EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Hot Sabine ISD Teacher's Aide, Cassie Dowden,27, Arrested For Sex With Student

Original story at KLTV.com

GREGG COUNTY, TEXAS (KLTV) - A former teacher’s aide at Sabine ISD has been arrested and charged with inappropriate relationship with a student.

Cassie Wyn Dowden, 27, of Diana, is charged with improper relationship between an educator and a student. She was arrested on the charge Wednesday. Her bond has not yet been set.

Superintendent Stacey Bryce confirmed Dowden was employed as an aide with the elementary school and she is accused of having a relationship with a student in the school district. Bryce said he could not say which campus the student was a part of.

Bryce said Dowden resigned from the district in late May, before school officials had knowledge of the allegation. He said law enforcement made him aware of the investigation three days ago and the district has been cooperative in the investigation.

In what has to be one of the best examples of my FTSS detective work, I detail in the podcast as to how I was able to obtain exclusive photos of our gurl, Cassie Wyn Dowden, through back-channels and the art of 'back-door-ing' Facebook connections. True detective work that is a lost art form these days. It's the reason why no other news outlet, blog or website has the photos we have below.

Unconfirmed whether or not our gurl is a P.E teacher, however, wouldn't be surprised giv'n her rock'n bod.

Below is the photo at the Texas Balloon Race Pilot Party that sent me down the rabbit hole of Facebook; to find the exclusive pictures of Cassie that no other news outlet has.

The above picture was the needle in the haystack; I found out Cassie's maiden name (Headley). By searching that name into Facebook, I figured out it was her sister who took that photo. The rest is history; golden treasure trove of photos was found.

The Report Card


N/A (ongoing)

Integrity: A 'teachers aide' who got married a year ago; throws it all away for some fun in the sun and a bit of booty-popping, pussy-pounding from the back-side fun with a area student. A hot teacher, like Cassie's, just couldn't be bothered to do the naughty with her Chad-lite husband...or at the very least, a Chad her own age. Priceless.


Presentation/looks: Cassie is the reason why I work pro-boner. Nothing else needs to be said; just enjoy the show. Special thanks to the mother-in-law for the wide open Facebook page. Without the public filter turned-on, we wouldn't have been able to back-door (sounds dirty) Cassie's photos through various degrees of separation.

Special thanks to me, yours truly, for figuring-out Cassie's maiden name; without that knowledge you wouldn't have the cornucopia of pictures down below. You're welcome!

Nice, work though, Cassie. Your presentation is immaculate; one of the best to date. My favorite is the Youtube video in where our gurl sports the fuck outta her cum-fuck-me-pants(leggings/yogas).

We are off to a great start with this intro:

Exclusive Photos


Personal Notes: The best detective is one who does the work pro-boner.

Overall Grade N/A (ongoing)

Case Filed

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