Without Obsession, Man Wouldn't Have Created EVERYTHING

The title is correct. Man creates everything important; women just consume it all.

Yesterday, after we uploaded and posted one of the fastest clicked-on links to hit the interwebs regarding Fiona Viotti, an idiot asked this question on Twitter regarding the podcast and just female teacher sex scandals in general.

"What is your obsession with these female teachers?"

If I had asked a similarly stupid question to somebody like TheGreatOne,Himself about why he is obsessed with the CSU's Women's Volleyball team, the next rational thing I would've needed to do was to pull out a Glock 9mm as fast as possible, in robotic-like movements, point it at my skull; shoot myself, effective immediately.

Asking something as dumb as that would require you, a man, to seriously start thinking about an end-of-life strategy if you did not posses a sidearm at the exact moment those fucking, idiotic words left your mouth.

Stupidity will not be tolerated, here. If you must be stupid, do it in your own home and away from the keyboard.

There is no hope for the future if a 'man' asked this dumb of a question. I would expect as much from a woman, because anyone who has eyeballs and can read or hear, would know why we cover FTSS here. Women do have ears and eyeballs, except they are only used to read 'sale' stickers; listen to their husband's, government's (male tax dollars) or boyfriend's money going down the drain every time that cash register beeps whilst scanning.

If you understand satire and what I am doing as an art-form with regards to FTSS, then you wouldn't have asked such a brainless and fucking retarded question.

The question was so fucking retarded, having seen it, made me want to put on a bike helmet and start smashing into street signs while walking. I wanted to drool and piss my pants for no reason other than the fact my brain had been impaired to the point of mental retardation for just mere moments whilst I sat here, reading said stupidest question in the universe. My hand started to gimp against my chest and the sounds "derrr, derrrr, duhhh" escaped my crooked, drooling orifice.

Why does anyone do anything? Why is the average normie 'obsessed' with watching other men whom are better than them, play the sportsball on TV every night of the week? Why is the average snap-fuck 'obsessed' with spending money they don't have?

Obsession for a productive reason is a good thing. Obsessing over why you think someone else is obsessive about something is none of your business, frankly.

If more people were more involved with their own lives and got 'obsessed' about their own production, business and career, maybe they wouldn't have time to be obsessive about why some author is being obsessive about writing; doing his job as a writer.

You see, this is why 80% of society fails and are stupid: They are too busy worrying about others and what they are doing, which stops them (the stupid person) from achieving their own brand of excellence.

If you don't like what I write and examine, why do you lurk?

Why are you obsessed with me?

Are you gay? Do you want to fuck me?

Or, did your wife put you up to it? Is she obsessed with me?

Do you now see how your projection is showing? You are the one who is obsessed.

You are hooked, like a cocaine addict. This blog and my work are just so wrong, bad and naughty that you can't get enough of it!

Either the case, someone like me takes it as a compliment. The fact that any haters lurk here just proves that they are the ultimate fan. Kind of like those cumslut groupies who used to lurk around the backstage for all those hair metal bands back in the 80's.

Do you now see how dumb your question was, twitterfuck?

Why, if man did not have the will do produce something then all of you morons wouldn't have your precious iPhones, Uber Eats, and anal beads for your wife to stick up your asshole on your birthday!

To answer this brainless and idiotic question, from a person who obviously doesn't know how to read a blog or listen to podcasts, I am going to sum-up my answer with one picture.

Those stats are just from the last 23 hours since we uploaded the podcast. The show in question, right now, has 1,104 hits and the first episode about Fiona has 1,315. You don't even want to see the blog hits because the numbers are just off the page.

The person who typed this serious waste-of-typing on my twitter, clearly isn't a follower or loyal reader because if he were he would have used his eyes to read the sign on the front door of the website.

Why do I even bother to have a blog or upload podcasts?

You see, the thing with stupid people is that you need to hold their hand for them. So, for this stupid person, I am going to tell you a big, big secret as to why blogs and podcasts exist:

My blog is a cannon of work that you can access to find all the answers you need before you asked such a retarded question like "What is your obsession with these female teachers?".

