little shit-head in Grade 8; getting kicked out of class everyday for 'disrupting' it by cracking jokes and just being a savage bastard.

Life and the truth behind the shit people do, is funny to me. So go fuck yourself.

I digress.

The 'Best' That Female Writers Can Produce Today: Another Under-The-Blanket Orgasm

What I want to highlight today is the difference between quality writing, writers and why men are simply better at it—like most things in life. For instance, out of all the books ever written, the ‘best-selling’ female authors that we can point to—who have sold the most and surpassed others of their ilk— are the Harry Potter chick (J.K Rowling) and the one who writes about a Billionaire; who has a sex dungeon and has ‘play sessions’ with inexperienced women (E.L James).

It’s ok though and not ‘creepy’ at all, because Christian Grey is a billionaire—not some Poindexter who works at a Trader Joe’s— who is Chad-like with a masculine jaw line, washboard abs, and a pint-sized penis. Remember, when it comes to sexual harassment, the difference between being 'creepy' and being flirty is if the guy meets her standards.

It says a lot when those two series are considered the 'best' that female authors have to offer society. Both series written as if a high-school chick sat down and wrote it on a sugar high. Fifty Shades of Grey, The Hunger Games, Twilight, Vampire Diaries and Divergent series all read like some special-ed kid wrote it, with the help of their stay-at-home mom. No juice in the sentences. No life-changing quotes or wisdom. Just mindless garbage to induce either giner tingles or an escape back to childhood fantasy (women love feeling both of those things).

These two women, among others who write like this, are apparently the ‘best’ we have because that is what women like and can relate to—books written for tweens or written to induce those ever glorious and compounding, clit-tickles. As I have said before: Women are children. They are the most responsible teenager in the household.

Meanwhile, men and male authors are writing books about business, economics, money, commerce, sociosexual dynamics; building theories and generally improving the lives of people by expanding their knowledge about our world.

Writers like Rollo Tomassi, Aaron Clarey, Piero San Giorgo have done the work that people could only dream of decades ago. Podcasters, internet radio hosts/personalities, and writers like Terrence Popp, Tom Leykis, TheGreatOne, Adam Piggott, Richard Cooper, Roosh among others do more on a daily basis for society than what most do.

Discussing concepts and behaviors that man has subconsciously known for centuries but could not put it into words. Thanks to the internet and being able to compare notes, male writers have been able to establish working and practical concepts, rules, and paths to follow so as to navigate our ever-changing world in the realm of one of the most important aspects of humanity: Relationships.

Made In America: Branding of the Tradthot

Female “authors” like Lauren Southern will say things similar to these men (albeit without much teeth or intelligence) and will write a 90 page “book”(laughable) and sell it for way over market value and become a ‘best-selling’ author, just because she has figured out how to pander and con men (like any other chick)—push out the tits, have blonde hair and say 'conservative' things. There is no such thing as a Redpill woman. It’s impossible for women like Lauren Southern or Tomi Lahren to be completely Redpill because ultimately their hypergamous instincts will betray them.

Case in point: Tomi Lahren recently said it would be a grave mistake to overturn Roe V. Wade. Women, like the above mentioned, are nothing more than what are called Tradthots. They are the equivalent to how the German army in WW2 use to put on captured British and American uniforms in order to pose as a 'friendly' to ambush unsuspecting Allied forces—Battle of The Bulge for example. The German soldiers who would do this would learn the English language as well in order to fool unsuspecting allied soldiers behind enemy lines.

Like the German army fraudsters, these are women who present themselves as Made In America (even though Lauren Southern is Canadian) and tell men what they want to hear(they know the language). All the while we can now see cracks in their facade. If Lauren is SO conservative and afraid of the 'barbarian horde' taking over the demographics, then why isn’t she married by now and pumping out little Lauren crumb-crunchers? That womb and vagina isn't going to stay dust-free forever. Oh right, she is still riding the cock-carousel in order to find her Christian Grey—just like a good closet feminist would.The heroin drip that is unrestrained hypergamy is so addictive, women will pull such barefaced and obvious shit like this.

All I am saying is that women for the most part FOLLOW and don’t lead society. Amy Horton(who laments about what MANY post-Wall women are crying about), Lauren Southern, Tomi Lahren and others of their ilk have done nothing but spout what has already been said. Except, the only difference is they did it with a lipstick smile, perky tits, a nice ass and a soft voice—which when your audience is mainly conservative men…is highly effective. It is why these women, as opposed to more intelligent and potent theologians like Rollo Tomassi and others, get more Youtube views, donations, etc. They are like Cam girls but without the cooter shots and finger-blasting bonanzas.

It’s not solely these women’s fault, however, as it is more the men (betas and cucks) who slink and suck-up to these women on their Youtube channels. Men have responsibility in all of this too. Women will always use their 'assets' to take advantage of men. They can never do anything genuine without using their sex first to get it. Women, even in 2018, can't escape prostitution. It is in their blood.

