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NO REST FOR THE WICKEDLY HORNY:Former Interlaken Female Resource Officer Is At It Again

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VARICK — Just weeks after she was arrested for allegedly having an inappropriate relationship with a student, a former Interlaken police officer and school resource officer faces a more serious charge for an unrelated incident.

Elisia M. Panipinto, 21, of Covert, was charged Monday by Seneca County Sheriff’s Office investigators with first-degree criminal sexual act. The charge is a class B felony.

Sheriff Tim Luce said the arrest stems from an alleged incident Saturday in Varick, where Panipinto allegedly subjected a person to sexual contact while the person was unable to give consent. Luce said the alleged victim was incapacitated by intoxication.

“She took advantage of him,” Luce said. “We just found out about this Monday and contacted the victim, who cooperated but was very upset.”

Last month, Panipinto was charged by sheriff’s office investigators with official misconduct and endangering the welfare of a child (misdemeanors). In that case, Luce said Panipinto — while she was a school resource officer in the South Seneca school district — cultivated a physical relationship with an eighth-grader.

Luce said there is no indication of sexual misconduct in that case, which consisted of kissing and holding hands.

Interlaken Police Chief Leon Anderson learned of the alleged misconduct and turned the investigation over to the sheriff’s office, and Panipinto later resigned from the Interlaken department.

Luce said the most recent charge is not related to the previous incident with the student. The sheriff added that the alleged victim in the second case is not a minor.

Panipinto was arraigned at the county jail and remanded in lieu of $5,000 bail or $10,000 bond.


In the deepest part of my heart and in my balls, I want to believe that Panipinto had taken our advice on this blog and started doing the right thing after her first scare with the Law: Go after boys your own age.

Given the fact that when you search 'Elisia Panipinto' in Google, to no surprise as usual, our website and blog article about her titled Frisked & Kissed appears #1 on the first page of Google.

So, I would assume with women being so vain today, that Elisia has searched her name in Google at some point in and around her first arrest, easily stumbling on my blog. Hence, reading about her many colleagues doing the same as her (sliding their sliz's on young boys) and would've seen the siren song we sing here all the time about what the horny female teacher in question should have did.

I know, it takes a genius to think of such a solution like, "Fuck guys your own age, who are legal, at the local tavern."

But hey, that's why I get paid the big bucks!

Now, Elisia seems to have taken our advice to heart: Immediately after her first arrest she tried to suck & fuck a legal male at a home in Varick.

Reading between the lines of the police report, the occasion has hints and notes of a flavorful house party on the weekend in where a bunch of young men and women, Panipinto's age, gathered for rounds of beer, liquor and some licking; sticky fingers and some sucky-fucky, perhaps; your standard house party at that age.

Panipinto was on the right track, however, she forgot that its always a good idea to make sure your lust interest is fully conscious before you start to fellate his phallic fuck-stick; try to dufflebag his baloney into your eager, dripping cunt.

That has been Elisia's weakness all along: She is too horny and eager. It even showed in her last affair with an 8th grader. Hormones will get you into trouble. The giner tingles are a beast to which needs constant petting, attention and most important, friction.

Given Panipinto's panache for wanting to put penis' into her mouth abruptly and unbeknounced to her victim, I believe this is tossing a huge wrench into the former case involving the 8th grade student and should be revisited by the authorities.

Her credibility has been blown without even knowing it, just like her latest victim.

In the former case, it was concurred that there was only 'kissing and hand-holding' between Panipinto and her 8th grade stud. Really? Given these new charges and details, I am willing to bet that our gurl had some quality suck & fuck time with him.

Think about it. Panipinto has proven to us that she is capable; the first time was a warning shot. Kissing and holding hands is a gateway drug for the real deal. Her modus is preying on vulnerable young men; one was a hormonally charged 13-14 year-old, aspiring bad-boy; the other was intoxicated and incapacitated. I wonder which one of those guys was easier for Panipinto to kiss, touch, fondle and fellate?

Panipinto and her lust for vulnerable cock is a ticking time bomb. The main problem was not inflicting enough punishment on this young bad-girl. Kissed, touched (probably fucked) a 13-14 year old and she gets a slap on the wrist. What does she do right after? She re-offends by trying to give a warm hug to a unconscious man's penis, with her mouth and or sliz.

Women are children themselves. You give them an inch, they will take a yard; give them a yard, they will take a mile. It just goes to show that women have no agency and can't control themselves. Panipinto, among millions like her, should not have jobs or be able to vote because clearly they can only make decisions based on how their vagina is feeling.

It is very clear, by now, that Elisia's vagina is making all the choices. Chicks these days, in their Twenties especially are on such a cock-high its not even funny. They vote for politicians based on how their giner moistens for a hair-cut, a nice suit. It is the same reason why women traded in cooking and cleaning for blowjobs.

Women like Elisia don't know how to cook themselves a meal, so they have to find nourishment through sucking cock. Semen is the new protein supplement.

Riddle me this: If a vegan chick sucks cock for nutrients and protein, is she still a vegan? She just put meat in her mouth....

Again, both these arrests don't seem to be affecting Panipinto in the slightest. Her Instagram is set to private, yet still has a link to her VSCO account in her profile (We never said women were smart!). Let's see what she has been up to after being charged, twice.

Dated:May 31 2019 (13 days after her first arrest involving an 8th grader)

I guess that's what you do after getting arrested for kissing and touching a 13-14 year old boy!

Shots! YasssssQueen!

Laugh it up, have a good time. You have a vagina, so it's no big deal. No consequence culture, feminism, you-go-gurl, let the world burn, strong and independent yet your vagina makes all of your critical life decisions.


Dated: June 30 2019 (23 days after second arrest)

I didn't know that trying to suck-off an unconscious male could be so funny and require a beach day in order to celebrate. My mistake, she is laughing because she won't endure any consequences....

The sad part is, the real crime is her victim not being able to experience Elisia's cock-sucking skills and determine for himself whether or not she is a keeper for the next house party. That is the real reason why our gurl is being charged; she was rude about the whole situation. Greed comes to mind.

Instead of letting the guy finish in her mouth, she was too early to the Game; a false start; the other team hadn't even shown up yet to play.

Panipinto needs another penis in her mouth like she needs another hideous tattoo. Who wants to bet that our gurl will make the news a third time before this year is up?

Ladies, we know you are horny. Next time, or anytime, before you get all eager and foaming at the vagina because of your need to be licked, flicked and fucked, just remember that it takes two-to-tango; make sure the other party is conscious and awake before you start going ham on his honker.

We understand that you have no regard for laws, rules and regulations because your brains can only house your feelings (hence the small nature), but try to calm your vagina down by maybe finger-blasting yourself before a house party or bring one of your Hitachi Magic wands and treat your clit to a nice belt sanding before you do some shots!

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