Positively Hot: Why 'Body Positivism' Is For Lazy Fucks

When looking at the thumbnail for this article, ask yourself: “Which version of the above chick would you rather plunge your cock into?”

The majority of men (unless you have a BBW fetish) would most prefer to pump away at the skinnier, hotter, tighter and healthier version of the same girl on the right. This chick apparently lost 45 lbs; good for her. Now higher-valued guys are going to want to fuck her; which she wants.

I don’t say that sarcastically or in a condescending way. I actually mean it. It takes a lot of hard work for a lot of people to lose weight and who want to make themselves great again. On the other hand, lazy and weak people will not view reality the way you and I do.

Yes, I am talking about the ‘body positive’ crowd out there.

We have seen in the past, libtards and SJW’s getting triggered at ads showing thin and hot women showcasing products. SJW’s apparently don’t understand how marketing works and what people, both men and women desire in the opposite sex. When you get a rock-hard stiffy, or when you sploosh in your panties (if you’re a woman), at the sight of another human, it has nothing to do with their 'personality'.

Symmetry is Hot AF

Physical attractiveness has everything to do with this one thing: Symmetry.

The difference between someone who is hawt AF and someone who is average or slightly above average is, mere millimeters. Math can be applied to hotness. You can see the math on a person’s face and on their body; hip-to-waist ratio’s, facial symmetry, muscle tone and density, jawline curvature, body fat percentage, etc. There are, believe it or not, very specific criteria for our eyes and what our biology determines to be ‘hot’. Or in other words, what our biology determines to be fertile.

A heart-attack away from 'success'.... A boner away from leaving your desk.....

A little bit ago, Cosmopolitan decided to showcase the most disgusting and fattest fuck of a model on their magazine cover.

Trying to tell their female readers that, "Hey...look...physical beauty is on the inside...we swear."

I don't lie to my readers or to women for that matter. On all of my C|Suite Magazine covers (The Magazine for Men) I feature smoke-shows; fucking hot women that men would want to stick their dick into. That's what my audience wants to see before they read the most ridiculously hilarious erotic letters.

Hotness=Fertility + Health

Since most SJW’s look like land whales due to lazyness and over-eating (eating the wrong foods as well), instead of going for greatness they seek to do the exact opposite: Socially engineer and change the ‘standard’ of beauty. The reason why this doesn’t work is because you cannot change biological standards for beauty that have been hardwired into the human psyche for thousands upon thousands of years.

The whole reason why our biology seeks to mate with hot and attractive individuals is due to our survival mechanism. Mating and fucking hot people is what’s best for your genes. It will ensure the best spawn and chance at your lineage carrying through to the next century. Weak and lazy people don’t seem to understand that you cannot change this, no matter how much you want people to think your gunt (gut in front) attractive, even though you look like Grimace; have dimples on your ass like a golf ball and a butt where your vagina should be.

Hotness isn't having to throw all-purpose flour on to your fat, in order to locate your wet vagina hole. Hotness is being able to slid that shit in without having to look for it, like detective Clouseau.

It’s the laziest thing you can do—trying to tirelessly convince people that being fat and unattractive is OK. It’s not because it is first and foremost, unhealthy. It's because being ‘positive’ about being unhealthy is literally insane. That’s like telling someone it’s OK to be suicidal—be more positive about killing yourself!

Meet Chad..... Meet Stacy........

You see, SJW’s have a real hard time attracting Chad and Stacy. So, instead of working hard at making their bodies better, they instead want to convince Chad and the rest of the world that THEY are the ones who are attractive, simply by using a magic spell of words and shaming others who don’t agree with their retarded agenda.

Both Stacy and Chad are the Pinnacle of Excellence

Excellence can only come from working your ass off and being committed. Working hard and staying committed is the antithesis of the SJW. They tend to give-up on everything once they've started and then blame others for their failures.

The above is great marketing, by the way. It hits at the core of all who wish to achieve hotness and it will also sell a lot of fucking pistachios. Men want to be fit like Chad and women want to be skinny like Stacy. Stacy wants to fuck Chad and Chad wants to fuck Stacy; cum all over her flat stomach like a toaster strudel.

Now, if you put a SJW in charge of marketing at the Pistachio company they would have probably kept Chad on the ad, but would have replaced Stacy with a Bertha; a bull-dyke with tattoos, a nose ring, pink hair and gunt (gut for a cunt) the size of a potato sack.

It's like how most unattractive and fat women today believe that they deserve Chad because they have been told the lie that they deserve everything in life because: vagina; even if you don't work hard for it.

Same goes for men. If you don't lift and keep your body a fine tuned instrument, sanctioned for pussy pounding success, than Stacey (moreover her biology) will not want to fuck you; she will not want to pull you into the bathroom at a bar and suck your cock off.

Likewise, if you're a chick and you look like you've just ate your own bastard children for breakfast, got your prison tattoo's along with the dyke-cut, Chad is not going to want to buy a bunch of Gatorade; bend you over the counter-top and pump your pussy for days until exhaustion.

Being unhealthy should not be tolerated. It should not be touted or praised. Being healthy and aiming for excellence is what should be accepted in a healthy and prosperous society. Instead of shaming 'body shamers' we should be shaming those who wish to lie and cause harm to women and men by telling that it's OK to be a lazy fat fuck. Stop emotionally over-eating because of your feelz. You're an adult now. Have some self-control.

Hit the fucking gym and the treadmill; put down the soda and the Kraft Dinner. Go outside.

Chad doesn't like fat hedge hawgs.

Read All About Chad's Sexual Escapades in The Bro Next Door

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