WHITE GIRL WASTED: Married Texas Teacher, Lynn Burge,32, 'plied two students with booze; Fucked'em

Original Story at DailyMail.com

A Texas teacher was arrested on Thursday for allegedly having sex with two students, aged 16 and 18.

Lynn Burge, 32, who taught at Muenster High School, was accused of sending about five nude pictures of herself to the teenager via Snapchat last October.

According to News 12, the pair went 'backroading' together before she took him to her home, where she allegedly performed oral sex on him.

They had also been drinking before they had sexual intercourse, according to the arrest warrants.

Investigators interviewed the teen who recalled going to the woman's home to have sex.

The teen told authorities that Burge's family wasn't home at the time.

Burge claimed she didn't remember whether or not she had sex with the teen because she was highly intoxicated. Burge, who is married and has two children, is also accused of having sexual intercourse with an 18-year-old student. The second incident reportedly occurred on Burge's birthday in March while they were at her sister’s home.

That student told investigators that they had unprotected sex after they went backroading, according to the Gainesville Daily Register. Burge was arrested after the Department of Family and Protective Services received an anonymous tip about her in September. Last week, Burge reportedly told a Texas Ranger that she had sex with the 18-year-old and that she sent nudes to the 16-year-old. Burge also resigned from her position last week after a little over a year with the Muenster district.

She taught Intro to Culinary Arts, Child Development and Principals of Human Services.

Texas: The great state where you can 'bareback' and go 'backroading' with your hot teacher, all in the same day.

Everything is indeed bigger in Texas and it rings true for the FTSS stories that come out of this amazing state. Lynn Burge is proving to all students and teachers out there that greatness comes to those who put in the time and effort toward their passion. Our gurl wanted to be young again; she wanted to experience her youth all over her chest, butt, thighs and face.

An escape artist whose only goal was to satisfy those nagging Gina Tingles stewing withing thy vaginal crease. Women today loath the married life; the 2 kids with a house and a picket fence along with the dutiful husband. They do it anyway to satisfy one part of their sexual strategy or to appease societal, religious or familial standards. However, deep down in the depths of a modern gurl's aching crevasse is a nagging 'want'; a yearning to get railroaded while 'backroading' with a young stud. A true Texan fantasy. A mini-van is yesterdays horse; a young teen, today's John Wayne.

Just for a moment, or two, our gurl wanted to skip dodge and put up her feet towards the sky; spreading her hope to all the young lads out there, who's full balls cry out into the moonlit night.

They say you can tell when a woman is in love by the size of her smile; you can also tell when a man is in love by the way her covers that smile...with a sizable load. Nothing says "I love your tits, face, ass and giner" like shooting out a lemon meringue pie, from your dick.

A teacher who lets you bareback her after backroading, is all the love one needs.

The Report Card

Methodology: Lynn Burge has impressed us all. She had decided to go for the ground-rule double instead of hitting out a single like most of her horny colleagues. Our gurl played it like how any White girl today would: Get wasted, suck and fuck a couple dudes in one night; claim you can't remember a thing and deny all responsibility (aka- The anti-slut defense). A classic move that only the pro's and seasoned sluts use.

Lynn not only went on a wild adventure with the 16-year old, to then give him a blowie and some vaginal healing; she then took out another player from her deck and fucked him silly as a birthday gift to herself.

Backroad blowjays, kitchen sex, Snapchat sexting; the woman can do it all.

Lynn has displayed her talents in 'Human services'.


Integrity: Married for 6 years (2012), with two kids and a hubby, Lynn Burge has shown us all how women today can be a triple threat: Career woman, wifey-poo and party-gurl. You can do it all! Letting a boy, who you just sucked-off, sleep in your kids room; to then fuck him in your marital bed; to then later fuck another teen at your sister's place.

Changing locations is what any good sex-sniper would do.

Getting White-girl Wasted and then claiming memory loss, takes it to a whole new level. I am willing to bet her next defense will be that both of the boys raped and took advantage of her, given the current circus climate we live in now.


Presentation/looks: The Indian motif that our gurl has going on in the thumbnail just says it all. Any female teacher who wears a sweater like that and earring tassels in her professional picture, definitely fucks like a minx.

Without any body shots, it is hard to tell if our gurl is a yummy-mummy or is a boat-load of fun below. Cute face, but my detective senses tell me our gurl has a bit of mommy weight on her. For a 32-year old mom, who has spat out two crumb-crunchers, her face shows no signs of major weathering: Getting facials from teen boys helps with pore cleansing.

Deleting her Instagram after her arrest is an understandable move, but she should know that it doesn't help her score here.

As a Sex Scandal Teacher, you have to decide what's really important here in this situation and what your goal is. Taking down all your photos doesn't send the right signals to us here. Where is the commitment?

Where is the passion and ambition to be #1?

It's heartbreaking.


Personal Notes:

-Performed 'human services' on student(s)

-Backroad bare-backing Burge

Overall Grade



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