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Navasota High School Science Teacher, Jennifer Drushel, 30, Charged With Supplying Alcohol To Minors

Navasota ISD teacher is accused of having an improper relationship with a student, officials said.

Jennifer Drushel worked at Navasota High School and is on administrative leave, according to the school district.

Drushel became the target of Navasota ISD and Navasota Police Department investigators after allegations surfaced that she was providing alcohol to minors, according to the district. It is unclear if those minors were students.

During that investigation, detectives discovered inappropriate messages between Drushel and a student at Navasota High School, officials said.

She's accused of having an improper relationship with that student during at least one off-campus encounter, according to the district.

Drushel turned herself into authorities after being charged.


The report states that it is 'unclear' if Jennifer was supplying male students with grandpa's cough medicine. You and I both know she was. Horny female teachers are just as lazy as normal women. Alcohol is the best way to get someone to juice your peach, especially when you look like a wildebeest.

Apparently, as we speak, NISD is looking into another FTSS within the school board on-top of Jennifer's shenanigans involving her and a student. If nobody believes we have an epidemic on our hands by now, they need to get their heads examined.

Where there is one, there are many.

It's women we are talking about; heard animals. Teen-boy cock is on the menu in the modern era.

As society continues to break down further, in where women who look like 5's or below can receive endless amounts of attention on the internet, you will be seeing more extreme narcissistic ventures such as women exploring uncharted sexual territories.

This is decadence and unrestrained female nature: Modern day, Fall of Rome.

The Report Card

Methodology: Very little to work with here. Jennifer's plan is as simple and boring as her: Get a boy drunk and maybe he will slip it in you.

Like a standard horny female, berserk for boy-cock, Jennifer decided to whip out her phone and DM her student with some steamy texts. Then, most likely, plied him with some Skinny Girl brand of Sangria; probably gave him a sloppy, yet, eager blowjob that only fat women can pull-off.


Integrity: Jennifer wasn't smart enough to become a scientist. Instead, would go on to teach the environmental sciences; teaching one student, in particular, the science behind how alcohol can make one believe that she is a 6.5 rather than the 3 that she is.

The science of illusion.


Presentation/looks: Jennifer needs to put down the alcohol and pick-up a fucking salad for once in her life.

The picture below, with her and the stuffed animal, speaks volumes as to the mentality we are dealing with here.

It's amazing what a little make-up and an hour of a woman's time can do for the Facebook/Instagram profile (setting-up the perfect camera angle, lighting, and pose). Even an ugly 5 can spend a half-hour of her finite life, manipulating angles and using filters and hiding fat, in order to get that desired thotery (500 likes and 4,000 followers).

Forget hitting the gym and eating properly.

It's easier to fake-out men on the internet for some short-term attention. However, then these chicks will meet face-face with men in the real world; the men run-away.


Personal Notes: Fat women are even lazier, when it comes to going after what they crave.

Overall Grade


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