Modern Yoga Classes Are Emotional Masturbation Clinics For Women

In this Episode:

  • 80% of society are disgustingly fat, lazy fucks; majority of women look like a manatee.

  • The 'self love' society will produce loveless, soul-less, calorie-packing, fudge-brownie Bingo- hall-hopping butts and vacuous women; thin and attractive women (who maintain their beauty through a healthy lifestyle) love themselves.

  • The multi-billion dollar yoga industry caters to women perfectly ; sells them 'empowerment feminism'; 'independent' women like being told what to do.

  • Women would rather drink coffee, eat ice cream and post on social media (in order to win free shit) than to actually do any exercise, whatsoever.

  • Women love to be told what to do; treat them like children (promise them everything without them doing anything) and it's like taking candy from a dumb infant.

  • Spending money is women's kryptonite; doing things around the house (like yoga for free) is not as fun; women would rather get 'fulfillment' outside of being a wife, mother, or both.

  • Women would rather masturbate(emotionally) and pay money to do so at a yoga studio than to just do it at home, like a normal person, from the comfort and privacy of their own space.


-Jaya's Yoga Bingo

-C|Suite Letter: Three Tiers To Heaven

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