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Thoughts On The #ThotAudit

The #ThotAudit as of late sheds light on the ongoing battle for the sovereignty of male spaces.

If you haven’t heard by now, E-thots are starting to be reported to the IRS for Tax evasion. Of course, the E-thots, titty streamers and cam-whores are upset and for some reason are blaming the men for doing this. It’s not only the E-thots who are shaming and blaming men for reporting, but we have also noticed a lot of White Knights acting on the behest of their Ass Queens.

What is more disgusting: Internet whores prostituting themselves for cash pigs and not paying their taxes, or the beta males who defend these criminals?

That is what we are discussing; criminals.

If you think for a second that it is OK for these cam-whores to evade taxes, you are a fucking piece-of-shit and deserve to be beaten, severely. Now, I would rather nobody have to pay taxes. I would rather we have a smaller government, but this is the world we live in; where the government is so big it can point a figurative gun to your head and commit theft by way of taxing your income.

Fine, no problem. I will follow the law because as everyone should know, you DO NOT fuck with mafia. Apparently, E-thots (women) don't understand this.

It’s ironic because women today love, no, they worship the government and they love all of the welfare programs it provides—which are ironically funded by tax-payer dollars. The same dollars they are not reporting to the government on their income taxes.

These are most likely the same women would would vote for more government and will want all the free daycare programs, free tampon programs, abortion programs etc. Yet, they can't be bothered to report their earnings from showing their vagina's on stream.

Yet, women like these whores will evade and not claim their earnings! Women, will clamber for laws and for men to go break their backs at work and pay into the system, yet, when the same rules apply to them it’s almost as if they feel exempt because they have tits and a vagina.

That’s female logic when it comes to equality; when the rules don’t favor their own self preservation, they are nowhere to be found. You have to be really stupid if you are an E-thot to fuck with IRS…after all, the funds you receive from beta males on the internet go directly into your bank account which is connected to your social security number. Also, if you are LLC and make your money through digital means, the threshold for reporting in the U.S is $400 dollars. That means, if you make more than $400 through showing your tits and vagina, you have to pay taxes on those earnings. It’s not 12k nor is it 20k…it’s $400 dollars. Which, I am sure these girls are making way more.

You have to ask yourself, why is it OK for someone like myself to publish products—sell my intellectual property—and have to pay taxes( because it is considered earnings), but OK for a E-thot—who sells her tits, ass and vagina— not to pay taxes on those earnings? We are both selling our assets except one person is selling intellectual property; the other is selling their physical property.

The main point, though, is that at the end of the day these women are the modern day prostitute. There is no question about that. Although, now with the Thotpatrol and #Thotaudit happening they are now proclaiming they are ‘sex workers’. Which is fucking hilarious.

I swear...I really want to hear her thoughts on the best N64 Game of all time...

Why is it hilarious? Well, because before this all started, E-thots always hid behind the moniker of ‘entertainer’. It’s the magic of words again, with women. Much how like strippers like to be referred to as ‘dancers’, the E-thot is still a prostitute. If it quacks like a duck, it’s a fucking duck. And the government wants it’s piece of the pie (pun intended). It is why traditional forms of prostitution is deemed illegal due to how it undercuts the broader economy—the government can’t tax it because it is all cash transactions. It is all about money.

Also, from a socio-economic standpoint, it is terrible for society as a whole when prostitution is made easy for women because that means less women becoming girlfriends, mothers and wives to men. You have to realize that if given the choice, women will always choose the path of least resistance when it comes to their survival.

It is a lot easier—especially today with the internet and social media—for women to just become whores and prostitutes rather than doing the hard work of being in a relationship; being a loyal girlfriend, mother and wife to a man. There are no incentives for women to aspire to be more than their base desires.

When the government is your daddy and when motherhood is pushed under careerism, women don't need to go directly to a man. If men will give you money without physical contact, then why would a woman pursue a beta and real life to optimize that one side of her hypergamous desire? It's already taken care of.

To fulfill her need for a stiff-dick'n and a good Chad fuck to satiated her pussy...she can just go on Tinder to optimize her Alpha-fucks side of her hypergamous instinct. They can just sit at home under a user name and extract money from men without having to put any effort into a relationship.

Women, if you give them the choice and chance, will defer to their lizard brain and to the lowest common denominator in order to get by. Prostitution is universal for women. Sex is always transnational no matter the form in which they interact with men.

To view all this linearly, we have to understand the evolution of the E-thot and where it all began. There are different forms of E-thots: Instagram whore, Facebook and twitter whores, Twitch girls, gamer girls (titty streamers) and of course cam-whores.

