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Don Cherry Fired Amid Standing Up For Canadian Values; You Have No Freedom Of Speech In Canada

Everyone involved in the firing of Don Cherry at CBC should be exterminated. Or kill yourselves, immediately. Whichever will be easiest.

Why you ask? Well, how about you pour yourself a hot cup of Shut-The-Fuck-Up, sit down, and let me explain. At length.

You see, I can say the above; wet-dreaming about the CBC building burning down to a fiery, hot and sexy crisp. I can say these opinions and truths because I own this website, this blog and all the rights thereof. I own all the content; the book rights.

I own everything. I am effectively a media company. Small as it may be, but that is the luxury that Don Cherry didn’t have with the cucked-out CBC (Cucked Broadcasting Corporation).

Here is a thought: If you don’t like the channel, how about you use your brain and fucking change the goddamn thing! Are you people, that fucking dense?

Do you people not have an IQ that is at least, 80? It’s like here on the interwebs, if you don’t like what you are reading right now, leave.

I don’t fucking care! In fact, on your way out, kill yourself!

And don’t let the door hit you in your precious vagina or the fleshy patch of skin where your cock should be if you are a cuck/simp.

Fuck off.

Don Cherry should’ve seen the writing on the wall about 10-years ago, when all of this social justice, PC pussified, carnival of a country really started to nose dive into the cultural abyss.

Don Cherry is a man that needs to embrace the internet and start his own media company. Whether that’d be a podcast, internet radio show, anything. He is a man that needs to be able to express his speech as he should.

And that brings us to the CBC and Canada as a whole.

How ironic. Don Cherry stood-up for Canadian (The real Canada) values, yet gets fired for exercising one of them (Freedom of Expression & Speech). How heartless that CBC would fire Don Cherry, a lover of veterans and freedom on non other than Remembrance Day.

You people make me fucking sick.

In my mind, Don Cherry not only get’s a thumbs-up but I’ve also awarded him the highest honor we can give on this blog: The Aviator Award. This award (a pair of aviators) is given to someone (a man) who exhibits balls of steel; who isn’t afraid to be a complete asshole in order to correct society that is on a downward spiral into the shit pile of extinct empires.

You Don’t Have A Free Country, Canada

Welcome to the new, soon-to-be Venezuela 2.0.

If there is anything you should take away from this whole crisis in culture, it is that you people ("What does he mean by that?!") do not have free speech in Canada. Let me say that one more time for all of the fucking retards out there drunk on Tim Horton’s:

You people, you fucking idiots who voted for this three-ring circus of PeopleKind, pandering to the Punjabs type of government, have no fucking free speech, whatsoever.

Oh, but it’s OK for your faggot-of-a-Prime Minister, Justin (Justine) ‘Mr.Dressup’ faggot Trudeau to don Black face, grope women, and not even be able to recall how many times he sexually groped women at parties, put on shoe polish, and danced around the curry table.

The reason why Don Cherry was terminated was due to the fact that the CBC, and other news outlets in Canada, are under government control and influence. It is effectively a communist state. The CBC, by proxy, is sucking Justin Trudeau’s cock (some of them most likely are, literally) because as of the re-election of Justin ‘cock-sucker’ Trudeau, the federal government of Canada effectively bailed out CBC (which is a failing news organization) to the tune of $600 million dollars. Of course, the CBC can’t bite the hand that feeds them, and also have to pander to their advertisers.

Notice how the CBC has nothing critical, ever, to say about Justin’s antics, corruption, lavish spending sprees on the tax payer’s dime, and his recent racist escapades that came to light. It is because the CBC is Justin Trudeau's lap dog, it’s bitch, it’s fuck-buddy.

CBC and the federal government of Canada, on a daily basis, are racist towards white people. More specifically, demonize and discriminate against white heterosexual males. Just look at Justin Trudeau: He is never criticized, demonized or fired because he is a faggot.

The CBC and the people working at this commie outlet are the biggest losers in Canada.

Why are you people such fucking losers? You people are such losers, such pieces-of-pure-shit because you have to write and say what you are told. You have no freedom of press. You are a mouth-piece for Justin Trudeau's cock. How is that cum tasting, hm? Do you like it when it slides down your throat, you bunch of snap-fuck, worthless cunts!

