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It's Always Cloudy In CorporateLand

Right at this moment I am doing one of my favorite past-times here in Florida: Sipping on a cold beer in the condo lanai; watching senior citizens try to strike a ball from the 9th tee box in my backyard.

It's fucking hilarious.

Truly the best free entertainment one can get.

I am here for a month until the new year.

Here for a month of pause and reflect. I will be writing on the shitty weather days here, but mainly I will be enjoying the sun, the cheap beer and the joys of not having to waste my soul like the majority of people back in CorporateLand where it is always grey.

As I watch these baby-boomers curse at a dimpled white sphere, while they wear the goofiest of shirts and hats, I imagine that most of the rage radiating from their mouths being directed at little TaylorMade down there, is mainly from the frustration that comes from a solo sport, but also maybe from the fact that most of these old-farts could have been screaming at balls all day long a lot sooner in life. The hopes of retiring sooner and the fact that most of them probably chose the normie-conformy, NPC doctrine of life, is what causes such blinding rage at inanimate objects.

Most of these people probably chose the doctrine of:

Sucking corporate cock+Wife+Kids+Hope= Happiness.

Hope is not a process.

A process is a well thought-out plan that can withstand the currents and shit that life will throw at you. Setting up your life in such a way that will cause even bigger waves to slam your body into the shoreline is not a good doctrine. You want to RIDE the wave and use it to your advantage; you don't want to get caught in it's undertow.

Choosing the above doctrine in the modern age will NOT grant one true happiness and will certainly not grant one riches and freedom. It is as outdated and old as these geriatrics who are on the 9th teebox right now, hopelessly trying to strike a good ball and not ding it off one of the flanking condo units along the fairway. If you think adding constant liabilities to your life portfolio will equal less stress and more freedom, you have a lot to learn.

Now, choosing a doctrine of minimalism will grant you something that is more important than riches and 'status': Freedom.

Freedom is mobility. Commuting two hours a day so that you can earn a paycheck by offering your time for money, from a company that doesn't give-a-shit about you and your soul, so that you can hope to impress a modern woman (who doesn't give-a-shit about you) in order for you to get married; then subsequently divorced, doesn't exactly sound like the fun you would get from sipping a cold beer in a lanai while watching old people rage at a ball.

The real trick and secret to having the best possible life is to realize that it's not about what you WANT, rather it's about wanting what you've GOT.

What you had before a soul-sucking, ass-pounding job, was FREEDOM. The most precious and cherished thing a man could ever want and have, is freedom.

What you had before getting a nagging, dyke-cutted, overweight wife, who now won't drain your balls, was FREEDOM.

What you had before having more kids than you could afford was FREEDOM.

What you had before you got married was FREEDOM.

What you had before all of the shit that comes with cunt wife+ Cubicle job+kids+ endless costs was FREEDOM.

You had money which equals FREEDOM and MOBILITY. You had a life, friends, a great body and good times exploring your talents, skills and all of life's mysteries.

Now all you can explore is your empty bank account and your messy house because your modern wife doesn't know how to pick up her clothes; clean up after herself and the kids while you slave all day for a boss and a corporate entity that uses you like a work-mule, so that you can sustain this 'life style'. So that you can earn a paycheck, to then be immediately spent on the wife+kids who don't appreciate any of it because they are both spoiled rotten.

Endlessly chasing useless desires and diluted fantasies will end in misery. Chasing after material items, cosmetics and false status will only add rocks into your lifepack. You want to be a light packer and traveler through this world so that you are able to enjoy life. How are you suppose to enjoy life when you have put boulders inside of your lifepack?

Think of the guy who is making 100k a year. Most people, idiots really, would look at that man and say things like, "Oh my...he must be rich because he has a good job". Women will falsely believe that a mans salary equals his net worth in life. Women will also shame other men for their lack of 6 figure salaries or even go as far as to say, "Why don't you be more like Jerry...who has a 'good job'".

Women are stupid because they can't see the bigger picture.

What stupid people don't understand is that it is very rare that Jerry (who makes 100k) is a bachelor, who is stacking cash smartly, preparing to exit CorporateLand early.

Most likely, Jerry is one of the many 'Consumer-Workers' who populate society. Jerry HAS to find and work a 6 figure salary because Jerry has a demanding wife who expects a huge house, kids, vacations to Disney with the kids every year, and all of lifes fine trinkets (because that's what all of her friends who have husbands have!). That 100k a year salary is being spent as fast as it is coming in. Jerry is not wealthy. In fact, Jerry is most likely spending beyond his means and living paycheck-to-paycheck or even in poverty with his wife and kids.

Looks can be deceiving in a world of credit and deficit spending.

Meanwhile, here comes the minimalist, digital nomad who earns PASSIVE income from the internet; who also maybe works part-time; stocking shelves or bartending. Let's call him 'Brad'. Brad maybe makes 30-50k annually pending his passive flow of income, but securing makes at least 30k from his active part-time income.

The woman on the street will think, "Oh my...Brad is a loser...he works part-time at [insert min-wage job]." What they don't see is that Brad lives WAY BELOW his means, spending next to nothing on stupid shit; he's not married nor has any kids; bangs women at will and never lets them peg him for a dough-boy provider.

They don't see Brad's PASSIVE income and further, they don't see Brad's NET WORTH (points on the board). Yes, Brad may only be making what a normie would consider to be a 'sub-par wage', but what they don't see is how much cash Brad has been saving, stacking and investing by not having to spend it on liabilities; a wife, crumb-crunchers, a house, the latest iphone, the newest car on the market, dinner dates, concert tickets, Disney trips, Alimony, divorce lawyers, etc.

Why does Brad always have a fucking smile on his face?

Why does Jerry always talk about his money problems and his marital issues; why his wife won't suck his cock anymore since the kids had arrived on scene?

Why can Brad take off whenever he wants?

Why does Jerry have to take his vacations according to his work's schedule and according to how many vacation weeks he is allowed by his overlords?

Why does Jerry never seem to enjoy his 'vacations'?

It's because Jerry is never really on vacation when he is. Jerry is always a prisoner even when he is 'free'.

Brad is laughing; laughing all the way to a sunny destination.

Jerry is suffering; suffering back and forth from his McMansion to his cubicle and back again.

Don't Be Like Jerry Dough-boy. Cash Is Only King If You Can Keep AND Grow It. Get CorporateLand Today!

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