Dawn of the E-Thot

My first impression of the E-thot was back during the 1990’s and early 2000’s while watching Sports Center. If you all remember, TSN or any sports broadcaster use to only have male show hosts. They were funny, they were informative; it was genuine and it was believable. The days of Jay Onrait and Dan O’toole come to mind.

Even if you didn’t follow hockey or sports, it was fun to just watch these guys rip jokes and do stuff on air that you wouldn’t have seen in the 1980’s or before. This was all before Youtube and I-Entertainment. We had true male spaces on TV and in sports in particular because the audience is and always will be dominated by men.

Men understand games, they understand sports better than women. Why? It’s because we play them more and we are better at them. How do I know this? Well, have you ever been to a WNBA game?

Neither have I.

And neither has anyone who doesn't like to waster their time and money. If I wanted to go see a bunch of dykes throw a ball around and pretend that nothing is going to happen later in the locker room, I'd at the very least go watch soft-ball chicks (they are more attractive relative to basketball chicks).

Women suck at playing sports and the equally suck at talking about them and displaying genuine knowledge instead of learning and parroting talking points or what their producer (who they probably sucked off to get the job) told them to memorize.

It wasn’t until the early 2000’s where we started to see the E-thot begin to emerge. Who was the first E-thot, you ask? Well, in my opinion it was when Sports Center added, for the first time, a female co-host. That chick’s name was Jennifer Hedger. It was the day you watched Sports Center and said to yourself “What in the, fuck?”.

To make a long story short, TV and sports has never been the same. Granted, it’s nice to stare at female sports casters, but they added (and still do) nothing of value and the whole stunt just left a bad taste in your mouth. The sports show(s) just weren’t funny and entertaining anymore as far as guy's humor can go. Women aren't funny because they don't take risks in comedy. This happens all the time when you add women, not only to the workplace, but also to male spaces. The dynamic between hosts, changes.

Through the years, Sports Center and other outlets followed this trend and today.

Today you see all scores of hot female sports 'journalists'. Chicks like Jackie Redmond of SportsNet, Andi Petrillo of CBC sports, Kate Beirness of TSN, and Natasha Staniszewski of TSN. You see panels that are made up of women who have never played a sport in their life, talking about what ‘Hot route’ that receiver should have took among a bunch of men in suits who are former NFL players, coaches and trainers. It’s all so nauseating. The diversity hire signaling is so blatant.

Instagram is the Modern Day Version of the Back Page

Women use all spaces and platforms as a means to prostitute themselves for attention, Chad- dick and money. It's OK though, because women love to whore themselves. It's a natural instinct. Just pay your taxes, please. Be a whore, that's fine. We are all not surprised by your urge to be a prostitute. Just pay your taxes, thanks.

Don’t believe me about women using all platforms for this express purpose?

Go onto ANY platform and ask yourself what you see? Look at what the men post versus what the women post. Do you see my point yet?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, VSCO, it’s all the same. Women’s profiles are formulaic. Inspiration quotes (virtue-signaling) mixed with bikini shots; shots of their tits and ass.

This is very telling. It’s the Madonna-whore dichotomy.

To are a 'loser' if you give them money for nothing. I agree.

It is also mixed signals. On one hand she virtue-signals, yet, on the other hand all of her pictures are of her, half naked, at parties, doing shots, shots of her ass, shots off of her ass, etc. You look at a dudes page, ya he might have some pics of his ripped body (if he has one) but many guys will post value and will seek to show the world rather than show themselves to the world. Women are solipsistic; they take selfies (innies) not outies.

Women, even if they don’t realize it, are constantly objectifying themselves, marketing themselves, branding themselves as a sexual object to be desired and viewed in order to attract resources from men and ward off competition from other women.

Instagram is the equivalent of yesteryear's Back Page.

Titty-Streamers & E-Girls

Fast forward to today, the E-thot has infiltrated another huge male dominated space: Video games. Like with traditional sports, E-sports are digital ones. Video games are competitive; hence why it is a male space. Video gamer’s and the gaming community though is more than just competition, it is ultimately and more importantly just a way for guys to hang out and get away from the female-centric society. It’s the equivalent to guys going to the bar after work—you don’t go there to just drink, it’s mainly an excuse to escape and be with the guys and talk guy shit. That’s really, in a nutshell, what sports and video games are for; its comradely and an outlet for men to hangout and be a part of a tribe.

