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The 'Reserved' Bottle: A Woman's 'Best' Sex

You can call him Poindexter, call him whatever you wish. Yesterday, in a previous post, I mentioned the moniker of the 'Doughboy'. Now, I didn't intend the visual to be that of the Dad-bod husband (however this is a side effect), however I intended the term to encompass the ideal form of a man that suits a woman's beta$$ side of her hypergamous instinct: The DoughBoy$$.

What you should have come to understand with women by now is that they seek either two forms of Man: One to drain resources from;the other to drain quality semen from. Of course, If a woman could get both in one man-package she would be delighted, elated, and wet out the giner.

However, in life it is very rare for a woman to snag such a quality catch, let alone keep him. For the Alpha Playboy is scarce in the wild; he has many options due to this scarcity. The Playboy has a abundance mindset as he is a sought after commodity. Women thus have to split their priorities and try to preserve one over the other during different phases in their biological cycle.

Still, a lot of men to this day falsely believe that if they subscribe to the doctrine of the Doughboy, they will be able to afford and reap the best sex from a woman and have pussy showered upon them like the falls of Niagara.

To this subscription, a Doughboy who advertises that he makes 100k a year, has a stable-Stan job at some CorporateLand gig, predicates the myth that women go for guys with money. This is not entirely false, however, women usually don't give the Doughboy's her best sex. Which is what every man wants from a woman.

A Woman's 'Best Sex' Can Be Life Altering

What do I mean by her 'best sex'?

Her best sex is like the difference between drinking dirty, fecal ridden water from a well in the desolate regions of Uganda and drinking pure, glacier water. Her 'best sex' is like drinking a limited edition Ale on the shelf of an LCBO Vs an Amber Fax Ale for $2.09 in the bargain basket on the side of the aisle.

Her best sex, the kind she will reserve and give to men she deems irresistible, will leave your balls so drained they will feel like prunes, withering in the breeze. The type of vaginal constricting tug-of-war that will squeeze every drop of Man-juice out of your shaft; No after-drip, no need to get her to suck or lick the lingering dew off your stump because it's either all in her, on her, or over her bed sheets.

It is the sex that only a woman would give to a Alpha Playboy. The type of sex that changes your entire blue pilled early days view of female sexuality from one of ignorance to one of awareness. The awareness of just how horny and ferociously aroused women can get, for certain men. Clawing at your back, aroused. Scraping skin off your chest and ass, aroused. Like a mauling tiger.

The type of sex not for every or most men, but for a particular sub-set of men.

The type of sucking & fucking that would make you believe the woman had become possessed by the devil himself. The type of heighten state-of-arousal to which causes a woman to push a man down onto the bed, slide her sopping wet sliz immediately over his Johnson and begin a constant pounding of her pussy; a riding and romp that is a sheer demonstration of how hungry a woman can be for a deep-dicking.

The Doughboy VS. The Playboy

Women will drain a man in one of two ways; either his balls or his wallet. Yes, a woman will prescribe sex and dish it out to her boyfriend or husband, but is it her best sex? Is it the same sex she gave to that hot surfer dude she met that one year her and her college friends took a Spring Break trip to Maui? Is it the type of sex she would give to all those guys back in college whom met her at bars and clubs? The type of sex she gives a desired man whilst during her ovulatory phase? Who or what type of man would inspire such hysterical horny-ness in a woman?

The problem with adopting the Doughboy approach to women (i.e using your career status, financial status or optics) is that it will attract the type of women (mostly) who want to, or are more inclined to, use you for your wallet; drain your coin instead of your cum.

You have to be always mindful of what you are presenting to women. What are you offering them out of the two preferable traits in a man that she is looking for? Is it a thick cock and a good pussy pounding time? Or is it a big wallet and the ability for her to siphon and leach off of?

The other problem with the Doughboy approach is that you will also attract the older women who are now in need of securing a man for provisioning since they squandered their prime and fertile years sport-fucking all the Playboys.

The biggest disillusion that the Doughboy subscribes to is: That average people must be so special because God created so many of them.

Become interesting and women will find you interesting.

Women are the biggest fans and consumers of 'interesting'. Money can be very interesting to a woman, but interesting in the wrong way. Would you rather a woman drain your balls like her life depended on it, or would you rather she have the desire to drain your wallet?

The Playboy has time to be interesting. He has time to keep his body in shape, to read books and keep his wits sharp, to travel and become an interesting man.

The Playboy is interesting and women love what is interesting.

