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Ontario PC's Cut Tuition Fees, Eliminate 'Free' Tuition For Low-Income Students

To an outsider, it is very clear that nobody in Canada has read Aaron Clarey's masterpiece, Worthless.

The other day, Ontario's government announced that it would be eliminating 'free tuition' for 'low-income' students (mostly women from single-mommy households). Like clockwork, Twitter was a buzz with the REEEEEEEEing from college students (overwhelmingly from women).

In the current year, women value their degree's, career, paying taxes, and feminist ideals over family, economics, logic and their dwindling youth and beauty. Taking away their ability to sponge off the tax-payer (men are net taxpayers) is akin to taking away food, diapers and clothing from their unborn children that they will likely never have.

The irony of this whole situation is, rich.

I thought women today were all so powerful; Strong & Independent ™?

Why do they need male taxpayer dollars (government) in order to continue on with their degree in Music Therapy? Why is everyone freaking out because they just might have to do the unthinkable?

The unimaginable: Work a job.

When does the schooling(fun) end; when does the work begin?

The vicious cycle is this: We have a bunch of students (mainly women) who are majoring in worthless degrees. They then graduate with a ton of student loan debt that they will never pay off (unless they find a rich husband or boyfriend who majored in something worthwhile) because they are deathly afraid of actually working.

Playing make-believe career-gurl is much easier.

So, we have a generation(s) of students who are TAKING other people's money as an 'investment', spending it on worthless stuff, and the 'investors'(the taxpayers) are seeing negative returns. The ROI on a lot of these degrees will be next to nothing. That is why Canada's economy (among other socialist factors) is in the shitter.

This writer (who didn't need to major in the language he already knows), took a look at the o'l Twitter; laughed my ass off.

Let's first take a look at this gem:

When I looked at Chung's profile, it dawned on me: Aren't you more stressed about the Major you chose?

Chung is currently working on a Masters in (drum roll, please.): Music Therapy.

You are probably thinking, Frank...Chung is just one person majoring in something stupid, I am sure others will be able to graduate, get a good job and be able to pay the taxes necessary to fund other people who want to major in stupid shit.

You are wrong. Chung is just the drop in the bucket. I believe this is the real reason why a lot of these people (mostly women) are freaking the fuck out.

You see, college is all fun and games when its 'free'. However, nothing in life is free. Socialist and liberals believe that money just poops out from Doug Ford's ass, as if he has a large room somewhere full of student loan money; he is an evil White man hoarding all of it from students.

That's how these people think.

When in actuality, our country and economy can't be sustained when we have the market being flooded by worthless degrees: Every snap-fuck off the street is going to school due to the belief that: School is the most important pursuit in life.

When every snap-fuck is able to go-to-school, you flood the market and cause degree inflation; watering down the quality of education, itself.

The lie and mantra that, If you don't go to school, get a degree (in anything) you will be homeless, become poor and live a crappy life. Without ever thinking the opposite is true.

As it seems to me, in the current year, college is the number #1 purchase that will likely guarantee a lifetime of paying off debt; years of misery after the fact.

That is the irony. Education today has become so worthless, that attending college will actually harm your future.

College today is all fine and dandy; if you major in the right fields that are in demand. If you don't, you can be sure that a negative ROI is in the cards.

I am not done with Chung, yet.

I am not trying to pick on her maliciously, I just want to use her as an example of how these young people just don't 'get it'.

If you go to her website (the design is actually well done) you will notice that she has more degrees than a protractor.

All of her degrees are pretty much worthless and it's clear none of them are panning out; Music Therapy is a long ways away from, Journalism.

What Chung fails to see is that people value her beauty, youth and fertility. 'Tis why she is 'good' at Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

If I had a nice set of cans....I too could be 'good' at social media.

I love how women think being good at social media is a 'valuable' skill.....

I wonder how many other women out there can do what Chung can do....

Chung, like many others her age, have been in school almost 1/3 of their life. That's if you include K-12. Chung has been in post-secondary since 2007; that's over a decade. Hopping from one major to the other, like a feral Asian rabbit, I wonder how many student loans she now has to pay off.