If you are able to read, you will even find an article I wrote titled The Epidemic of Female Teachers Banging Their Student's.

Wow! That was so fucking difficult, wasn't it? To go to my blog and search in the 'search' bar for that. Like, my God, only smart people must know how to navigate blogs, right?!

I once again, agree with TheGreatOne, Himself in that 80% of society, does indeed, need to be exterminated.

I find countless examples everyday of this type of deceleration in our culture. Just not a hope and chance for success. If you can't even navigate a blog or read into what an author has accomplished, his cannon of work, then don't even bother thinking about asking a question like that.

Try going up to Aaron Clarey and ask him why he is obsessed with economics; I would hope he'd tell ya off and punch you in the face for such an ignorant question. Aaron wouldn't punch you because he isn't that much of an asshole. But he is a great asshole when he is consulting. My point is, why does man do anything? Without Aaron's obsession with economics he wouldn't have written amazing works like Bachelor Pad Economics.

If I weren't 'obsessed' with FTSS we wouldn't be number #1 in Google searches and nobody would have this blog to refer to or to reference. If I weren't 'obsessed' with human nature, inter-sexual dynamics and more specifically the dark side of female sexuality, I wouldn't have written my magnum opus Uncle Nick: Diary of a Misanthrope and the prequel Burning the Midnight.

If I wasn't obsessed with the mechanics of Corporate America and the sadistic machine that it is, I wouldn't have written CorporateLand. If I wasn't such a funny fucking man, I wouldn't have been able to write The Bro Next Door: An Erotic Life. Not to mention this website and blog wouldn't exist if it were not for my literary style of zero-fucks, hilarity.

"What is your obsession with these female teachers?"

Man, what a dumb, fucking, question.

Why does the internet even exist if people aren't going to use it, correctly. Every answer to every question is right, fucking, here! You just have to not be a fucking, lazy, complete waste of life, moron and do a bit a reading. You fucking piece-of-shit!

This may come as a shocker, but I am a man. I write for men. And if you are going to ask me why I write about FTSS' then you are a fucking moron. Why is a detective 'obsessed' with crime? I don't know, because it's his goddamn, fucking, job!

Why am I 'obsessed' with writing about FTSS'? Well, because A) Nobody else is talking about this ever-increasing phenom of female teachers raping and sexually assaulting their students. B) Clearly, judging from the above data, nobody is interested.....

Finally, the main reason why a satirize this topic is to expose feminism and the double standard/hypocracy of 'rape culture'. Rape culture as defined by feminism is a self-projection of said feminists cultural wet-dream.

The real rape culture is happening under everyone's noses and I am one of the only ones covering this in great detail. It is the perfect topic to expose female sexual nature with regards to alpha-fucks and beta-need.

The person who asked the dumbest question in the universe above, "What is your obsessions with these female teachers?" without knowing, played the game that I am playing. You, idiot, fell right into my satirical trap, exposing the very thing that I have been driving home here on the blog with regards to this category:


This is not about me. This is not about whoever the writer is. But, morons always try to make it about the writer who is exposing the truth; trying to deflect from the issues at hand. You see, people who have high IQ's would've asked the question, "Why are these female teachers sexually abusing these boys at an ever increasing rate in Western society?" Then, said genius would start a blog and begin trying to piece together the puzzle, the data points, reference current sexual market data, inter-sexual dynamic theories and put it all together in an entertaining way for people to digest.

You can't fix stupid.

Anyway, I just want to thank everyone who actually listens to the podcast and actually reads this blog and actually appreciates what it is we are doing here. You guys are truly the ones who can see the value and are not morons like the idiot who would ask such a stupid question like "What is your obsession with these female teachers?".

Why are you obsessed with reading my blog? Answer: Why does anyone care, I like reading it.

Exactly, why do you care what I do on my own website, that I pay the bills for. If you don't like the channel, change it.

Even a fucking child can figure that one out.

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