If thirsty men would STOP paying attention to these…attention whores, then maybe less money and time would be wasted on these Thots. If these women are truly genuine, then it would be amazing to see if they would continue their 'crusade' if the male attention and money were to run out.

Men need to stop giving their wallets away to women and especially, women who will say one thing to then stab you later in the back all while doing it with your money. Tomi Lahren won’t be the last one. Eventually all of these women will crack and fuck up. They aren’t that smart and actually are quite stupid. To think that Tomi would do such a move and then wonder why she got fired from The Blaze and have her following turn on her for such a blatant contradiction is beyond me. A woman, no matter how ‘conservative’ she says she is, will always try to protect and optimize her hypergamy especially in our world today in where it is completely unrestrained—and women want to keep it that way.

Male authors actually produce writing that is valuable and productive. Men are just by nature more funny, witty and intelligent. All of the best movies, comedy shows and acts are done by men. All women know how to do is hijack and enter male spaces (Ghostbusters, Star Wars, Oceans 8, etc) to then ruin them for good. Women copy, men create. It is not because women aren't allowed into this space but because they[men] are just simply better at it. How are women oppressed from writing when we have the INTERNET! You can start a blog in a couple minutes, write a comedy skit, start up a Youtube channel all on your computer. The trick of the matter is: Are you any good?

And IF you are 'good' is it because you are genuinely intelligent or is it because you use your looks and sex to get viewer attention? More views and 'likes' doesn't always mean QUALITY. You have to look at what is ultimately DRIVING those 'likes' and views. Are you clickbait (bate material) or do guys read what you write, watch/hear what you say because you are unique; hold thoughts that are truly your own and are thus genuine?

Female authors generally meander in catharsis. That or gina tingles. Look at most female bloggers for instance. One great example is the aforementioned, Amy Horton.

Amy Horton encapsulates the modern female writer in that all she talks and writes about is: Her. Her and her troubles; failed relationships, bemoaning why she can’t get a man anymore now that she is past 30 and was a huge skank through her prime years.

Most women who start blogs or write for a living are just self-serving for the most part.

All they do is talk about their problems in order to gain attention and sympathy from others; never actually trying to solve A) Their own problems or B) Try to help others navigate theirs or develop solutions to those issues. Instead they will try and ‘raise awareness’. But really all it is, when it comes down to it, is a pity play and a way to rationalize your problems.

They find out that other women have the same ‘issue’ as them but then all they do is lament, rant and bitch. Never actually holding themselves accountable; figure out the problem(them) or admit to themselves the real truths to their problems. This is too hard for women because they are naturally selfish and solipsistic. They can't self-actualize because they are so ego-invested in themselves (i.e selfies, Instawhore pics, facebook-whoring, virtue-signalling). Everything they do is for them and to gain more attention. It is why women take selfies mainly and why men take pictures of the world around them.

Men want to understand the world; women can't even understand themselves. That's too hard because it requires one to be critical of themselves and their behavior. It's easier to just snap a cooter-shot and send it out to some dude; hoping he will at least take her to McDonald's first, before funking her into the next black hole in outer-space.

Men Produce Solutions, Women Wallow in Catharsis

Other female bloggers and writers, who are lesser known, will usually start a blog because they see how others are doing it; without understanding that writing and being serious about it, takes consistent effort and input.

Most female ‘bloggers’ will start a blog; they write for a few months and then you see nothing ever again. It's the same thing when women make a New Years resolution; the motivation and effort fade eventually because it's hard work to stay committed. Yet, they still feel good about themselves because like a blog, they still have that gym membership active; even though they aren't actively going back to it.

It's a way women psychologically trick themselves into feeling productive without actually doing anything. Like how wearing yoga pants makes them feel as though they live an 'active' and 'busy' lifestyle. Do they do yoga?


Do they go to the gym?


However, they have a gym membership!

Are they a writer or blogger?

Technically, yes.

Have they written anything in the last year...two years?



It’s like they dropped off the face of the earth.

For a lot of them it is a means to an end, just like how they treat men. If it is working for them, they will continue writing. If they have come to the point where they have exhausted all the attention, they will stop. They had no VISION or long-term plan for it. They just went on there, started spewing a bunch of emotional garbage about their personal lives, all for pity points and maybe for a GoFundMe. And then it becomes plain to see that their goal or mission all along was to start a blog for attention or some sort of catharsis—whether I’d be from their friends or strangers.

Now, there is nothing wrong with doing all of that; wanting to have a platform to vent and maybe join a community. However, don't expect to build an audience, a following or for people to keep coming back if all you have to offer is you talking about your emotions and problems. That's reserved for your boyfriend or husband to listen to. Nobody cares (neither does he, mind you).

Men make better authors, not because women have been oppressed from writing and thus there are more male writers. Nothing could be further from the truth. Men make up most of the best-selling authors because writing and writing well, is actually very difficult—it takes a lot of time, creativity, critical-thinking, and dedication to the craft. Women just aren’t as apt to all those things mentioned. Most importantly, men are better at abstract thinking—something that you need to do well when it comes to creating something amazingly funny or highly insightful.

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