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The Wall: An Undefeated Champion

When you’re at ‘trivia’ night, sitting there with your friends—beers and mixed drinks around the table— a question will come up: List the names of four undefeated champions in sports.

Naturally, the women there will not know a single boxer or prized fighter. The guys will probably write down the notables: Floyd Mayweather, Terry Marsh, Rocky Marciano and Ricardo Lopez.

However, women can still play along; shout out the best answer that would top all wins combined of every fighter in the world, regardless of status: The Wall.

The Wall is the world’s longest running, undefeated champion. Every woman in the world eventually has to go up against The Wall; they will be defeated. There won't be any cheers or gasps, just silence.

The Wall is impossible to beat, yet, women will still try to win; cheat with make-up, yoga pants, hair products, skin-care products, diets, etc. However, there is no getting around The Wall, no way of climbing over top. Going through it with drugs, gang-bangs, alcohol, tattoos, piercings and Botox will only make that last knock-out punch, stronger.

A woman can either gracefully lose, or smash into it as hard as she can.

The Wall doesn’t move from its position; it is everywhere. The Wall can even be found standing around a circus theme park. The Wall is always right beside the Cock-carousel at the theme park of Empowerment. Some women will ride that cock-carousel until the music stops; they will then have to face The Wall for the longest ‘time out’ of their life.

Some women will face The Wall and try to run back to the cock-carousel; a few last spins without the music, without the shiny blinking lights, and without the abundance of thick cocks to choose from (no more young horse cocks, just wrinkly old ones); her ride will be short and limited—Only to face The Wall for a second round and admit defeat. Like how a child will run away from a ‘time out’, hoping to get one last play with their favorite toy. In a modern woman’s case, that one last toy is Chad’s thick, pint-sized penis.

A woman riding the cock-counsel isl like her having that first-ever, bar of chocolate; every day, for the next 12 years of her life starting at 18.

She gets to ride free of admission all day, every day at the theme park of Empowerment. She gets to juggle the hot clown’s balls with her hands and can show the sword-swallower how it’s really done. The cock-carousel is just for her, nobody else allowed; nobody can tell her ‘no’ and to get off of it. That is, until the park runs out of money to pay the energy bills in order to make the carousel work.

She becomes the star of the park. The park is decorated in bright, brilliant patterns and colors that cloud a woman’s vision. The ugly Wall is still there, lurking behind all of the fun; the haystacks, balloons, the trapeze tent, and even the midget dwarfs walking the Emu’s past it.

Some women will be smart; they will get off of the cock-carousel early and be able to secure a life-time supply of popcorn and cotton candy, as they face The Wall for the next 40-50 years of their life.

A man behind the drapes (Beta-Balloon Bob) will supply these perks if she is well behaved—faces The Wall with poise and grace.

The Wall will be merciful and will let the woman lean against it; feeling its grainy grooves instead of smashing her head into it. She will be able to ride the less exciting rides—even though the cock-carousel is the best and most fun for her.

She will get to ride the ‘Dinner With the In-laws on Sundays’ ride, ‘Straight Missionary Once a Month’ ride, and the ‘Purchase vibrator on Amazon: Use Said Vibrator on Self While Hubby is Out’ ride.

The Wall is like Kim Jong-Un; if you obey its reality….you just might be able to live among its power.


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