Now, what do women do 100% of the time when they enter male spaces? Well, they use that space to extract attention and resources from men using their bodies. They could care less about the sport, less about the games; they aren’t there for the right reasons. They are there to manipulate and use the space as a cash cow.

Women are chameleons and the E-thot does a very good job of making everyone think she is into MineCraft or Battlefield, but when you begin to see that most, if not all of them, completely suck at playing the games you all see that most of them, for some odd reason, like streaming with their tits out. It’s hard to believe that these women don’t know how to turn down the thermostat in their rooms because most of them see be wearing very minimal attire to the point where your boner will tell you the truth about everything.

Of course, it’s on purpose. Of course, they are E-whoring. Women can’t help themselves because its just TOO EASY.

Dad: "How was your day at work, sweetheart?"

Daughter: "Umm....."

If women had the option to stay at home all day long, sit around in their underwear and masturbate, they'd do it. Now, if you told a woman she could stay home all day long, sit around and give herself endless orgasms AND get paid...well?

What would a fat kid do if you told him you found the last Golden Ticket to Willy Wonkas chocolate factory? Well, it would be the fastest you'd ever see a fat kid run. He wouldn't even wait for you to start the car in the freezing cold. He'd run his fat-ass to the fucking factory and wait in line before that cunt Veruca Salt and that annoying bastard-child Mike (TV) and his single-mom could get there.

Think about it, if you were a girl what would you do? Would you go out and get a ‘real job’? Would you go and become a mother, a loving wife to a husband and take care and raise kids by providing them a stable environment via the nuclear family model (which takes hard work).

Or, would you fire up your Macbook or desktop at 11 AM, while you are still in your tank-top and panties and pretend to masturbate yourself while you shoot some ‘noobs’ on Fortnite for a male audience who are dying to throw money at you because you are just such a good gamer and ‘entertainer’ (*cough*prostitute)?

You see, you can’t solely blame women for doing this; much like you can’t blame a child for shitting its diaper instead of using the toilet.

Women will, like a child, do the easier thing.

It’s a lot easier( and more fun) to masturbate all day long in front of your computer as a Cam-girl for $500+ a day instead of working at Starbucks for $11 an hour and make $88. Women can’t masturbate and have orgasms behind the counter at Starbucks and get customers to feed the tip jar $20-50 dollars at a time while their pussy is still dripping from the multiple orgasms—better get the ‘Wet Floor’ sign!

The E-Thot & Soft-Core Voyeurism

One of the most notable E-Thots is a woman named Zoie Burgher. Best known for her Twitch streams and posts, Zoie encapsulates what we know today as the E-thot—even though she and others like her will claim that they are not about creating a soft-core pornographic industry and environment.

Zoie’s story began on the Twitch, an online forum for gamers to live-stream and connect with their followers. After being banned four times due to twerking in a bikini, she moved her ‘act’ to YouTube, on which she posted similar videos.

So her act was basically, showing her ass and tits.

According to The Verge, Zoie’s next project is Luxe House, which is “part gaming team, part media brand and part talent agency.” Think “Real Housewives of Orange County,” but they all live in the same house and play “Call of Duty” all day.

Using her own funds, six other gamers are joining Zoie in a San Diego mansion. The show will follow the vlogging escapades of the lady gamers, and they will use Luxe House and their individual accounts to grow their followings from a central location.

Yes, using her ‘own funds’ (beta bucks given to her) she is going to be starting business that is akin to watching girls live out their daily gamer lives like how a porn company would install camera’s around a bunny ranch so you can watch girls get dressed out of the shower and rub- one-out on their bed after curling their hair. It’s the exact same inspiration even if these gamer girls aren’t going to go full-nude and diddle themselves.

It’s taking one formulaic success and altering it just slightly. It is a soft-core version of voyeurism porn.

Zoie is glad that her gaming has inspired girls to own their identities as gamers. However, she made it clear to Glixel Magazine that her company was not pornographic in nature. “While I’m not against sex work, there is a societal stigma that does affect real life,” Zoie reported. “This can affect the stream team I’m creating, the brand I’m trying to grow.”

Of course she isn’t against sex work because whether she believes herself or not, that is the basis and foundation she is working off of. You are using a woman’s sex and beauty but just giving her a gaming controller and a microphone and calling it something else.

At the end of the day, guys won’t be tuning in for the same reason (due to biology) to a female gamer the same way he would tune into a male gamer (who is more likely better at playing the games and is there for legit reasons).Women are just doing this because it’s a quick easy buck and they don’t even have to be good at gaming because thirsty guys (most of whom are gamers) will tune in en masse thinking they will get their pee-pee touched or receive female attention if they send a donation.

