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14 IS TOO OLD: Oklahoma Secretary, Elizabeth Madrid,29,Arrested For Raping A Teen Student

Original story at DailyMailUk

A former Oklahoma school secretary has been arrested after police say she engaged in a sexual relationship with a now 14-year-old student.

Elizabeth Madrid, 29, was arrested on Friday after police brought nine charges of second-degree child rape and 21 counts of performing lewd acts with a child against her.

Bethany Police say the former attendance secretary at Western Oaks Elementary School began engaging with the alleged victim in early 2017 over text message.Madrid and the unnamed boy first became physical last summer and were still said to be engaging in sexual activity until her arrest on Friday, police claim.

According to a search warrant affidavit, police conducted a search of Madrid's home after receiving a tip the victim had been living with her for two weeks.The victim's mother told authorities she thought her son had been staying with his father during that time, documents indicate. She later contacted his father and discovered he hadn't been staying there.

'Eventually, it became a sexual relationship in June or July, 2018.'

Madrid was taken to the Oklahoma County jail where she remains in custody on a $550,000 bail bond.


Apparently, 14 is too old for Elizabeth; she bopped a 12-year-old's baloney.

I can think of a dozen reasons why our gurl's bond is set at over half-a-million dollars.

Now, I know what all of you are saying, "But....she isn't a teacher...she was the school's secretary." We have covered many school admin here on Hot For Teacher: Counselors, principals, etc. They all fall within the realm of: Educational Staff.

Our gurl is no different than a teacher who see's and interacts with young student's each and everyday. Heck, Elizabeth was on the front line; the first face people see when they come to visit or check into the school on a daily basis.

Every young man, boy or adult male wants to bang their hot teacher. To add to that, every guy wants to bang the hot secretary. The problem is, normally both parties are at the age when they pay taxes or, have their very own social security number; can legally be employed.

At 12-years old, a boy can barley dress himself in the morning, let alone, be eligible to apply for employment; be considered an adult. At 12-years old....a boner is still a complete mystery.

What Elizabeth has done is unbelievable. It is such a tragedy because she has ruined masturbation for this kid.

That's the real crime, here.

What Elizabeth has done is akin to giving a teenager 10 million dollars to spend over 2 years, then taking it all away in the blink of an eye. That kid was accustomed to a millionaires lifestyle and now his has to live like a getting his own hands dirty.

He doesn't know any different, he never lived like a serf before.

Elizabeth gave a 12-year-old boy access to her vagina. At 12, 13, or 14-years old, wacking off is the greatest thing in the world. Tell that to our victim, he'll most likely look at you in disgust. To him, wacking off now is for peasants. You can't go from hitting a nice Latina vagina, to then have to use Palmella and her five sisters, expecting the same return.

All of his friends will be talking around the playground being like, "Dudes....guess what I found out about from my cousin..." Our victim will have his hands in his pockets, looking down at the ground, kicking some rocks and thinking, "That's nothing....guys...seriously."

Hitting Elizabeth's sliz Vs. Wacking Off:

  • Riding inside a Lexus Vs. A Nissan

  • Drinking Mill Street Tankhouse Ale Vs. Blue Light

  • Drinking Starbucks Vs. 7-11 corner store coffee

  • Sitting next to a wood burning fireplace Vs. A space heater

  • Sitting in Business/First Class Vs. Eco-Class

  • Staying at Mandalay Bay Vs. A Super 8 or a Motel 6

What Elizabeth did to this kid is equivalent to giving somebody a 2-year supply of fentanyl and then taking it away.

Elizabeth pushed her pussy onto this kid like a cocaine dealer in Miami.

The Report Card

Methodology: Elizabeth was a secretary, which meant she had access to her love interests critical data: Address, phone numbers, health records, grades, etc. Our gurl was one of the first faces you'd see upon entering a school.

She played her position in the Game like an average, yet safe, professional pedo skank; groomed through texting/sexting; seeded the meet-and-fucks; encouraged a living arrangement. Interestingly enough, this is the same playbook used by normal women who seek-out borefriends/boyfriends(there age) in order to get steady sex or in most cases, somebody to pay the rent and their bills for them.

Elizabeth's plan eventually fell apart because she forgot the one golden rule when it comes to disturbed, deranged female teachers banging their underage students: These kids live at home with their parents.

Mommy and daddy, at some point, are going to wonder where little Johnny is at; why he is out late;who he is texting; why he is so goddamn happy all the time.

It's not normal for a teen to be happy...they are usually all angsty, frustrated, and generally mad at the world.

If you're 12-14 years old, and hitting-up your school's hot secretary's sliz... like its on lock-down at the supermarket, your parents are going to start wondering why you are so eager to catch the bus in the morning.


Integrity: Leveraged her position and pussy to obtain what is considered to be legally, a child. It doesn't get any worse than this (It probably will, though). This is as low as we have seen from these deranged females, in the world of education.

To boot, our gurl had this kid living with her for the last 2 weeks of their love story.

Basically kidnapping.

How big was this boy's horn?


Presentation/looks: Elizabeth is presenting all the colors of the rainbow: She is one of those millennial chicks who love to change their hair to unnatural colors.Huge slut-tell and a giant red flag.

Chicks who dye their hair as if orange is the new black, are generally mentally unstable, have daddy issues, down-to-fuck anything that will make them wet, shake and moan; any hard cock will do.

It took me a while, but I finally found our gurl on Facebook. The reason why I kept searching was because I knew Elizabeth was a millennial and a woman; they all are attention-whores.

Of course she has Facebook!

Elizabeth joins some of her horny comrades who have followed the rules: She has a digital online presence; a prolific array of flattering photos available.

Well done, you did something right for the first time in your life


To play the Game proper, you must first have 'skin' in the Game. I can't stress enough how pissed off I get when these horny female teachers/administrators don't give it 'their all' when they decide to go down this road of Sex Scandal teacher/administrator.

You have to think, "What will the kids, my husband, my colleagues, and my parents think if I display a lack of passion and half-ass it. Will this be my legacy....a half-ass horny female teacher/administrator?"

In the age of female empowerment, it just looks awful when you don't set an example for other aspiring horny female teachers out there.

You are a strong and powerful, horny need to own that and not apologize for your hornyness and derangement. Your FTSS grade is on the line, here!

Thankfully, Elizabeth showed a bit of skin. She took the dive (just like how she did on our victims cock) and bent over backwards for her grade.

She will be rewarded. It's the greatest achievement these fucked up go-gurls can ever get.

You mine as well go for it, ladies!

Present your best self(or selfie) to me.

All I could find, naturally, were selfies. No boyfriend or husband is in the picture it seems....just Elizabeth attention-whoring. She attracted a lot of attention from thirsty betas around her age...too bad that's not what she is into.

I found this comment thread on one of her selfies; rather ironic:

For 29-years old, our gurl looks pretty tight. I know Mexican women love kids.....Elizabeth just seems to take it to a whole other level.


Personal Notes: When I was 12-years old...the most excited you got was when Play Station 2 was released.

Overall Grade


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