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Justin Trudeau’s ‘BlackFace’ Epitomizes The Left

When I Read The Black Ink on the front page this morning, as dark as Justin’s 29-year old face, I nearly ejaculated; almost creamed my jeans.

Suddenly, Canada had experienced the biggest epiphany of their dear male feminist leader: His faggoty lisp, his gay shoes he always wears, and his limp-wristed policies on ‘equality’, ‘women’s rights’, ‘pay gap’ bullshit, ‘fair treatment of immigrants’, was all fake.

That is the Left though, fake. They are the real racists, rapists and biggest hindrance to minorities.

I bet’cha Justin (Justine, as I like to call him), doesn’t even like gay butt-sex or sucking other men’s cocks for votes and cherry ice cream on Sunday’s. Imagine being Justin on a daily basis, in office, having to be gay and incorporating male human semen into his digestive track. Such commitment to the cause! He almost had everyone fooled.

He is the faggy-est Prime Minister Canada has ever seen, however, his credibility is lost now.

He is faking it.

Yes, instead of enjoying other men skewer their cocks down his tight, feminine-like throat and unleashing a sprinkler’s spray of warmth—akin to melted Breyer’s French Vanilla— it is clear that Justin may not after all, be a homosexual.

Everything is up in the air now; everything that Justin Trudeau has said and stood for in the past, policy wise, social wise and orientation wise, must be called into question. All of those nights he spent getting ass-pounded by some closet gay intern might've all been wasted, or for Justin, may have not been if he in fact is gayer than a rainbow.

We just don't know anymore, with Justin! Everything is so confusing! More confused than how Justin must've felt the first time he experienced his salad being tossed; the first time he went shoe-shopping, "for real".

Were all those times strolling through Toronto among the Gays for the Pride Parade a way for him to pander for votes? Or, was it a way for Justin to have fun among his gay brothers and sisters; to get pounded in the fudge tunnel; to shit out a turd that would look like a chocolate jelly roll with white filling?

Or, thirdly, was it all a ruse?

Justin may in fact, just be, a heterosexual White male... who will soon be out of a job because of his deep love of culture. A love so deep, he wanted to be just like them [The Blacks and the Brownies].

The best part of the #BrownFaceTrudeau scandal is watching all the Liberal partisans twist themselves into a hypocritical pretzel, trying to explain this all away. If someone like, I dunno, Doug Ford or Rob Ford had done this there would be violence in the streets; mainly Liberals trashing businesses, rioting, shitting everywhere, wiping their feces on mail boxes; ruining the local economy, once again.

Two days ago, a week ago, decades ago, they would have condemned Blackface with all their might; but now it’s not that bad.

You see, it’s OK when Justin does it. It’s FINE when someone on the Left bullies, harasses, rapes, assaults someone because they can’t be a racist, a rapist, a bully or a bigot: ‘They’re a Liberal!’

They all hide behind this fake virtue, kind of like how Catholic/Christian people use their religion to hide behind while they behave indecently outside of their Church (sometimes inside). Like how vegetarians/ vegans claim to be virtuous even though their diet and lifestyles do more harm to the earth, the environment and even to their own health than just being a fucking normal person who moderates their diet.

With this one photo (there are several that have leaked) we get a twofer: Justin pretending to be a camel jockey; Justin groping a chick.

Sexual assault and racism in one, beautiful display; a diversity of photos and a video that show how much Justin hates his privilege and Whiteness. Also, a display of how little Justin believes in equality: You can’t just grab her one boob, that’s not fair to the other; that’s not fair to her and her giner tingles. It's called 'committing to the cause' Justin. And that is something you just don't have.

Both tits must be stimulated, must be fondled to enhance the experience, to ensure maximum tingles and wetness accrue for the future rendezvous in the bedroom to go-off smoothly. As smooth as sliding your cock into the wet, warm pussy you just primed by groping both titties, not just one.

Don’t you just love how when Liberals screw up, or in this case when Justin does? It’s always somehow a ‘teachable moment’.

Yet, if some heterosexual White male grabbed his female co-worker's ass by the water-cooler and told her how much he wanted to take her out and presumably fuck her that evening in the back of his 1984 Lebaron , that would be considered 'sexual assault' and 'harassment' in the office. A lawsuit would be filed over basic flirting. Not a ‘teachable’ moment.

However, if that person who grabbed that co-worker's ass were to be a transgendered lesbian presenting as a male (a minority), it would be no problem. “Oh, that’s just Gary being Gary…isn’t he funny!?” We can’t shame Gary because he,she…(it?)is a victim of systemic societal oppression?

Take it in the ass, you get a pass.

I think, at this point, Justin Trudeau should hit the panic button; break glass; press the nuclear option and have a press conference, stating that he, indeed, likes getting butt-fucked every night by some guy named, Michelle.


Maybe, just maybe, the idiots we have here in Canada will believe him once again; empathize with his victim-hood of being a gay, privileged White boy who came from money and status. He can comb his hair and even wear his faggy shoes to the press conference with those cock-sucker socks that always seem to be hiked-up way too high.

This whole ordeal isn’t about Justin; it’s not even about Blackface. What this is all really about, on the face of it, is the Left’s notorious hypocrisy.

Now everyone can see it at face value, literally.

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