Look, whenever women (especially E-thots) have to go out of there way with men, the media, and keep saying that what they are doing is not 'sex work', it's clearly what they are doing. They are addressing it because EVERYONE is pointing it out; a large mass of people are saying to themselves, "This looks a lot like soft-core sex work". When you have the majority calling into question what it is you are doing, use your brain.

It's because this is exactly what they are doing.

They [Zoie and friends] are instead, obviously, all about creating an environment to ‘empower’ younger girls who are into gaming. When I read that I laughed hard than I have ever laughed in my life time. That’s like a street hooker saying she loves sucking homeless guys dicks for the love of sucking cock, purely on the basis of the pleasure of having a guy jizz warm creamy cum all over your tonsils— not for the crack rock he will give her in exchange for her ‘services’. That’s like some gold-digger, 24-year old sugar baby saying that she married some 60-year old dude because he pounds her pussy just right—not because he works for Wall-Street and has a big wallet.

Right Zoie, we all believe you. The optics of you and others girls clearly show and demonstrates that you are all in it for the love of gaming.

Why all the Rage, Bro?

This is exactly why today the #ThotAudit and Thotpatrol is happening; the blatant lying. For a long time, these E-thots got away with all of this because they never came out and exposed themselves, openly. Well, come to think of it, they were exposing themselves.

You know what I mean.

In the back of guys heads, they always understood what was going on. It was the best kept secret. What I believe happened is that, with all prostitution, traditional or digital, there is a hushed understanding about what is taking place.

The thing though with traditional prostitutes is that everyone knows the score and everyone is honest about what is going to take place. The traditional prostitute is the most honest and real woman you will ever meet. “You give me money, I’ll give you sex.” Now, with E-thots, men are not getting anything out of the deal; they are getting shitty ‘gamers’ and get to maybe see some cleavage; the occasional vag slip through short-shorts while crossing legs.

This chick was banned from Twitch for showing her vagina on stream.....niice.

At the end of the day, these girls were still ‘entertainers’ just like the men. If a tit was exposed (or a vag) it was the equivalent of the classic shy-gurl, "oopsie (tee-hee)...did my vagina just say hello? I'm sorry."

However, it was only until recently that this whole hushed dynamic changed because of one E-thot having her account being reported to the IRS. This then galvanized many E-thots to then defend themselves by saying that they were now (all of a sudden) ‘sex workers’.

Not ‘entertainers’, but sex workers.

Which changes everything because it lifts the veil and exposes, officially, what all of these girls are doing if it wasn’t clear before (which it should have been). Not only are they now coming forward and saying they are whores, but now they are whores evading taxes. Not only have these women invaded a male space—manipulated them and sucked money out of them—took all the subs, the likes, and the revenue from actual legit gamers who are actually good and ‘skilled’ instead of just flashing vags and tits, but they have now made it clear that they are criminals to boot.

That is what all the rage is about.

It’s not about being a whore, per say, it’s about being an honest whore. If you are going to be an online whore, just pay your taxes. That's it. Go be a digital whore, but pay your fair share like the rest of us. If you're selling yourself, whether it is your beauty, looks, cleavage (assets) or your intellectual skills and you are EARNING INCOME, you have to report that income (especially if it can be traced and tracked though your banking information).

It is called a CAPITAL GAIN. If you don’t report this income you are deemed (not by me) but by the federal government, a criminal. You are cheating the system to which we all pay into, everyday. You are now a threat to the tribe and the system.

That is why people are angry and that is why there is such thing as the #ThotAudit.

The Final Solution

Here is a thought, on Thots!

Instead of going through all the trouble of reporting these hussies....wouldn't it be ALOT easier if men, particularly beta males, STOPPED GIVING THEM MONEY in the first place! If you don't give these women views, 'likes' and donations then they will have no money to then not report to the government. Of course, this is going to be almost impossible due to the swelling amount of beta thirst out there.

You can thank single-mothers for raising and perpetuating this beta male thirst to which has no end in sight. You can thank feminism and women worshiping the government instead of husbands and fathers. You can thank them for choosing to spread their legs for deadbeats, allowing them to cum into their vagina's; turning them into the equivalent of a jelly donut without considering financial stability and the fact that children are fucking expensive!

But, thats OK. The government will raise the children (aka- productive male taxpayer dollars).

Not E-thot tax dollars, though.

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