Looking at her website, with all of her experience in writing (design layout is well done), why not just go be a fucking writer, for goddamn sake?! She already has a stunning website, a following; just go fucking do it!

Oh, I forgot, that would be hard work.....not as hard as Music Therapy (sigh).

With all of her connections in the FASHION magazine industrial complex, why not write a couple books and use those connections for a successful launch? It amazes me that these Millennials claim to be so tech savvy and 'forward thinking', yet, they don't even know how to leverage the most revolutionary invention: The Internet.

With the internet, you can pretty much do ANYTHING, be ANYTHING and create ANYTHING at the click of a button. It's never been easier to become a published author. It's never been easier to start your own business, so that you don't have to rely on the government for OSAP money.

You and I, being the smart people that we are, get migraines when looking at this shit.

It is so painful to see.

The stupidity of people and seeing the comments on Twitter, is the equivalent of hearing nails on a chalkboard.

Painful, but can be fun.

Let's look at some more comment's from 'educated' geniuses'.

It's real amusing when leftist dykes call for 'equal playing fields,' yet are opposed to it when it doesn't benefit them. Tell me, what is 'equal' about one group of people having to pay for college and another group of people getting it for 'free'?

Wouldn't it be better if everyone just had their tuition lowered by 10%; nobody is treated unequally? Hmm?

Maybe this plan will stop people from majoring in stupid shit because it isn't 'free' anymore; they will have to think long and hard about what they are choosing to go to school for.

This moron below, decided to set-up a Gofundme account:Typical. Millennial. Dip-shittery.

Never mind doing it the old fashioned way: Getting a part-time job while in school, like a lot of people have/had to do. Nope!

You can really see into the minds of these people when they post shit like this:

Hi! My name is [insert dip-shit], I can't use other people's money anymore to pay for my school. Will you give me your money, instead?


Worthless Dipshit

This, hands down, has to be my favorite out of all of them. The irony is thicker than the Chad dick she will be looking for to distract her from the money she owes.

By 'Our OSAP,' does she mean that she believes it's her money? Do these people understand what a loan is? Just because the money is in your bank account or on credit, doesn't make it your money. It's credit, that you eventually have to pay back. You are essentially renting money. Kinda like the Mafia doing you a 'favor'.

The entitlement is real strong with this one.

Sweetie, Katie tits, the country and government is made out of other people's money; my money, your parent's money, and mainly other men's money. If you run out of other people's money, who is going to pay off your student loan(s) when you can't find a job because you majored in Lesbian Tap Dance Therapy?

How about this: Take a year or two, before you go to college; work a couple jobs in order to SAVE UP MONEY FOR COLLEGE!

This is Canada in a nutshell: Full of fucking, morons.

Pretty soon, everyone in Canada will be in poverty because the whole FUCKING COUNTRY THINKS LIKE YOU!

You're STUPID.


How much do you want to bet that this ditz scams OSAP: Uses it to buy drugs, a new car, clothes, gym membership, an apartment, etc.

Hopefully her edu-ma-cation learns her how to speak like dis.


Side hustle will be: Sucking dick for money, CAM girl, stripping; selling drugs.

Real jobs are hard.....harder than the dick your hand will be around, looking for a hand-out.

Next up we have Katie: Who thinks people's tax dollars are like something of a charity; 'paying it forward' like a Tim Horton's cup of coffee.

And response in hilarious satire. Which she will most likely, not understand.

Weird thought: Wouldn't it have been easier to let the men go to college, get good jobs, and provide an amazing life for women? Or is that too evil and sexist?

Women today worship paying taxes and would rather be a slave to another man (their corporate boss) instead of a husband.

You can't make this stuff up. I try, but, the comedy writes itself sometimes...

The irony of all of this is that these same women will go on with their lives: They will soon be complaining, maybe not now, maybe not tomorrow, but when they are in their thirties, "Where are all the good men!"

That, my friends, is why I get up in the morning.

Welcome to the best entertainment show on the planet!

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