You people at the CBC, essentially, metaphorically, spend your entire days putting Justin Trudeau’s shit-covered cock into your mouth while he thrusts in and out until jizzing a hot consignment of 8-ropes of cum down your throats. And you know what else? You also have to swallow it!

Why do you have to be a whore for the federal government and suck Justin Trudeau’s shit-covered cock all day long while on air?

$600 Million dollars. That’s why.

You are all a bunch of fucking worthless, whores. And you people are the worst kind of scum there are in this country. You people, are sub-human. You people need to get HIV and die a slow death. #HIVAwarness

Oh, and if you think that is the harshest dose of reality you've ever got. I am just getting started you fucking cock holsters.

Do you know who you are dealing with here, a zero-fucks author? A very rare breed, yes.

You People Deserve Everything You Get

One day, when this country grinds to a halt and there is a civil war, you people will get what you deserve.

“Oh my... what does he mean by ‘deserve’?” said the CBC cock-suckers.

Why, you fucking idiots, it could mean anything! Just like how when Don Cherry said the words ‘You people’ it could mean anyone!

But oh no, you had to spin-it toward a certain culture and race in order to give you scum a reason to fire the man because your ‘culture’ at CBC (Justin Trudeau’s cock-sucking Headquarters) was getting tired of a man speaking the truth and not pandering to the woke advertisers, because your news outlet is a GIANT FAILURE. You had to make it about offending a certain immigrant culture in Canada because if they get offended, you will lose the majority who vote Left in this country.

Canada is so broken, demographically, it needs immigrants from Third-World shit-holes to come over here so that the batteries stay charged and the ponzi-scheme of a country can continue to kick-the-can down the road. Immigrants that are different from the ones who emigrated here from other Western countries, that had the same Western values; who didn't impose their radical culture and encroach every fucking minute of every fucking day.

Such a giant failure, indeed, that you need to suck Justin Trudeau’s cock to the tune of $600 million. My oh my, you people at the CBC are expensive whores.

That is a lot of money, which will require all you fags and hags at CBC to suck your dear commie leader’s cock and take it in the ass like the fucking submissive, sub-human, pieces-of-shit that you are!

What do I mean when I say you people will get what you deserve? Why, it could mean that someone will come up to you on the street and give you a nice, bright and shiny lollipop!

Or, it could mean that someone on the street will come up to one of you cock-suckers and sucker-punch you in the face.

Or, it could mean that you get sucker-punched in the face, throat slit, body dragged to a secluded warehouse where your skin will be peeled off your lifeless body, dried out in the sun, fashioned into an ad-hoc condom to which then will be used to fuck your mom with!

Who knows what ‘Get what you deserve' means when we aren’t being specific! Really, they are just words and phrases. Who knows what they really mean, right?

CBC Couldn't Stand By Cherry Because CBC Is The Federal Government's Cock Holster

Just like how you people don’t know your head from your ass because it[your head] is too busy between the thighs of Justin Trudeau due to your allegiance; sucking his cock for money ( A bailout of $600 million).

Everyone at the CBC is a loser; a giant failure. You had to get bailed out. You are inferior.

Everyone at the CBC is also a cock-sucker. Did I mention that already?

Enjoy a life of guzzling cum mixed with shit from Justin, you fucking cucks and sluts!

Now, why should everyone that was involved in Don Cherry’s termination be, beaten to a lifeless glint; exterminated from this planet?

Tis a great question, yes?

If you don’t stand for freedom of speech, you have absolutely nothing to live for as a human being. You have no agency, no purpose. You are effectively a robot with skin doing and saying what you are told. If you believe that Don Cherry was wrong and firing him was the right call, you need to kill yourself.

I am serious.

You need to kill yourself, right now, because you are effectively saying that you too would like to terminate humanity and all that is human. So, go ahead, kill yourself along with your right to free speech. You need to kick your air addiction, as soon as possible so the rest of us can live as free human beings. You effectively killed Don Cherry as a human being who has the need to express his thoughts and opinions, who has emotion and a passion for what he believes in. So, if you are willing to do that to someone then you need to eat your own shit that you believe in (censorship/termination) and kill yourself.

This whole event surrounding Don Cherry is more than just about veterans and poppies. This is about the totalitarian tip-toe that has been going on in Canada for quite some time.