Triggering A Woman's 'Best' Sex Dispenser

They [women] love what is rare and not what is common. With women you have to trigger and activate the right button out of the two she wants activated. You can either be the DoughBoy who will attract the SugarBabies or you can be the Playboy who will more often than not, be getting her best sex; the sex her future husband could only wish and dream of getting.

Kind of like when you go to the liquor store and there are high-quality beers on the shelf with a 'limited batch' sticker on the label. To think, some batches of beer will never be brewed or see to the lips of another man, ever again. That is what a woman's party-years sex given out is like; it is a 'limited time only' batch of sex.

Sexual arousal and the conditions for it have similarities to how people will come to buy items. What's consider 'cool' in the commercial world is what is rare. Once something becomes too common or easily obtained, it no longer becomes 'cool' or interesting to have.

In other words, there is no sense of urgency to have that item.

With women you have to create a sense of urgency in her mind.

You have to be the 'want'.

Women through their early to mid-twenties today do NOT need provisioning since their lives are front-loaded to them as soon as they turn 18. Since they do not need provisioning, they seek to sport-fuck and hunt for the Playboys who will churn their pussies into buttered muffins until the cows come home; satiated all of those giner tingles that seem to overwhelm the female during these prime and fertile years.

The Playboy will reap the entire pool of women while the nerdy Doughboy will either get the crumbs or have to wait until these women start to expire off the shelf; they can't get by on their youth and beauty anymore.

Meanwhile, a man's preference for a type of woman doesn't drastically change as he ages. Men, whether age 18 or 55, are all attracted to the same type of pussy: 18-24 (22 being the most sought after); thin, tight; a fucking smoke-show with supple tits and an ample ass, fit for squeezing on a warm summers night.

The Playboy has something that the DoughBoy maybe use to have but now does not posses; due to his DoughBoy lifestyle of commuting, sitting and eating butter chicken at airports while on business trips.

Yes, the Playboy has FREEDOM. He has the time to keep his body in tip-top, pussy pounding condition. The type of body that makes a woman cream herself at first sight; crosses her legs, bites her lip and takes her mind to Imagination-FuckLand.

Imagination-FuckLand is where a woman goes in her head within the span of 10-20 seconds after laying eyes on a Playboy and proceeds to mentally fuck the guy in every position she can think of; picturing a brief life with him and his cock at her side or sandwiched between her bum-crack while spooning;jerking him off in the grocery store, blowing him on the Greyhound to Utica, becoming two right angles as he bends her over the kitchen counter-top on a Sunday afternoon for no goddamn fucking reason other than to shoot a load inside of her cream-puff.

Crumbs Off the Shelf in the Sexual Marketplace

The Doughboy will then get the bargain version of the woman. He will marry her and get her duty-sex that she will dish out once a week (or once a month), or seldom at best. It's called I.V. Sex or 'the drip' for a reason. The IV in the hospital is meant to sustain a patient, or for a better comparison, numb or sedate the patient just enough so that they keep calm. That is the type of sex most women give to their LTR boyfriends or their husbands (DoughBoys).

It's just 'wild' enough or frequent enough so as to keep him in a state of calmness and to not instill paranoia. Paranoia in the sense of if or where she might be getting or seeking sex from an Alpha Playboy on the side.

Women during their party-years want 'interesting'. DoughBoy who works a 40 hr a week steady job in some cubicle will most likely not be interesting. He won't have interesting tales of stories from worldly adventures and he most certainly will not have the physical structure that a horny, fertile, fresh off the conveyor belt chick is looking to slide her sliz all over.

Today, the DoughBoy approach should be the least attractive option for men to pursue because it is not viable in the modern age of unrestrained and open hypergamy.

The Playboy is far more interesting to her. He is the life of the party, at every party. He is the party because his life is one giant party.

He is the environment he lives in, which is always interesting. Do you think Bob the cubicle cuck is the life of the party? No, because Bob is his environment: Common, average, stale, dim lit, bleak, hopeless and uninspiring. Just like his job and other normies around him.

When you surround yourself with 'common' it will infect you.

With Big-Daddy government there, waiting in the wings as the ultimate safety net for women, and the countless thirsty beta men who will shower women with money, trips, dinner dates and rent money, there is hardly an incentive for women to want to settle or seek any more security.

When security is taken care of for a woman, it is in her best biological interest to seek out her gina tingles and to fulfill the needs of her deep, dark, wet void that is screaming for a'feeding.

Reserved for those who get there first and for whom are worthy.


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