Don Cherry’s termination is one of the last nails in the coffin for this country’s culture. Everything about Canada (Real Canada) has now been watered down to nothing, a culture of limp-wristed, milk toast, sterile, boring nothingness. There is no grit in Canada’s hockey, there hasn’t been for some time. Don Cherry was the last of everything that was interesting about hockey. Canada’s culture is pant-less. A culture of PC robots who get offended when someone speaks any truth or voices an opinion that doesn’t agree with their own: A cancel culture.

Ron Maclean, oh, we haven’t even gotten to you yet, bud.

Ron Maclean was the beta to Cherry’s alpha. His simpness really showed the other night when he didn’t stand by the man (Don) who is (was), all that was Coaches Corner. Don was the show; Maclean was there for filler. Good luck without him, you fucking cuck!

Mr. Cherry even said during an interview that he doesn’t regret what he said because he (I am paraphrasing) didn’t want to be a simp and be CBC’s bitch anymore. He actually did use the word ‘simp’, though.

Ron Maclean, along with everyone else at CBC is a fucking simp. Maclean, for whatever reason, has chosen the whore money and to, by proxy, suck on Justin Trudeau’s shit-covered-cock instead of being a man, and a true friend to Don Cherry. Maclean is a traitor not only to Don (Even though Don still considers him as a friend) but to Canada and it’s war heroes; it’s veterans.

If you think I am done, you are fucking dead wrong. I have only just started. I am going to show all of you, you people, what freedom of speech looks like.

Here we go.

All I want For Christmas is For Ron Maclean to Perforate Justin Trudeau’s Colon; Everyone at CBC Gets Exterminated

Like most people, I don’t ask a lot for Christmas; not the 'holidays', burka-burka day, Ching-Chong Dong day, but Christmas. The only true, fucking holiday.

I don't want curry on Christmas; I don't even want to smell it while I am at the mall. So fuck-off with your culture and go back to your Allah's-Snack Bar of a fucking bazaar if you don't like how we do things here. You fucking, pieces-of-shit.

Ahem, where was I. Oh right, my white Christmas.

For this Christmas, I am only hoping that my wishes and dreams will come true. I would like one big thing, but really, it can come in the form of multiple variations if the first wish is not possible.

So please, Santa, I know you only come once a year (Why your sack is so big) but I would like to come as well; cream my pj’s on Christmas morning due to my prayers being answered.

On Christmas morning, I will be the happiest mother-fucker out there if I would wake-up to turn on the TV, to CBC news, and find out that Justin Trudeau’s untimely death had just scrolled across the screen. To witness a crying lap-dog, bitch of a ‘journalist’ at CBC announce the cause of death:

Justin Trudeau’s lifeless body had been removed from a Chalet in Montreal after police reports indicated the cause of death was due to Ron Maclean perforating the Prime Minister’s colon during an evening of aggressive anal sex. Ron Maclean has been taken to a hospital where he is being treated for HIV, herpes, gonorrhea-syphil-aids.

If that wish is not possible, Santa, then I would gladly settle for a JFK haircut for the cock-sucker-in-chief; a little off-the-top. Just enough so that his face and eyes are intact so as to see the stupid look on his mug the moment that armor-piercing round penetrated his skull and sprayed out a that sweet, sweet, yummy red human chutney onto the wall.

Also, if you'd really want to make it a white Christmas for me, then how about we finish me off with everyone involved with Cherry’s firing at CBC: An organization that is so evil it supports censorship and the silencing of a man who supports men and women who died for the right to free speech and expression.

On Christmas morning, for me to hear about the sudden fire that raged through the CBC headquarters, burning all involved in the termination of Cherry to a fiery crisp, would make the jizz in my balls percolate; the amount of white Christmas cheer that would shoot from the tip-of-my-dick would be Guinness record breaking.

Good thing I don’t work for CBC or I would be ‘unemployed’ right about now.

Good thing I work for myself and take orders, not from Justin Trudeau’s cabal, but from myself.

You know what, for the sake of appeasing all the pussies out there, the Punjabs and the fags on the Left, I am going to fire myself, effective immediately.


Ok, breaking news, Libtards and limp-wristed cucks….I just re-hired myself!

Enjoy swallowing Justin's cum and gargling it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You will need that protein and sustenance when the economy goes into the shitter and you can't even afford a loaf of bread you stupid, inferior, cock-sucking idiots!

Go fuck yourself and have a pleasant day, PeopleKind!


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